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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang, Ching-Cheng張靜貞 Institute of Economics  Agricultural and Environmental Economics; Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics
Chang, Juin-Jen張俊仁 Institute of Economics Macroeconomics; Labor Economics
Chen, Been-Lon陳明郎 Institute of Economics Economic Growth and Development;  Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; Political and Public Economy; Industrial Economics; International Economics; Labor Economics
Chen, Kong-Pin陳恭平 Institute of Economics Law and Economics; Empirical Legel Studies; Labor Economics; Industrial Qrganization; Digital Economics 
Chen, Le-Yu陳樂昱 Institute of Economics Microeconometrics
Cheng, Wan-Jung鄭琬蓉 Institute of Economics Macro Labor;  Growth and Development; Macroeconomics
Cheung, Ting Yuen Terry張庭源 Institute of Economics Economic Demography; Macroeconomics; Growth and Development; and Economic History
Chi, Chun-Che紀鈞哲 Institute of Economics Monetary Economics;  International Macroeconomics; Macroeconomics
Chou, Ray Yeutien周雨田 Institute of Economics Time Series Analysis; Financial Markets; Econometrics
Chow, Gregory C.鄒至莊 Institute of Economics  Econometrics
Chu, Cyrus C. Y.朱敬一 Institute of Economics Law and Economics; Population Economics; Regional Economics; Public Economics
Chuang, Yating莊雅婷 Institute of Economics 
Hsiao, Cheng蕭政 Institute of Economics Economics
Hsu, Wen-Tai許文泰 Institute of Economics Urban and Regional Economics; International Economics
Hsu, Yu-Chin許育進 Institute of Economics Econometrics
Huang, Deng-Shing黃登興 Institute of Economics Economic Integration; International Trade and Development; Ecological Economics; East Asian Studies; Industrial Organization
Jain, Ritesh鄭瑞泰 Institute of Economics and Experimental Economics;  Implementation Theory; Mechanism Design
Juang, Wei-Torng莊委桐 Institute of Economics Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics
Kan, Kamhon簡錦漢 Institute of Economics Applied Econometrics;  Labor and Health Economics
Lai, Ching-Chong賴景昌 Institute of Economics Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; International Economics
Lee, Gunhaeng李根行 Institute of Economics Industrial organization; Microeconomic theory
Liang, Chi-Yuan梁啟源 Institute of Economics Industrial Economics; Productivity Analysis; Evvironmental Economics; Energy Economics; Economic Modellingand Forcast
Liang, Meng-Yu梁孟玉 Institute of Economics Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics; Industrial Organization
Lin, Chang-Ching林常青 Institute of Economics Law and Economics; Econometrics
Lin, Chung-Cheng林忠正 Institute of Economics Behavioral and Experimental Economics; Political and Public Economy;  Microeconomics Theory; Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics
Lin, Hsuan-Chih林軒馳  Institute of Economics Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics; International Trade and Development
Lin, Yi-Hsuan林逸軒  Institute of Economics Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics - Decision Theory
Liu, Chu-An劉祝安 Institute of Economics Applied Econometrics; Econometric Theory
Lo, Joan C.羅紀琼 Institute of Economics 
Peng, Shin-Kun彭信坤 Institute of Economics International Trade;  Regional Economics; Urban Economics; Industrial Organization
Shaw, Daigee蕭代基 Institute of Economics Environmental and Resource Economics
Su, Jiun-Hua蘇俊華 Institute of Economics  Econometrics
Tiao,  George C.刁錦寰 Institute of Economics Statistical Sciences
Tsay, Wen-Jen蔡文禎 Institute of Economics International Finance; Political and Public Economy; Econometrics
Tung, An-Chi董安琪 Institute of Economics 產業組織; 經濟成長與發展; 人口經濟學
Wan, Henry Y. Jr.萬又煊  Institute of Economics International Trade; Economic Growth
Wu, Chung-Shu吳中書 Institute of Economics International Finance; Economic Forecas; Monetary Theory and Policy
Yang, C.C.楊建成 Institute of Economics Public Economics; Political Economics
Yang, Chih-Chun楊智鈞 Institute of Economics Game Theory; Economic Theory
Yang, Han楊宗翰 Institute of Economics International Trade; Macroeconomics
Yang, Shu-Chun S. 楊淑珺 Institute of Economics Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy; Development Economics; DSGE Modeling
Yang, Tzu-Ting楊子霆 Institute of Economics Health Economics; Public Economics; Labor Economics
Yeh, Chun-Hsien葉俊顯 Institute of Economics Game Theory; Political and Public Economy; Microeconomics and Mathematical Economics; Fair allocation mechanism design