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12023Impacts of 2 and 4°C global warmings on extreme temperatures in TaiwanTsai, I-C. ; P.-R. Hsieh; C.-T. Cheng; Y.-S. Tung; L.-Y. Lin; H.-H. Hsu INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CLIMATOLOGY 43(2), 702-719
22023Composite Neural Network: Theory and Application to PM2.5 PredictionMing-Chuan Yang; Meng Chang Chen IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 35(2), 1311-1323
32023Heat kernel asymptotics for Kohn Laplacians on CR manifoldsChin-Yu Hsiao ; Weixia ZhuJournal of Functional Analysis 284(2), 109755
42023Study Protocol for Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risk Assessment: The Taiwan Nuclear Power Plants and Epidemiology Cohort Study (TNPECS)Wu, Wei-Te; Pan, Cheng-Ya; Chang, Szu-Li; Chen, Yi-Hau ; Tung, Chuan-Jong; Lin, PinpinJournal of Epidemiology 33(1), 52-61
52022Functional calculus and Quantization commutes with reduction for Toeplitz operators on CR manifoldsAndrea Galasso; Chin-Yu Hsiao arXiv:2112.11257 [math.FA]
62022Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction on Surfaces of Metal-Nanoparticle-Coated Zinc-Based Oxides by First-Principles CalculationsW.-C. Tseng; C.-W. Chang; C.-C. Kaun ; Y.-H. SuInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy 47(96), 40768-40776
72022Toeplitz operators on CR manifolds and group actionsAndrea Galasso; Chin-Yu Hsiao The Journal of Geometric Analysis 33, 21
82022Spatially Varying Coefficient Models Using Reduced-Rank Thin-Plate SplinesYu-Ting Fan; Hsin-Cheng Huang Spatial Statistics 51, 100654
92022Recurrent Learning on PM_{2.5} Prediction Based on Clustered Airbox DatasetChia-Yu Lo; Min-Te Sun; Ling-Jyh Chen ; Kazuya Sakai; Wei-Shinn KuIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 34(10), 4994-5008
102022Characterization of the ferroelectric phase transition in monolayer In2Se3 grown on bilayer grapheneA.V. Matetskiy; V.V. Mararov; N.V. Denisov; D.L. Nguyen; C.R. Hsing; C.M. Wei ; A.V. Zotov; A.A. SaraninAPPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 600:154032
112022Using Bayesian Deep Learning to infer planet mass from gaps in protoplanetary disksAuddy, S.; Dey, R.; Lin, M.-K. ; Carrera, D.; Simon, J.B.The Astrophysical Journal 936(1), 93
122022Hybrid white organic light-emitting diodes based on platinum complexJian Haur Lee; Chin-Ti Chen JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY 69(8), 1276-1288
132022Nickel superoxide dismutase protects nitrogen fixation in TrichodesmiumChen, C.-C.; I. B. Rodriguez; Y.-l. L. Chen; J. P. Zehr; Y.-R. Chen ; S.-T. D. Hsu ; S.-C. Yang; T.-Y. Ho Limnology and Oceanography Letters 7(4), 363-371
142022Cav3.2 T‐type calcium channel regulates mouse platelet activation and arterial thrombosisTamang, H.K.; Yang, R.B. ; Song, Z.H.; Hsu, S.C.; Peng, C.C; Tung, Y.C ; Tzeng, B.H.; Chen, C.C. Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH 20(8), 1887-1899
152022Machine-learning-aided DFT-1/2 calculations for bandgaps of zinc oxide thin filmsW.-C. Tseng; C.-C. Kaun ; Y.-H. SuThin Solid Films 755, 139326
162022Tightening geometric and dynamical constraints on dark energy and gravity: Galaxy clustering, intrinsic alignment, and kinetic Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effectTeppei Okumura ; Atsushi TaruyaPHYSICAL REVIEW D 106(4), 043523
172022Positive mass theorem and the CR Yamabe equation on 5-dimensional contact spin manifoldsJih-Hsin Cheng ; Hung-Lin ChiuAdvances in Mathematics 404(Part B), 108446
182022Tuning weak localization in single-layer disordered SnSe2/graphene/h-BN field-effect deviceChen, Wei-Chen; Chuang, Chiashain; Wang, Tian-Hsin; Yeh, Ching-Chen; Chen, Sheng-Zong; Sakanashi, Kohei; Kida, Michio; Lin, Li-Hung; Lee, Po-Han; Wu, Po-Chen; Wang, Sheng-Wen; Watanabe, Kenji; Taniguchi, Takashi; Hsieh, Ya-Ping ; Aoki, Nobuyuki; Liang, Chi-Te2D Materials 9(4):045015
192022Modulation doping enables ultrahigh power factor and thermoelectric ZT in n-type Bi2Te2.7Se0.3Cheng-Lung Chen; Te-Hsien Wang; Yu Zih-Gin; Yohanes Hutabalian; Ranganayakulu K.Vankayala; Chao-Chih Chen†; Wen-Pin Hsieh ; Horng-Tay Jeng; Da-Hua Wei; Yang-Yuan Chen Advanced Science 9(2), 2201353
202022Density Functional Theory Study of Hydrogen as Reducing Agent of Hematite (α-Fe2O3) in Ironmaking ProcessY.-J. Huang; C.-C. Kaun ; Y.-H. SuThin Solid Films 754, 139321
212022The effects of Ni availability on H2 production and N2 fixation in a model unicellular diazotroph: The expression of hydrogenase and nitrogenaseLi, H.-T.; S. Tuo; M.-C. Lu; T.-Y. Ho Limnology and Oceanography 67(7), 1566-1576
222022SDSS-IV MaNGA: Cannibalism Caught in the Act -- on the Frequency of Occurrence of Multiple Cores in Brightest Cluster GalaxiesHsu, Yun-Hsin; Lin, Yen-Ting ; Huang, Song; Nelson, Dylan; Rodriguez-Gomez, Vicente; Lai, Hsuan-Ting; Greene, Jenny; Leauthaud, Alexie; Aragón-Salamanca, Alfonso; Bundy, Kevin; Emsellem, Eric; Merrifield, Michael; More, Surhud; Okabe, Nobuhiro; Rong, Yu; Brownstein, Joel R.; Lane, Richard R.; Pan, Kaike; Schneider, Donald P.ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL 933(1), 61
232022Distinguishing between ΛCDM and f(R) gravity models using halo ellipticity correlations in simulationsYao-Tsung Chuang; Teppei Okumura ; Masato ShirasakiMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 515(3), 4464-4470
242022Molecularly specific and functional live cell imaging by label-free interference microscopyYi-Teng Hsiao; Chia-Ni Tsai; Ching-Ya Cheng; Chia-Lung Hsieh ACS PHOTONICS 9(7), 2237-2245
252022Resonant dipole-dipole interactions in electromagnetically induced transparencyJen, H. H.; Lin, G.-D.; Chen, Y.-C. Physical Review A 105(6):063711
262022A Bis-(carbone) Pincer Ligand and Its Coordinative Behavior toward Multi-Metallic ConfigurationsAweke Bamlaku Semagne; Yu Cheng-Han; Zhi Minna; Chen Wen-Ching; Yap Glenn P. A.; Zhao Lili; Ong Tiow-Gan Angewandte Chemie International Edition 61(24), e202201884
272022颱風引起之海床海水溫度、壓力、流速變化林慶仁 ; 林豐盛; 張坤輝; 郭本垣 
282022寬頻海底地震儀地震感應器底座的設計與背景信號分析林慶仁 ; 林豐盛; 梁文宗; 李文蕙; 郭本垣 
292022C. elegans BLMP-1 controls apical epidermal cell morphology by repressing expression of mannosyltransferase bus-8 and molting signal mlt-8Wu, Yun-Zhe; Jiang, Hang-Shiang; Han, Hsiao-Fen; Li, Po-Hsuan; Lu, Min R.; Tsai, Isheng Jason ; Wu, Yi-Chun Developmental Biology 486, 96-108
302022Existence of singular rotationally symmetric gradient Ricci solitons in higher dimensionsK.M. Hui arXiv:2107.13685 [math.DG]
312022In Vivo evidence of single 13C and 15N isotope–labeled methanotrophic nitrogen-fixing bacterial cells in rice rootsHara, Shintaro; Wada, Naohisa; Hsiao, Sliver Sung-Yun ; Zhang, Meng; Bao, Zhihua; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki ; Lee, Der-Chuen ; Sato, Shusei; Tang, Sen-Lin ; Minamisawa, KiwamumBio 13(3), e0125522
322022Seismogenic structure beneath the northern Longitudinal Valley revealed by the 2018–2021 Hualien earthquake sequences and 3-D velocity modelHuang, H.-H. ; Y. WangTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 33, 17
332022Low thermal conductivity of hydrous phase D leads to a self-preservation effect within a subducting slabWen-Pin Hsieh ; Enrico Marzotto; Takayuki Ishii; Leonid Dubrovinsky; Alena A. Aslandukova; Giacomo Criniti; Yi-Chi Tsao†; Chun-Hung Lin†; Jun Tsuchiya; Eiji OhtaniJOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH 127(6), e2022JB024556
342022Optimum Test Planning for Heterogeneous Inverse Gaussian ProcessesPeng, C. Y. ; Nagatsuka, H.; Cheng, Y. S.Lifetime Data Analysis 28, 401-427
352022Les super-terres possèdent-elles de gros satellites ?Deschamps, F. L'Astronomie 161, 4-5
362022High-Efficiency and Scalable Solution-Sheared Perovskite Solar Cells Using Green SolventsAdugna, G. B.; Abate, S. Y.; Tao, Y. T. Chemical Engineering Journal 437(Part 2), 135477
372022Particulate matters, aldehydes, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons produced from deep-frying emissions: comparisons of three cooking oils with distinct fatty acid profilesChiang, K. M.; Xiu, L. L.; Peng, C. Y.; Lung, S. C. C. ; Chen, Y. C.; Pan, W. H. npj Science of Food 6(1), 28
382022Isotopic evolution of dissolved Ni, Cu, and Zn along the Kuroshio through the East China SeaTakano, S.; W.-H. Liao; T.-Y. Ho ; Y. SohrinMarine Chemistry 243, 104135
392022Allosteric coupling between transmembrane segment 4 and the selectivity filter of TALK1 potassium channels regulates their gating by extracellular pHWen-Hao Tsai; Cédric Grauffel; Ming-Yueh Huang ; Sandra Postić; Marjan Slak Rupnik; Carmay Lim ; Shi-Bing Yang JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 298(6), 101998
402022Existence of hypercylinder expanders of the inverse mean curvature flowK.M. Hui Canadian Mathematical Bulletin
412022Unusual free oligosaccharides in human bovine and caprine milkWeng, Wei-Chien; Liao, Hung-En; Huang, Shih-Pei; Tsai, Shang-Ting; Hsu, Hsu-Chen; Liew, Chia Yen; Gannedi, Veeranjaneyulu; Hung, Shang-Cheng; Ni, Chi-Kung Scientific Reports 12:10790
422022La taille de la graine de MercureDeschamps, F. L'Astronomie 161, 10-11
432022Single-crystal epitaxial europium iron garnet films with strain-induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: Structural, strain, magnetic, and spin transport propertiesGuo, M. X.; Cheng, C. K.; Liu, Y. C.; Wu, C. N.; Chen, W. N.; Chen, T. Y; Wu, C. T.; Hsu, C. H.; Zhou, S. Q.; Chang, C. F.; Tjeng, L. H.; Lee, S. F. ; Pai, C. F.; Hong, M.; Kwo, J.Physical Review Materials 6(5), 054412
442022Field and Synthetic Waveform Tests on Using Large-offset Seismic Streamer Data to Derive Shallow Seabed Shear-Wave Velocity and Geotechnical PropertiesSebastian Wege; Cédric P. Legendre; Wu-Cheng Chi ; Tan Kin Wang; Pascal Kunath; Char-Shine LiuEARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE 9(6), e2021EA002196
452022Silica-Supported Nanoscale Hydrotalcite-Derived Oxides for C4 Chemicals from Ethanol CondensationKumar, Raju; Li, Cheng Chia; Wu, Chia-Hui; Tzeng, Tai-Wei; Tzou, Der-Lii M. ; Lin, Yu-Chuan; Chung, Po-Wen ACS Applied Nano Materials 5(6), 7885-7895
462022Absence of superconductivity in micrometer-sized ɛ-NbN single crystalsChiu, Fan-Yun; Hung, Tsu-Lien; Liu, Cheng-Yen; Pai, Ya-Hsin; Chien, Wei-Liang; Chen, Peng-Jen; Lee, Ting-Kuo ; Wang, Ming-Jye ; Ou, Min-Nan ; Tsuei, Chang C.; Wu, Maw-Kuen ; Chang, Chia-Seng ; Chen, Yang-Yuan Physical Review B 105(17), 174512
472022Changing surface ocean circulation caused the local demise of echinoid Scaphechinus mirabilis in Taiwan during the Pleistocene–Holocene transitionSze Ling Ho; Jia-Kang Wang; Yu-Jou Lin; Ching-Ren Lin ; Chen-Wei Lee; Chia-Hsin Hsu; Lo-Yu Chang; To-Hsiang Wu; Chien-Chia Tseng; Hsiao-Jou Wu; Cédric M. John; Tatsuo Oji; Tsung-Kwei Liu; Wen-Shan Chen; Peter Li; Jiann-Neng Fang; Jih-Pai LinSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 12, 8204
482022Sub-ps high-energy seeding for power broadening and Rabi-flopping of terawatt CO2 amplifiersYa-Po Yang; Jheng-Yu Lee; Jyhpyng Wang 
492022Ion-based high-harmonic generation from water window to keV x-rayHsu-hsin Chu; Yao-Li Liu; Jyhpyng Wang 
502022Inference of random effects for linear mixed-effects models with a fixed number of clustersChih-Hao Chang; Hsin-Cheng Huang ; Ching-Kang IngAnnals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 74, 143-1161
512022Magnons and magnetic fluctuations in atomically thin MnBi2Te4Lujan, David; Choe, Jeongheon; Rodriguez-Vega, Martin; Ye, Zhipeng; Leonardo, Aritz; Nunley, T. Nathan; Chang, Liang-Juan; Lee, Shang-Fan ; Yan, Jiaqiang; Fiete, Gregory A.; He, Rui; Li, XiaoqinNature Communications 13, 2527
522022Phosphoproteomics reveals the role of constitutive KAP1 phosphorylation by B-cell receptor signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemiaWu, Jung-Lin; Wu, Hsin-Yi; Wu, Shang-Ju; Tsai, Ho-Yang; Weng, Shao-Hsing; Lin, Kuen-Tyng; Lin, Liang-In; Yao, Chi-Yuan; Zamanova, Margarita; Lee, Yi-Yuan; Angata, Takashi ; Tien, Hwei-Fang; Chen, Yu-Ju ; Lin, Kuo-I Molecular Cancer Research 20(8), 1222-1232
532022Impact of band structure on wave function dissipation in field emission resonanceWei-Bin Su ; Shin-Ming Lu; Ho-Hsiang Chang; Horng-Tay Jeng; Wen-Yuan Chan; Pei-Cheng Jiang; Kung-Hsuan Lin ; Chia-Seng Chang Physical Review B 105(19), 195411
542022Noise reduction by upstream open reading framesWu, Ho-Wei; Fajiculay, Erickson; Wu, Jing-Fen; Yan, Ching-Cher Sanders; Hsu, Chao-Ping ; Wu, Shu-Hsing Nature Plants 8(5), 474-480
552022Molecular basis and role of Siglec-7 ligand expression on chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cellsChang, L.-Y.; Liang, S.-Y.; Lu, S.-C.; Tseng, H.-C.; Tsai, H.-Y.; Tang, C.-J.; Sugata, M.; Chen, Y.-J.; Chen, Y. -J. ; Wu, S.-J.; Lin, K.-I ; Khoo, K.-H. ; Angata, T. Frontiers in Immunology 13, 840388
562022Spatial–temporal variability and health impact of particulate matter during a 2019–2020 biomass burning event in Southeast AsiaOthman, M.; Latif, M. T.; Hamid, H. H. A.; Uning, R.; Khumsaeng, T.; Phairuang, W.; Daud, Z.; Idris, J.; Sofwan, N. M.; Lung, S. C. C. Scientific Reports 12(1), 7630
572022Characteristics of earthquake source and ground motions in Northern Vietnam investigated through the 2020 Moc Chau M5.0 earthquake sequenceNguyen, C. N.; V. D. Nguyen; L. M. Nguyen; V. B. Phung; B. S. Huang ; A. D. Nguyen; Q. K. Le; T. G. Ha; D. Q. Van; H. V. Long; P. F. ChenJOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 229, 105144
582022Element Partitioning and Li-O Isotope Fractionation Between Silicate Minerals and Crustal-Derived Carbonatites and Their ImplicationsSu, B.-X.; Wang, J.; Cui, M.-M.; Wu, Y.; Pang, K.-N. ; Malaviarachchi, S.P.K.; Dharmapriya, P.L.JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH 127(6), e2022JB024563
592022Performance Study of Landslide Detection Using Multi-Temporal SAR ImagesYunung Nina Lin ; Yi-Ching Chen; Yu-Ting Kuo; Wei-An ChaoREMOTE SENSING 14(10), 2444
602022Source rupture characteristics and ground motion simulation of the southernmost Ryukyu subduction zone 31 March 2002 Mw7.1 earthquakeShiann-Jong Lee JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 228, 105127
612022Similarities in the rupture process and cascading asperities between neighboring fault patches and seismic implications: The 2002–2009 Sumbawa (Indonesia) earthquakes with moment magnitudes of 6.2–6.6Sianipar, D.; B. S. Huang ; K. F. Ma; M. C. Hsieh; P. F. Chen; D. DaryonoJOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 229, 105167
622022Precambrian and Early Palaeozoic metamorphic complexes in the SW part of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Ages, compositions, regional correlations and tectonic affinitiesPilitsyna, A.V.; Degtyarev, K.E.; Kanygina, N.A.; Tretyakov, A.A.; Skuzovatov, S. Yu.; Pang, K.-N. ; Lee, H.-Y. GONDWANA RESEARCH 105, 117-142
632022Early Eocene high-Sr/Y magmas from the Urumieh-Dokhtar paleo-arc, Iran: Implications for the origin of high-flux events in magmatic arcsMokhtari, M.A.A.; Kouhestani, H.; Pang, K.-N. ; Hsu, S.-C.; Chung, S.-L. ; Lee, H.-Y. LITHOS 416-417, 106656
642022A metagenomics study of hexabromocyclododecane degradation with a soil microbial communityYi-Jie Li; Chia-Hsien Chuang; Wen-Chih Cheng; Shu-Hwa Chen; Wen-Ling Chen; Yu-Jie Lin; Chung-Yen Lin ; Yang-hsin ShihJournal of Hazardous Materials 430, 128465
652022DL-RSIM: A Reliability and Deployment Strategy Simulation Framework for ReRAM-based CNN AcceleratorsWei-Ting Ling; Hsiang-Yun Cheng ; Chia-Lin Yang; Meng-Yao Lin; Kai Lien; Han-Wen Hu; Hung-Sheng Chang; Hsiang-Pang Li; Meng-Fan Chang; Yen-Ting Tsou; Chin-Fu NienACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS) 21(3), 24
662022Identification of Serum Oxylipins Associated with the Development of Coronary Artery Disease: A Nested Case-Control StudyChiang, Kuang-Mao; Chen, Jia-Fu; Yang, Chin-An; Xiu, Lili; Yang, Hsin-Chou ; Shyur, Lie-Fen ; Pan, Wen-Harn Metabolites 12(6), 495
672022The eROSITA Final Equatorial-Depth Survey (eFEDS): A complete census of X-ray properties of Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam weak lensing shear-selected clusters in the eFEDS footprintRamos-Ceja, Miriam E.; Oguri, M.; Miyazaki, S.; Ghirardini, V.; Chiu, I.; Okabe, N.; Liu, A.; Schrabback, T.; Akino, D.; Bahar, Y. E.; Bulbul, E; Clerc, N.; Comparat, J.; Grandis, S.; Klein, M.; Lin, Y. -T. ; Merloni, A.; Mitsuishi, I.; Miyatake, H.; More, S. Nandra, K.; Nishizawa, A. J.; Ota, N.; Pacaud, F.; Reiprich, T. H.; Sanders, J. S.ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 661, A14
682022Room-temperature biphoton source with a spectral brightness near the ultimate limitChen, Jia-Mou; Hsu, Chia-Yu; Huang, Wei-Kai; Hsiao, Shih-Si; Huang, Fu-Chen; Chen, Yi-Hsin; Chuu, Chih-Sung; Chen, Ying-Cheng ; Chen, Yong-Fan; Yu, Ite A.Physical Review Research 4(2):023132
692022Roles of functional lipids in bacteriorhodopsin photocycle in various delipidated purple membranesYi-Rui Zhong; Tsyr-Yan Yu ; Li-Kang ChuBiophysical Journal 121(10), 1789-1798
702022Co3V2O8 hollow spheres with mesoporous walls as high-capacitance electrode for hybrid supercapacitor deviceFahimi, Zohre; Moradlou, Omran; Sabbah, Amr; Chen, Kuei-Hsien ; Chen, Li-Chyong; Qorbani, MohammadChemical Engineering Journal 436:135225
712022A chemical link between methylamine and methylene imine and implications for interstellar glycine formationJoshi, Prasad Ramesh; Lee, Yuan-Pern Communications Chemistry 5:62
722022Efficient quantum memory for photonic polarization qubits generated by cavity-enhanced spontaneous parametric downconversionTseng, Yu-Chih; Wei, Yan-Cheng; Chen, Ying-Cheng Optics Express 30(11), 19944-19960
732022Spectral Signatures of Protonated Noble Gas Clusters of Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe: From Monomers to TrimersJake A Tan; Jer-Lai Kuo MOLECULES 27(10), 3198
742022Infrared spectroscopy and theoretical structure analyses of protonated fluoroalcohol clusters: the impact of fluorination on the hydrogen bond networksTakahiro Shinkai; Po-Jen Hsu; Asuka Fujii; Jer-Lai Kuo PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS 24, 12631-12644
752022Vibration-induced symmetry breaking in hybrid light-matter dimer statesChih-En Shen; Sheng-Chieh Hsu; Hung-Sheng Tsai; Liang-Yan Hsu JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY
762022Hunga Tonga : une éruption sous surveillanceDeschamps, F. L'Astronomie 160, 4-7
772022Kepler 16b : une exoplanète autour d’une étoile binaireDeschamps, F. L'Astronomie 160, 14-14
782022Thermal conductivity of materials under pressureYan Zhou; Zuo-Yuan Dong; Wen-Pin Hsieh ; Alexander F. Goncharov; Xiao-Jia ChenNature Reviews Physics 4(19), 319-335
792022An antibiotic concentration gradient microfluidic device integrating surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for multiplex antimicrobial susceptibility testingLin, Shang-Jyun; Chao, Po-Hsuan; Cheng, Ho-Wen; Wang, Juen-Kai ; Wang, Yuh-Lin ; Han, Yin-Yi; Huang, Nien-TsuLab on a Chip 22(9), 1805-1814
802022Mechanistic Insight on the Stability of Ether and Fluorinated Ether Solvent-Based Lithium Bis(fluoromethanesulfonyl) Electrolytes near Li Metal SurfaceHarender S Dhattarwal; Jer-Lai Kuo ; Hemant K KashyapJOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 126(20), 8953-8963
812022Hydrodynamic helicity polarization in relativistic heavy ion collisionsCong Yi; Shi Pu; Jian-Hua Gao; Di-Lun Yang PHYSICAL REVIEW C 105(4), 044911
822022Skin cells undergo asynthetic fission to expand body surfaces in zebrafishKeat Ying Chan; Ching-Cher Sanders Yan; Hsiao-Yuh Roan; Shao-Chun Hsu; Tzu-Lun Tseng; Chung-Der Hsiao; Chao-Ping Hsu ; Chen-Hui Chen Nature 605(7908), 119-125
832022Observation of a smoothly tunable Dirac point in Ge(BixSb1−x)2Te4Howard, Sean; Raghavan, Arjun; Iaia, Davide; Xu, Caizhi; Flötotto, David; Wong, Man-Hong; Mo, Sung-Kwan; Singh, Bahadur; Sankar, Raman ; Lin, Hsin ; Chiang, Tai-Chang; Madhavan, VidyaPhysical Review Materials 6(4), 044201
842022BioSANS: A software package for symbolic and numeric biological simulationErickson Fajiculay; Chao-Ping Hsu PLOS ONE 17(4), e0256409
852022Sequential stacking of a thin BHJ layer acting as a morphology regulator for efficiency enhancement in non-fullerene ternary solar cellsAnisha Mohapatra; Hao-Wen Cheng; MohanLal Meena; Chih-Ang Lin; Kung-Hwa Wei; Yu-Jung Lu; Chih-Hao Lee; Shawn D. Lin; Chih Wei Chu Chemical Engineering Journal 433(part1), 134337
862022High thermal conductivity of stishovite promotes rapid warming of a sinking slab in Earth's mantleWen-Pin Hsieh ; Enrico Marzotto; Yi-Chi Tsao; Takuo Okuchi; Jung-Fu LinEARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS 584, 117477
872022Inhibition of Viral Replication Reduces Transcriptionally Active Distinct Hepatitis B Virus Integrations With Implications on Host Gene DysregulationYC Hsu; V Suri; MH Nguyen; YT Huang ; CY Chen; IW Chen; CH Tseng; CY Wu; JT Lin; D Pan; A Gaggar; Ondrej PodlahaGastroenterology 162(4), 1160-1170.e1
882022Les échantillons de Chang’e-5 livrent leurs secretsDeschamps, F. L'Astronomie 159, 4-7
892022Pion partonic distributions in a statistical model from pion-induced Drell-Yan and J/Ψ production dataBourrely, Claude; Chang, Wen-Chen ; Peng, Jen-ChiehPhysical Review D 105(7), 076018
902022SPring-8 LEPS2 beamline: A facility to produce a multi-GeV photon beam via laser Compton scatteringN. Muramatsu; M. Yosoi; T. Yorita; Y. Ohashi; J.K. Ahn; S. Ajimura; Y. Asano; W.C. Chang ; J.Y. Chen; S. Date; T. Gogami; H. Hamano; T. Hashimoto; T. Hiraiwa; T. Hotta; T. Ishikawa; Y. Kasamatsu; H. Katsuragawa; R. Kobayakawa; H. Kohri; S. Masumoto; Y. Matsumura; M. Miyabe; K. Mizutani; Y. Morino; T. Nakano; T. Nam; M. Niiyama; Y. Nozawa; H. Ohkuma; H. Ohnishi; T. Ohta; M. Oishi; K. Ozawa; S.Y. Ryu; Y. Sada; H. Saito; T. Shibukawa; H. Shimizu; R. Shirai; M. Shoji; M. Sumihama; S. Suzuki; S. Tanaka; Y. Taniuchi; A. O. Tokiyasu; N. Tomida; Y. Tsuchikawa; K. Watanabe; C.J. Yoon; C. YoshidaNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 1033, 166677
912022Efficient Bad Block Management with Cluster SimilarityJui-Nan Yen; Yao-Ching Hsieh; Tseng-Yi Chen; Cheng-Yu Chen; Chia-Lin Yang; Hsiang-Yun Cheng ; Yixin Luo
922022Frequent occurrence of respiratory symptoms in children is associated with exposure to air pollution, land use types, and parental mental health in the Greater Taipei areaZou, M. L.; Jiang, C. B.; Chen, Y. H.; Wu, C. D.; Lung, S. C. C. ; Chien; L. C.; Kallawicha; K.; Lo; Y. C.; Chao; H. J.Environmental Research 206, 112567
932022The effect of aerosol size on Fe solubility and deposition flux: A case study in the East China SeaHsieh, C.-C.; H.-Y. Chen; T.-Y. Ho Marine Chemistry 241, 104106
942022The Effect of Annealing on the Optoelectronic Properties and Energy State of Amorphous Pyrochlore Y2Ti2O7 Thin Layers by Sol–Gel SynthesisTing, Hsiang-An; Chen, Yong-Yu; Li, Zong-Ming; Hsieh, Ya-Ping ; Chiu, Sheng-Kuei; Ting, Chu-ChiCrystals 12(4):564
952022Infrared Spectra of 1-Quinolinium (C9H7NH+) Cation and Quinolinyl Radicals (C9H7NH and 3-, 4-, 7-, and 8-HC9H7N) Isolated in Solid para-HydrogenTseng, Chih-Yu; Wu, Yu-Jong; Lee, Yuan-Pern The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 126(15), 2361-2372
962022Near-Infrared Electroluminescent Light-Emitting Transistors Based on CVD-Synthesized Ambipolar ReSe2 NanosheetsMathew, Roshan Jesus; Cheng, Kai-Hsiang; Hsu, Ching-Hong; Chand, Pradyumna Kumar; Paul Inbaraj, Christy Roshini; Peng, Yu-Lou; Yang, Jung-Yen; Lee, Chih-Hao; Chen, Yit-Tsong Advanced Optical Materials 10(8):2102580
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2252022契丹の金工技術(第2報)―東京大学文学部列品室所蔵金属製帯金具の研究―鈴木舞; 飯塚義之 FUSUS (アジア鋳造技術氏学会誌)
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