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Angata, Takashi安形高志 Institute of Biological Chemistry Glycobiology
Chai, Chok-Yung蔡作雍 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Non-cardiovascular Functions of CCI; Central cardiovascular Integration (CCI); Central Integration of Defense Reactions
Chan, Benny K. K.陳國勤 Biodiversity Research Center Intertidal ecology and biogeography; Barnacle taxonomy, phylogeny and ecology; Supply side ecology and Larval biology
Chan, Ming-Tsair詹明才 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Orchid biotechnology; Functional analysis of genes by transgenic plant genomic and proteomic approaches that hold potential for improving tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses
Chang, Chen張程 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neuroscience; Functional MRI/S
Chang, Chi-Fon張七鳳 Genomics Research Center 
Chang, Chi-Yao張繼堯 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Molecular virology; Marine Biotechnology ; Developmental Biology
Chang, Ching-Jin張瀞仁 Institute of Biological Chemistry Molecular Biology
Chang, Chung-I張崇毅 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Structure and Mechanism
Chang, Ho-Shii張和喜 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chang, Tien-Hsien 張典顯 Genomics Research Center Genome-wide mRNA Splicing; RNA Metabolism Mediated by DExD/H-box RNA Helicases; A Genome-wide Bypass Genetics Screen for Yeast Essential Genes
Chang, Tse Wen張子文 Genomics Research Center New drug discovery and antibody engineering
Chang, Tshining張俊英 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chang, Wei-Chin張唯勤 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology In vitro morphogenesis
Chang, Wen張雯 Institute of Molecular Biology Virus Entry and Host Cell Signaling
Chang, Wen-Chang張文章 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chang, Ya-Jen張雅貞 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Allergy and asthma; Innate immunity and mucosal immunology; Immunopharmacology
Chang, Yao-Ming張耀明 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Gene Regultory Network; Computational Biology; Transcriptome Analysis
Chang, Yea-Sha張月霞 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chang, Yi-Cheng張以承 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Genetic epidemiology; Diabetes and Obesity
Chang, Ying Chih張瑛芝 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center Biomimetic Smart Materials and Interfaces; Rare Cell Isolation, Purification and Maintenance by Smart Surfaces and Microfluidics
Chang, Yuan-Chih (Kondo)張淵智 Institute of Biological Chemistry Carbon Nanotube Probe; UHV-TEM; AFM; CryoEM
Chao, Ju-Lan趙如蘭 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Chao, Yu-Chan趙裕展 Institute of Molecular Biology Transcriptional control and baculovirus surface display for biotechnological applications
Charng, Yee-yung常怡雍 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Plant Heat Stress Response and Thermotolerance Mechanisms
Chau, Lee-Young趙麗洋 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular/Cancer Disease; Inflammation
Chaw, Shu-Miaw趙淑妙 Biodiversity Research Center Evolution, Phylogenetics and comparative genomics of seed plants
Chein, Rong-Jie陳榮傑 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Chemistry Asymmetric Catalysis; Natural Products Synthesis; Organic Synthesis
Chen, Chang-Po陳章波 Biodiversity Research Center Ecology and Conservation
Chen, Chaolun Allen陳昭倫 Biodiversity Research Center Coral reef ecosystem and environmental change; Symbiosis; Coral and coral reef evolution
Chen, Chen-Hui陳振輝 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Regeneration; Genetics; Developmental Biology
Chen, Chien-Chang陳建璋 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Cardiovascular Disease; Calcium Channel; Chronic Pain
Chen, Chien-Hsiun陳建勳 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Genetic Statistics; Genetic Epidemiology
Chen, Chien-Jen陳建仁 Genomics Research Center Molecular and genomic epidemiology
Chen, Chih-Cheng陳志成 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurosensory Mechanotransduction; Pain
Chen, Ching-San陳慶三 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chen, Chinpan陳金榜 Institute of Biomedical Sciences NMR; Structural Biology
Chen, Chung-Hsuan陳仲瑄 Genomics Research Center Chemical Physics and its application in technology development
Chen, Chung-Mong陳忠謀 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Structural and functional analysis of double-stranded telomeric repeat-binding proteins(TRPs) in Arabidopsis
Chen, Guang-Chao陳光超 Institute of Biological Chemistry Molecular Genetics; Signal Transduction; Autophagy
Chen, Ho-Ming陳荷明 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Mechanisms and Functions of Post-transcriptional Regulations in Plant Defense Pathways; Application of Next-generation sequencing (NGS) Data to Basic and Translational research
Chen, Huan-Yuan陳煥源 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Galectins; Skin Inflammation
Chen, Hui-Ming陳繪名 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center The importance of the integration of phytomedicines into modern medical practice for patients
Chen, Hung-Ta陳宏達 Institute of Molecular Biology Eukaryotic RNA Polymerase III Transcription
Chen, Hungwen陳宏文 Institute of Biological Chemistry Signal Transduction; Molecular Reproduction
Chen, Jin-Jer陳錦澤 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Disease; Molecular and Cellular Cardiology
Chen, Joanne Jeou-Yuan張久瑗 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Tumor Biology; Cancer Genomics; Molecular Oncology
Chen, Jun-An陳俊安 Institute of Molecular Biology Non-coding RNA Function during Motor Neuron Development and Degeneration
Chen, Jychian陳枝乾 Institute of Molecular Biology Analysis of Carbohydrate Metabolism Mutants of Arabidopsis
Chen, Jyh-Yih陳志毅 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Antimicrobial peptides; Marine biotechnology
Chen, Ko-Hsuan陳可萱 Biodiversity Research Center Mycology; Plant-fungal interaction; Plant & Soil Microbiome; Community and functional ecology; Fungal Systematics
Chen, Liuh-Yow陳律佑 Institute of Molecular Biology Telomere Biology and Telomere Diseases
Chen, Long-Fang陳榮芳 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Omics-type approaches toward crop functional gene exploitation for crop improvement and studies of developmental/stress induced genomic flux
Chen, Mei-Ching陳美菁 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chen, Pao-Yang陳柏仰 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Epigenomics and Bioinformatics; Genome-wide DNA methylation
Chen, Rey-Huei陳蕾惠 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell division cycle, mitosis
Chen, Rita P.-Y.陳佩燁 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry, Structural Biology, Biophysics
Chen, Ruey-Hwa陳瑞華 Institute of Biological Chemistry Signal Transduction; Cancer Cell Biology
Chen, Sheng-hong陳昇宏 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell Dynamics
Chen, Shih-Yu陳世淯 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Single cell analysis
Chen, Shui-Tein陳水田 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chen, Shun-Wen陳順文 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chen, Steve S.-L.陳士隆 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Retrovirology; HCV; Virus Assembly and Budding; Virus-host Interactions
Chen, Tsung-Hsien陳宗憲 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chen, Yee-Hsiung陳義雄 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chen, Yen-Hui陳燕輝 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Laboratory Animal Science; Mouse phenotyping; Cardiovascular disease
Chen, Yet-Ran陳逸然 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Development of high-throughput mass spectrometry based OMICS technologies; Study of peptide hormones signaling involved in the plant development
Chen, Yu-Ju陳玉如 Institute of Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry
Chen, Yuan-Tsong陳垣崇 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Human Genetics; Genomic Medicine
Chen, Yun-Chu陳韻竹 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Chen, Yun-Ru陳韻如 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center Neurodegenerative Diseases; Protein Folding/Misfolding; Amyloids
Cheng, Andrew Tai Ann鄭泰安 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Psychiatric Epidemiology; Translational Psychiatry; Genomic Psychiatry
Cheng, Ching-Feng鄭敬楓 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Cardiology; Integrative Physiology
Cheng, Hwai-Jong程淮榮 Institute of Molecular Biology Axonal Connection; Aging; Hippocampus
Cheng, Pei-Lin鄭珮琳 Institute of Molecular Biology Development and maintenance of Axon/Dendrite identity
Cheng, Sin-Jhong鄭信忠 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Electrophysiology; Neurophysiology
Cheng, Soo-Chen鄭淑珍 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing
Cheng, Ting-Jen鄭婷仁 Genomics Research Center 
Cheng, Wan-Hsing鄭萬興 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Abscisic acid, abiotic stress, and their interaction
Cheng, Wei-Chieh鄭偉杰 Genomics Research Center 
Cheng, Y.-S. Edmond鄭義循 Genomics Research Center 
Cheng, Ya-Jen鄭雅仁 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Chern, Yijuang陳儀莊 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Gene Regulation; Signal Transduction; Neurodegeneration Disease
Chiang, Yin-Ru江殷儒 Biodiversity Research Center Microbial metabolic diversity; Biodegradation and bioremediation; Meta-omics analysis; Microbial ecophysiolog
Chien, Cheng-Ting簡正鼎 Institute of Molecular Biology Construction of Dendrites and Synapses
Chien, Yin-Chu簡吟曲 Genomics Research Center 
Chiou, Tzyy-Jen邱子珍 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Regulatory network in sensing phosphate availability in plants
Chiu, Chih-Yu邱志郁 Biodiversity Research Center Soil biochemistry; Microbiology; Lake metabolism
Chiu, Kuo-Ping邱國平 Genomics Research Center Eukaryotic Gene Expression Regulation: Cancer biology
Chiu, Shu-Ling丘淑鈴 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Synaptic Plasticity; Neural Development; Learning and Memory
Chou, Chang-Hung周昌弘 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chou, Shen-Ju周申如 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology developmental biology; Neural development
Chou, Shu-Jen周素珍 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chou, Ya-Hui周雅惠 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Insect Behavior; Developmental Neurobiology; Neuronal circuitry
Chou, Yu-Chi周祐吉 Biomedical Translation Research Center 
Chu, Hsiu-An朱修安 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Structure and molecular mechanisms of the photosystem II reaction center
Chu, Sin-Tak朱善德 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Chuan-Chih Hsu許全智 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Chuang, Trees-Juen莊樹諄 Genomics Research Center Primate Evolution; Systems Biology; Bioinformatics and Big Data Analysis; Comparative & Evolutionary Genomics/Transcriptomics; Post-transcriptional Regulation; Genomic imprinting
Chung, Bon-chu鍾邦柱 Institute of Molecular Biology Function and Regulation of Steroid Hormone Synthesis
Chung, Kuo-Fang鍾國芳 Biodiversity Research Center Biogeography; Plant systematics
Chung, Mei-Chu鍾美珠 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular Cytogenetics
Dai, Hwa戴華 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Mitochondrial actin, a novel constituent of plant mitochondria: Potential entry mode and functional significance
Fang, Shu方淑 Biodiversity Research Center Molecular evolution; Evolutionary genetics
Fang, Su-Chiung方素瓊 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Growth regulation in orchids; Size-mediated cell cycle control and the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor pathway
Fann, Cathy S.-J.范盛娟 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Genetic Statistics; Genetic Epidemiology
Feng, Teng-Yung馮騰永 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular understanding of plant-pathogen interaction
Fu, Chi-yu傅琪鈺 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology 3D electron microscopy; cellular structural biology; structural biology
Fu, Hong-yong符宏勇 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Function and mechanism studies for critical components of the ubiquitin/26S proteasome system
Ho, Cheng-Hsun何承訓 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Ho, Chewn-Lang何純郎 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Ho, Chien何潛 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Ho, Chin-Min何金敏 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Inter-organelle communication and cell division
Ho, Mei-Shang何美鄉 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Virology and Epidemiology
Ho, Meng-Chiao何孟樵 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Crystallography; Drug Design; Structure-Activity Studies of Pharmaceutically Important Enzymes
Ho, Meng-Ru何孟儒 Institute of Biological Chemistry Quantitative measurement of binding kinetic rate constants, affinities and thermodynamic basis of biomolecular interactions; Maintain IBC Biophysical Instrumentation Laboratory (BIL) and provide training courses and technical supports to BIL users; Using biophysical technologies to characterize protein folding, stability, conformation, protein aggregation and oligomeric state of the native protein
Ho, Tuan-hua賀端華 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Hormone and stress signaling; function of stress proteins; lignocellulose degrading enzymes
Ho,  Ming-Jay何旻杰 Biodiversity Research Center Dynamics of coral reefs under environmental impacts; Coral taxonomy and ecology; Coral reef conservation; Mesophotic coral ecosystems
Hseu, Ming-Jhy許明智 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Hsia, Kuo-Chiang夏國強 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular structural cell biology
Hsiao, Chwan-Deng (David)蕭傳鐙 Institute of Molecular Biology Structural and Functional Study of Biological Macromolecules
Hsiao, Michael蕭宏昇 Genomics Research Center Development of nanoparticle-mediated high-throughput transfection platforms to identify and characterize novel gene expression functional consequences; Targeting tumor growth/survival pathways to enhance tumor chemosensitivity and/or radiosensitivity; Novel strategies to overcome tumor metastasis
Hsiao, Pei-Wen蕭培文 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Herbal medicine against prostate cancer
Hsieh, Hsing-Pang謝興邦 Biomedical Translation Research Center 
Hsieh, Hwey-Lian謝蕙蓮 Biodiversity Research Center Restoration; Conservation; Ecology
Hsieh, Ming-Hsiun謝明勳 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Plant molecular nutrition and signal transduction
Hsieh, Patrick Ching-Ho謝清河 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Translational Research; Stem cells and regenerative medicine; Nanoscience and nanomedicine
Hsieh, Shie-Liang謝世良 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center Immunomodulation; Host-Pathogen Interaction
Hsieh, Tao-shih謝道時 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology 
Hsing, Yue-Ie邢禹依 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Rice genomics study and research on soybean seed maturation proteins
Hsu, Ching-Lung徐經倫 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Dendritic integration; Computational modeling; Synaptic transmission and plasticity; Ion channels; In-vitro and in-vivo patch-clamp recording
Hsu, Hwei-Jan許惠真 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Developmental Biology, Stem cell Biology
Hsu, Shang-Te Danny徐尚德 Institute of Biological Chemistry NMR Spectroscopy; Molecular Biophysics; Protein Folding and Misfolding
Hsu, Tsui-Ling徐翠玲 Genomics Research Center 
Hsueh, Yen-Ping薛雁冰 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular interactions between C.elegans and nematode-trapping fungi
Hsueh, Yi-Ping薛一蘋 Institute of Molecular Biology Neuronal Morphogenesis; Neurodegeneration; Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Hu, Che-Ming 胡哲銘 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Vaccine Development; Nanotechnology for Drug; Biomaterials
Hu, Chun-Mei胡春美 Genomics Research Center Develop method for high-throughput drug screening; Nucleotide metabolism and genomic instability studies; Tumorigenic activity assay; Identify small molecules for targeted therapy; Polyclonal antibody generation; Uncover drug action mechanism
Huang Chow, Ru-Chih黃周汝吉 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Huang, Chang-Jen黃銓珍 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Huang, Der-Hwa黃德華 Institute of Molecular Biology Regulation of Homeotic Genes in Drosophila
Huang, Fu黃馥 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Post-Translational Modification; Epigenetics; Transcriptional Regulation
Huang, Kai-Fa黃開發 Institute of Biological Chemistry Structure-based Drug Optimization; Structure-based Protein Analysis; Protein X-ray Crystallography; Synchrotron X-ray Data Collection; Structure Biology
Huang, Kuo Hua黃國華 Institute of Molecular Biology Neural processing of social information in virtual reality
Huang, Li-Chun黃麗春 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Phase reversal of woody plants and gene transformation for anti-senescence of floweringBamboo tissue culture and gene transformation
Huang, Pien-Chien黃秉乾 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Huang, Tai-huang黃太煌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Structural Biology; Biophysics; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Huang, Tan-Chi黃檀溪 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Huang, Wan-Chen黃婉媜 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Signal transduction; Neuropharmacology; Single-molecule biophysics
Huang, Yi-Shuian黃怡萱 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Translational Control; Molecular Neuroscience
Huang,  Jen-Pan黃仁磐 Biodiversity Research Center Systematics; Conservation; The interface between Microevolutionary and Macroevolutionary processes
Hung, Chih-Ming洪志銘 Biodiversity Research Center Conservation Genetics; Genomics; Phylogeography; Ornithology; Evolution
Hung, Chin-Chun洪金俊 Institute of Biological Chemistry Maintenance of the instrumentation and associated infrastructure; Providing training and technical expertise to IBC investigators interested in using microscopy, flow cytometer and scientific imaging in their research; Assistance with educational microscopy courses conducted at IBC ; Modalities and techniques including laser scanning confocal microscopy, wide-field fluorescence microscopy, live cell imaging; In depth collaboration on select projects involving advanced microscopy techniques and methodologies
Hung, Shang-Cheng洪上程 Genomics Research Center Glycotechnology; Glycobiology; Carbohydrate Synthesis
Hung, Shih Chieh洪士杰 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Signaling & Molecular Mechanism; Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering; Cancer Stem Cells
Hwang, Dennis W黃聖言 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Neuroscience; MRI method development
Hwang, Jaulang黃昭蓮 Institute of Molecular Biology Development of Therapeutic Vaccines and Studies of Human DNA Topoisomerase I
Hwang, Ming-Jing黃明經 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Computational Structural/Systems Biology; Bioinformatics
Hwang, Pung-Pung黃鵬鵬 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Fish Molecular Physiology
Hwang, Sheng-Ping L.黃聲蘋 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Gene Regulation; Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology
Hwang-Verslues, Wendy W.黃雯華 Genomics Research Center 
Jan, Jia-Tsrong詹家琮 Genomics Research Center 
Jan, Rong-Quen詹榮桂 Biodiversity Research Center Community ecology of fishes; biomonitoring; artificial reef; fish behavior
Jane, Wann-Neng簡萬能 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Jao, Shu-Chuan (Chris)饒淑娟 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Web Design; Manager of Biophysics Core Facility (BCF); Computational Chemistry
Jauh, Guang-Yuh趙光裕 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology The molecular and cellular mechanisms of genes involved in pollen tube elongation, embryogenesis, and seed development.
Jeng, King-Song鄭金松 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Jeng, Ming-Shiou鄭明修 Biodiversity Research Center The mechanism of reef building in the fleshy octocoral genus Sinularia; Decapoda taxonomy, ecology, and evolution; Coralliidae taxonomy and evolution
Jou, Yuh-Shan周玉山 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer Genomics; Bioinformatics; Molecular Cancer Biology
Ju, Yu-Ming朱宇敏 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology taxonomy and phylogeny of fungi in the Xylariaceae, and biodiversity and biological aspects of fungi found in nests of black-winged subterranean termite (Odontotermes formosanus)
Juan, Li-Jung阮麗蓉 Genomics Research Center Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation in Development and Disease
Kanehara, Kazue金原和江 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology The Cell Systems in Plants
Kannagi, Reiji神奈木玲兒 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer-associated Glycans; Lymphocyte Homing; Selectins, Siglecs and CD44
Kao, Cheng-Fu高承福 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Chromatin Structure & Dynamics; DNA Replication and Repair
Khoo, Kay-Hooi邱繼輝 Institute of Biological Chemistry Glycobiology; Mass Spectrometry; Glycomics; Proteomics
King, Chih-Yen金之彥 Institute of Molecular Biology Biology of Prions and Amyloids
Ko, Swee-Suak辜瑞雪 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Ko, Tai-Ming柯泰名 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Pharmacogenetics; Genomic medicine; Immunogenomics
Ku, Chuan顧銓 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology omics; single-cell biology; bioinformatics; Microbial eukaryote evolution and ecology; algae, protists and giant viruses
Kuang, Lin-Yun匡麟芸 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Kung, John孔祥智 Institute of Molecular Biology Lymphocyte Development and Function
Kuo, Chih-Horng郭志鴻 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Evolutionary and Functional Genomics of Symbiotic Bacteria
Kuo, Hung-Chih郭紘志 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology  Biomedical Translation Research Center Stem Cell Biology; Regenerative Medicine; RNA Biology
Kuo, Tsong-Teh郭宗德 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Kwok, Pui-Yan郭沛恩 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Biotechnology; Pharmacogenetics; Complex trait analysis; Genomics; Human genetics; DNA sequence variation
Lai, Erh-Min賴爾珉 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular mechanisms of plant-pathogen interactions
Lai, Michael M.C.賴明詔 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of RNA Viruses
Lai, Ming-Zong賴明宗 Institute of Molecular Biology  Biomedical Translation Research Center Tolerance and Inflammation in Immunity
Lai, Shih-Lei賴時磊 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiac repair and regeneration; Developmental genetics using fish models; Cardiovascular development and diseases
Lee, Chi-Hon李奇鴻 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology neuroscience
Lee, Eminy H.Y.李小媛 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Alzheimer's Disease; Neuroprotection against; Learning and Memory
Lee, Ming Ta Michael李明達 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Pharmacogenetics; Genomic Medicine; Translational Medicine
Lee, Ming-Ting李明亭 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lee, Sheng-Chung呂勝春 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lee, Sue-Ping李淑萍 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Lee, Te-Chang李德章 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Genetic and Molecular Toxicology; Cancer Biology; Pharmacology
Lee, Wen-Hwa李文華 Genomics Research Center 
Lee, Yi-Ching李宜靜 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Genetics; Cellular and Molecular Biology
Lee, Ying-Hue李英惠 Institute of Molecular Biology Stress and Energy Metabolism
Lee, Yu-May李玉梅 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lee, Yu-Ru李育儒 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Non-coding RNAs; Post-translational Modifications; Cancer Signaling; Cancer Biology; Cancer Genetics; Targeted/Immunotherapy
Lee, Yuan Chuan李遠川 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Genomics Research Center Carbohydrates; Glycoconjugates; Carbohydrate-protein interactions; Glyco-nanotechnology
Lee, Yungling Leo李永凌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Clinical Immunology; Precision Medicine
Leu, Jun-Yi呂俊毅 Institute of Molecular Biology General principles and molecular mechanisms of endosymbiosis, phenotypic robustness, and speciation
Li, Chao-Chin李朝欽 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology molecular biology; Laboratory animal sciences; mouse genetics
Li, Chia-Wei李家偉 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Antibody discovery; Cancer metastasis; Cancer immunotherapy
Li, Fu-An李福安 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Proteomics; Mass spectrometry
Li, Hsou-min李秀敏 Institute of Molecular Biology Mechanisms of Protein Import into Chloroplasts
Li, Ling-Hui李玲慧 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer Genomics; Human Molecular Genetics
Li, Tsung-Lin李宗璘 Genomics Research Center Natural product chemistry
Li, Wen-Hsiung李文雄 Biodiversity Research Center Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Evolutionary Genomics; Molecular Evolution
Li, Wen-Shan李文山 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Chemistry Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry
Liang, Chi-Ming梁啓銘 Genomics Research Center 
Liang, Po-Huang梁博煌 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Chemical Biology; Enzymology; Drug Discovery
Liang, Shu-Mei楊淑美 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center TLRs on innate immunity; Virus host interaction and vaccine development; Protein therapeutics for cancers
Liang, Yu-Chuan梁佑全 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Liao, Chung-Lin廖崇麟 Genomics Research Center Proteomics
Liao, Fang廖楓 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Chemokine Receptors; Chemokines
Liao, James C.廖俊智 Institute of Biological Chemistry Metabolic Engineering; Synthetic Biology; Bioenergy; Systems Biology
Liao, Nan-Shih廖南詩 Institute of Molecular Biology  Biomedical Translation Research Center Interleukin (IL)-15 and Lymphocyte Biology
Liao, You-Di廖有地 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Antitumor Ribonucleases; Protein Chemistry; Antimicrobial Protein/Peptides
Liao, Yung-Feng廖永豐 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Neurologic Diseases; Neural Development
Liaw, Yen-Chywan廖彥銓 Institute of Molecular Biology Crystallographic and Cryo-EM Studies of CHL1, SMN and Thioesterase I
Lim, Carmay林小喬 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Computational Biophysics; Bioinformatics; Computational Chemistry
Lin, Chien-Ling林倩伶 Institute of Molecular Biology Genome-Wide Analysis of the mRNA Splicing and Translation
Lin, Choun-Sea林崇熙 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Lin, Chun-Hung林俊宏 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Glycobiology; Glycochemistry; Enzymology; Drug Discovery
Lin, Hsiao-Ching林曉青 Institute of Biological Chemistry Natural Product Chemistry; Secondary Metabolite Biosynthesis; Biocatalysts; Drug Discovery
Lin, Hsin-Nan林信男 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Lin, Jen-Kun林仁混 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Lin, Jer-Young林哲揚 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Lin, Jung-Hsin林榮信 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center  Research Center for Applied Sciences Molecular Simulations; Pharmacoinformatics; Structural Biology; Computational Biophysics; Bioinformatics
Lin, Jung-Lee林俊利 Genomics Research Center 
Lin, Kuo-I林國儀 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center Regulatory mechanisms in the immune system
Lin, Na-Sheng林納生 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular interactions of plant viruses, satellite RNA and plants
Lin, Sheng-Wei林聖偉 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Biophysical Instrument
Lin, Shu-Yu林淑妤 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lin, Steven凌嘉鴻 Institute of Biological Chemistry CRISPR/Cas9 Mechanism and Technology Development, Genome Engineering
Lin, Su-Chang林世昌 Genomics Research Center 
Lin, Suewei林書葦 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular and neural mechanisms of motivation and memory
Lin, Teng-Nan林天南 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurochemistry; Angiogenesis; Cerebral Ischemia
Lin, Tzu-Hao林子皓 Biodiversity Research Center Ecological informatics; Community Ecology; Marine Ecology; Ecoacoustics
Lin, Tzu-Yang林子暘 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Disease models; Neurobiology; Genetics
Lin, Wan-Chen林宛蓁 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurotransmitter Receptors and Ion Channels; Chemical Biology; Optogenetics
Lin, Wen-chang林文昌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Tumor Biology; Bioinformatics; MicroRNA Regulation
Lin, Wen-Dar林文鐽 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Lin, Yao-Cheng林耀正 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Analysis of Complex Genomes; Systems Genetics of Crop Stress Biology
Lin, Yaw-Huei林耀輝 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Biological functions and their applications of the major constitutes of sweet potato and dioscorin Structure-function relationship of SPTI/sporamin
Lin, Yi-Ling林宜玲 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Molecular Virology; Viral Pathogenesis; Viral Immunology
Lin, Yu-Ling林于鈴 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Development of the immunomodulators from Chinese herbal medicine for cancer therapy
Lin,  Chien-Hsiang林千翔 Biodiversity Research Center Ichthyology and taxonomy; Marine ecology and conservation; Paleoecology; Conservation paleobiology; Otolith morphology; Paleontology
Lin-Chao, Sue林淑端 Institute of Molecular Biology  Biomedical Translation Research Center Cell Growth Control
Liu, Chen-Sheng劉振盛 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Liu, Fu-Hwa劉福華 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Liu, Fu-Tong劉扶東 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Allergic Inflammation; Immune-mediated dermatoses; Galectins
Liu, Lucia Severinghaus劉小如 Biodiversity Research Center integrative aspect of natural resources conservation; biodiversity; avian biogeography; Avian ecology and behavior
Liu, Ming-Jung劉明容 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center The divergence of translational control for stress-responsive gene expression between wild and domesticated tomatoes
Liu, Shaouyen劉小燕 Genomics Research Center 
Liu, Wen-Chun (Claire)劉玟君 Biomedical Translation Research Center 
Lo, Tung-Bin羅銅壁 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Lo, Wan-Sheng羅椀升 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Epigenetics and regulatory mechanism of chromatin dynamics
Lowary, Todd L.呂桐睿 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Glycobiology; Glycomics; Carbohydrate Chemistry; Carbohydrate Biochemistry; Organic Chemistry
Lu, Joyce Jean呂仁 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center High throughput functional screens pinpoints key factors for cell fate determination
Lu, Meiyeh呂美曄 Biodiversity Research Center Bacterial comparative genomics; Photosynthetic transcriptomics; Functional genomics
Lu, Ruei-Min呂瑞旻 Biomedical Translation Research Center 
Lu, Tsai-Ming 呂在明 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Comparative Genomics & Transcriptomics; Phylogenomics; NGS data analysis
Luo, Yi-Jyun駱乙君 Biodiversity Research Center Symbiosis; Evolutionary Genomics; Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Ma, Che Alex馬徹 Genomics Research Center Structure of membrane proteins in drug discovery
Ma, Lay-Sun馬麗珊 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular mechanisms of plant-fungi interactions
Maa, Can-Jen William馬堪津 Biodiversity Research Center Biodiversity in wetland and aquatic insect; Ecological Genetics of Insecticide-Resistance in Insect
Machida, Ryuji町田龍二 Biodiversity Research Center Evolutionary ecology; Marine Molecular Ecology; Marine Metazoan Metagenomics
Mao, Shi-Shan毛溪山 Genomics Research Center 
Matzke, Antonius麥東倈 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Influence of aneuploidy on gene expression, chromosome structure and organization; Interphase chromosome organization in living plants; Nuclear membrane proteomics and electrophysiology
Matzke, Marjori麥卓琍 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology RNAi; RNA-directed DNA methylation, transvection; Epigenetics: homology-dependent gene silencing, position effects, paramutation, somaclonal variation
Meng, Tzu-Ching孟子青 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Cell Signaling; Protein Phosphorylation; Nitric Oxide Biology in Cardiovascular System
Mou, Yun牟昀 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Computational protein design; Immunotherapy; CRISPR screening; Antibody engineering; Cancer proteomics
Nakamura, Yuki中村友輝 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Lipid diversity in plant growth and development
Nozawa, Yoko野澤洋耕 Biodiversity Research Center Population and community ecology of marine benthos; Reproduction and recruitment processes of corals
Ota, Kinya太田欽也 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Marine Biology; Zoology; Evolutionary Developmental Biology
Pan, Wen-Harn潘文涵 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cardiovascular Epidemiology; Nutrition Survey and Intervention; Food Omics Signature
Peng, Ching-I彭鏡毅 Biodiversity Research Center biosystematics; Plant taxonomy
Ren, Chien-Tai任建台 Genomics Research Center 
Roffler, Steve R.羅傅倫 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Antibody Engineering; Prodrugs; Directed Molecular Evolution
Schmidt, Wolfgang施臥虎 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular Plant Nutrition; Systems Biology
Schneider, Stephan Q.史耐德 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Evolutionary Cell & Developmental Biology; Molecular Evolution & Animal Phylogenetics; Comparative Genomics
Shao, Kwang-Tsao邵廣昭 Biodiversity Research Center Biodiversity Informatics; Fish Biodiversity
Shaw, Jei-Fu蕭介夫 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Shen, Che-Kun James沈哲鯤 Institute of Molecular Biology Gene Regulation, Development, and Diseases
Shen, Chen-Yang沈志陽 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Epidemiology; Personalized Medicine; Cancer Genetics
Shen, Chia-Ning 沈家寧 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center 
Shen, Sheng-Feng沈聖峰 Biodiversity Research Center Climate change biology; Animal social behavior; Evolutionary game theory
Shew, Jin-Yuh許金玉 Genomics Research Center Polyclonal and monoclonal antibody generation; cDNA microarray analysis; Tumorigenic activity assay; Tissue culture technique
Shie, Jiun-Jie謝俊結 Institute of Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Chemical Biology; Drug Discovery; Organic Synthesis
Shieh, Sheau-Yann謝小燕 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cancer Cell Biology; Cell Cycle Signaling
Shieh, Yuh-Jang謝昱暲 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Shih, Chiaho施嘉和 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Viral Hepatitis and Hepatoma; Molecular Biology; Cancer
Shih, Hsiu-Ming施修明 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Transcriptional Control; Cancer Cell Signaling; Protein-protein Interaction & Modification
Shih, Ming-Che施明哲 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Orchid functional genomics and biotechnology; Hypoxia signaling mechanisms in Arabidopsis and Rice
Shih, Yu-Ling史有伶 Institute of Biological Chemistry Cell Division and Cytoskeleton; Membrane Biology; Bacterial Physiology and Antibiotic Resistance
Shui, Jr-Wen徐志文 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Host defense; Colitis pathogenesis; Mucosal immunology
Shyu, Bai Chuang徐百川 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neuroimaging; Pain; Electrophysiology; Neurophysiology
Shyue, Song-Kun徐松錕 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Caveolin-1; Protein Degradation; PGs & Cardiovascular Diseases
Shyur, Lie-Fen徐麗芬 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Protein engineering of enzymes for agricultural biotech applications; Anti-inflammatory medicinal plants and phytocompounds for cancer prevention and metabolomics study
Su, Chun-Kuei蘇俊魁 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Autonomic Neuroscience; Electrophysiology
Su, Tsann-Long蘇燦隆 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Medicinal Chemistry; Phytochemistry; Organic Chemistry
Su, Yi-Hsien蘇怡璇 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Developmental Biology; Gene Regulatory Networks; Systems Biology
Suen, Der-Fen孫德芬 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center The mechanism of tapetal program cell death; Regulation of tapetal PCD and pollen viability under abiotic stress
Sun, Y. Henry孫以瀚 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Drosophila Visual System Development
Tai, Jung-Hsiang戴榮湘 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Biology
Tam, Ming F.譚鳴輝 Institute of Molecular Biology Structures, Functions and Proteins Interacting with Arginine Methyl Transferases
Tang, Sen-Lin湯森林 Biodiversity Research Center Microbial Biodiversity; Microbial Metagenomics; Metaviromics
Tang, Tang K唐堂 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Centrosome Duplication; Neural Stem Cell Division; Mitosis and Meiosis
Tao, Mi-Hua陶秘華 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Viral and Cancer Immunology; Viral and Cancer Immunotherapy; Gene Therapy
Tarn, Woan-Yuh譚婉玉 Institute of Biomedical Sciences post-transcriptional control; mRNA metabolism
Teh, Ooi-Kock鄭惠國 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology cell biology; developmental biology; Physcomitrium patens; Bryophytes
Ting, See-Yeun陳詩允 Institute of Molecular Biology Interbacterial interaction within microbial communities
To, Kin-Ying陶建英 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Tong, Chii-Gong董啟功 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center 
Tsai, Ching-Yen蔡青宴 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Tsai, Daisy蔡淑芳 Genomics Research Center 
Tsai, Inn-Ho蔡蔭和 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Tsai, Isheng Jason蔡怡陞 Biodiversity Research Center Comparative and population genomics; Eukaryotic microbe (fungi and helminths) ecology and biodiversity; Evolution of parasitism and pathogenicity
Tsai, Kevin蔡松智 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Epitranscriptomic RNA modifications; Virus-host interactions
Tsai, Ming-Daw蔡明道 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Tsay, Yi-Fang蔡宜芳 Institute of Molecular Biology Nitrate Transport and Sensing in Higher Plants
Tseng, Tsung-Che曾聰徹 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Tseng, Yung-Che曾庸哲 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Systeomics; Marine ecophysiology; Evolutionary and comparative physiology
Tsou, Chih-Hua鄒稚華 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular phylogeny of Theaceae
Tu, Jenn杜鎮 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Protein engineering; Applied and evolutionary microbiology; Prokaryotic and eukaryotic mobile elements
Tu, Shih-Long涂世隆 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Molecular mechanism of light sensing and pre-mRNA splicing in plants
Tu,  Zhijay凃智傑 Institute of Biological Chemistry Organic synthesis; Manager of synthesis core facility (SCF); Carbohydrate chemistry; Laboratory design
Tuanmu, Mao-Ning端木茂甯 Biodiversity Research Center Soundscape ecology; Macroecology; Biodiversity informatics; Remote sensing of environment
Tung, Shu-Yun董書韻 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Tzeng, Mu-Chin曾木金 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Tzou, Der-Lii M.鄒德里 Institute of Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center NMR Spectroscopy and Biophysical Chemistry
Verslues, Paul E.韋保羅 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Drought related signaling and metabolism
Wang, Andrew H.-J. 王惠鈞 Institute of Biological Chemistry Structural enzymology Protein-DNA interactions Causative microorganisms and cancer Development of potential pharmaceutical proteins
Wang, Bi-Cheng汪必成 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Wang, Chao-Wen王昭雯 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Organelle architecture, dynamics, and biogenesis
Wang, Chung王群 Institute of Molecular Biology Interaction of Hsp70 chaperone and its co-chaperones in S. cerevisiae
Wang, Chung-Ju王中茹 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Studies of plant meiosis and anther development
Wang, Da-Wei王大為 Institute of Information Science  Biomedical Translation Research Center Medical Informatics; Graph Theory and Algorithm; Privacy Enhancing Technology
Wang, Danny Ling王寧 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Gene Regulation; Oxidative Stress; Vascular Biology
Wang, Daryi王達益 Biodiversity Research Center Evolutionary genomics; Metagenomics
Wang, Guey-Shin王桂馨 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Neurodegeneration; Cardiovascular disease; Neurodevelopmental disorder
Wang, I-Hsuan王宜萱 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Virus entry and egress; Cell biology of viral infections
Wang, John王忠信 Biodiversity Research Center Social insect behavior; Evolutionary genetics and genomics; Nematode genome evolution
Wang, Kuan王寬 Institute of Physics  Institute of Biological Chemistry Mechanobiology: Giant Elastic Proteins and Elastic Myofilaments in Striated Muscles; Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Interplay of Form, Function and Force; Combination Drugs and Targeted Drug Delivery at the Nanomedicine Program
Wang, Kung-Tsung王光燦 Institute of Biological Chemistry 
Wang, Shu-Ping王書品 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular oncology, Cancer epigenetics; Biochemically defined cell free system; CRISPR-based genetic/epigenetic editing
Wang, Ting-Fang王廷方 Institute of Molecular Biology Chromosome Structure & Function
Wang, Tzi-Yuan王子元 Biodiversity Research Center Omics of biofuel-related species; Expression evolution in yeast; Adaptive evolution of animal sensing receptor; Phylogeography of freshwater fish
Wang, Yane-Shih王彥士 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Biocatalysis; Protein Drug Discovery; Expanding Genetic Codes
Wang, Yi Sheng王亦生 Genomics Research Center Biophysical Chemistry and Technology Development
Wei, Jen-Hsuan魏妊亘 Institute of Molecular Biology Microtubule and Organelle Biology
Wei, Pei-Kuen魏培坤 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Research Center for Applied Sciences Applications of Nanostructures in Biosensing, Bioimaging and Green-Energy Devices; Near-Field Optics, Nano-Photonics and Related Techniques
Weng, Jui-Hsia翁瑞霞 Institute of Biological Chemistry Systems Immunology; Inter-Organ Communication; Chemical Biology; Drug & Biomarker Discovery
Wong, Chi-Huey翁啟惠 Genomics Research Center Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
Wu, Cheng-Wen吳成文 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Gene Transcription; Gene & Stem Cell Therapy; Cancer Metastasis
Wu, Chih-Hang吳志航 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Plant Immunity; Molecular Plant-microbe Interactions
Wu, Chung-Yi吳宗益 Genomics Research Center Synthesis of oligosaccharide and development of sugar array
Wu, Han-Chung吳漢忠 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology  Biomedical Translation Research Center Molecular Biology; Cell Biology
Wu, Hong-Pang鄔宏潘 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology 
Wu, Huey-Nan吳惠南 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanism underlying Dengue Virus Replication
Wu, Jer-Yuarn鄔哲源 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Human Genetics; Pharmacogenetics; Genome Medicine
Wu, Jiunn-Tzong吳俊宗 Biodiversity Research Center Limnology; Eco-physiology; Phycology
Wu, Kuen-Phon吳昆峯 Institute of Biological Chemistry Protein Chemistry; Structural Biology; Biophysics; Protein ubiquitination
Wu, Shih-Hsiung吳世雄 Institute of Biological Chemistry  Biomedical Translation Research Center Chemical Biology; Natural Biomolecules
Wu, Shu-Hsing吳素幸 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Light-mediated gene expression and signal transduction in Arabidopsis
Wu, Tai-Na吳岱娜 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Discovery and further development of the immunomodulators from Chinese herbal medicine for cancer immunotherapy
Wu, Wen-Jin吳文晉 Institute of Biological Chemistry DNA repair and mutation; Structural Biology; Biomolecular NMR spectroscopy
Wu, wen-Lung巫文隆 Biodiversity Research Center Systematics; Phylogenetics and Batabasing on Malacology; Ecology; Invende and Conservation on Malacology
Wu, Ying-Ta吳盈達 Genomics Research Center 
Wu, Yu-Wei吳玉威 Institute of Molecular Biology Neural circuit and glial network mechanisms underlying motor learning
Yamada, Masashi山田昌史 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Identify transcripts for adaptation to abiotic stress in developmental zones; Understanding the mechanism modulating ROS distributions under abiotic stress by live-imaging analysis
Yan, Yu-Ting顏裕庭 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Molecular Genetics; Cardiovascular Development; Myofibrillogenesis
Yang, An-Suei楊安綏 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center 
Yang, Chi-Ming楊棋明 Biodiversity Research Center Satellite remote sensing; Plant biochemical; Ecophysiology
Yang, Hsin-Chou楊欣洲 Institute of Statistical Science  Biomedical Translation Research Center Ecological statistics-Study population abundance by using capture recapture data; Genetic/Genomic statistics-Identify disease susceptibility genes by using genetic marker data
Yang, Hwai-I楊懷壹 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Genomics Research Center Epidemiology of viral hepatitis; Development of risk prediction scores; Delineating etiology and Identifying high risk group of liver diseases among populations without chronic viral Hepatitis; Biomarkers for early detection of cancers
Yang, Kai-Chien楊鎧鍵 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Non-coding RNA biology; Cardiac oxidative stress and arrhythmias; Cardiac regeneration; Ion channel regulation and electrophysiology; Organ fibrosis and stromal biology
Yang, Ning-Sun楊寧蓀 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Tumor suppressive effect of antiinflammatory phytomedicines on regulation of stromal immune cells and fibroblasts in breast cancers; Use of specific sietary/ spice plants for anti-inflammation and anti-hypertension activities: utritional and functional metabolomics approaches; Gene- and cell-based vaccines against cancer and viral diseases
Yang, Pan-Chyr楊泮池 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Cell and Molecular Biology; Cancer genomics
Yang, Ruey-Bing楊瑞彬 Institute of Biomedical Sciences  Biomedical Translation Research Center Signal transduction; Receptor biology; Vascular biology
Yang, Shi-Bing楊世斌 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Energy Metabolism; Neural circuits; Neurophysiology
Yang, Wei Yuan楊維元 Institute of Biological Chemistry optogenetics; cell imaging; Autophagy; Organelle damage responses
Yang, Wen-Bin楊文彬 Genomics Research Center 
Yang, Wen-Chin楊文欽 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center  Biomedical Translation Research Center R&D of phytogenics for animal health; Biology and study of the selected diseases; R&D of nutraceuticals and therapeutics for the selected diseases
Yang, Yu-Liang楊玉良 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Development and application of imaging mass spectrometry on natural products research; A new strategy and source for searching new therapeutic leads from nature
Yang-Yen, Hsin-Fang楊性芳 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell Growth and Metabolic Controls in the Mammalian System
Yao, Chi-Kuang姚季光 Institute of Biological Chemistry Molecular control of neurotransmission and neurodegenerative diseases
Yao, Meng-Chao 姚孟肇 Institute of Molecular Biology Genome Instability and RNA Interference in Eukaryotes
Yeh, Hsin-Hung葉信宏 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Plant Virology; Study of plant-virus interaction using model virus Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and the plant Arabidopsis for developing new antiviral strategies; Use of selected virus strains for study of host-dependent movement of CymMV; Study of banana viruses; Study of orchid viruses
Yeh, Kuo-Chen葉國楨 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Heavy metal homeostasis in plants
Yeh, Yun-Ching葉雲卿 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology 智慧財產權契約; 環保法規; 智慧財產權管理; 公司法; 工程法規; 專利法; 技術授權; 國際智慧財產權法; 智慧財產權法; 營業秘密法
Yen, Hsin-Yung嚴欣勇 Institute of Biological Chemistry Native mass spectrometry; Drug discovery; Membrane protein biology; Structural biology
Yen, Hsueh-Chi Sherry顏雪琪 Institute of Molecular Biology Protein Turnover Regulation and Systems Biology
Yen, Jeffrey J.Y.嚴仲陽 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Mouse Disease Model/Phenotyping; GVHD/SJS Therapy; Cytokine Receptor Biology
Yen, Pauline H.蕭百忍 Institute of Biomedical Sciences Spermatogenesis; Human Molecular Genetics; Male Infertility
Yih, Ling-Huei易玲輝 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Genetic Toxicology; Cell Biology
Yu, Alice Lin-Tsing陳鈴津 Genomics Research Center 
Yu, Chen-Hsin余承欣 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Yu, Hui-Ming余惠敏 Genomics Research Center 
Yu, Hung-Hsiang游宏祥 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Neural Development; Neuroscience
Yu, John游正博 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Regulation of Hematopoiesis and Tumorigenesis; Stem Cell Biology
Yu, Jr-Kai游智凱 Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology Evolution of Development; Developmental Biology
Yu, Su-May余淑美 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanisms of Sugar and Oxygen Deficiency Signaling and Root Development Related to Stress Tolerance in Plants
Yu, Tien-Shin余天心 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology Function and molecular mechanism of RNA long-distance trafficking
Yuan, Hanna袁小琀 Institute of Molecular Biology Structural and Functional Studies of RNA/DNA Metabolism
Yuan, Hso-Freng袁守方 Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology