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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang, Hsun張珣 Institute of Ethnology Anthropology of Religion; Cultural Anthropology; Medical Anthropology
Chang, Jen-Ho張仁和 Institute of Ethnology positive psychology; self and social motivation; mindfulness; Cultural psychology
Chang, Kung-Chi張恭啟 Institute of Ethnology 
Chang, Yi-Hong張藝鴻 Institute of Ethnology 
Chen, Hsiang-Shui陳祥水 Institute of Ethnology Overseas Chinese Society; Economic Anthropology
Chen, Mau-Thai陳茂泰 Institute of Ethnology Race and Ethnicity; Applied Anthropology; Overseas Chinese Studies
Chen, Wen-Te陳文德 Institute of Ethnology Social Anthropology
Cheng, Weining鄭瑋寧 Institute of Ethnology Affect and Emotionality; Work and Capitalism; Cultural Industry and Commodification; Existential Anthropology; Personhood and Kinship
Chiang, Bien蔣斌 Institute of Ethnology 社會人類學
Chiu, Y.L. Fred丘延亮 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Studies; Industrial Anthropology
Chu, Ruey-Ling朱瑞玲 Institute of Ethnology Personality and Social Psychology; Family Socialization; Culture and Emotion
Chuang, Ying-Chang莊英章 Institute of Ethnology Marriage and Women; Historical Demography; Society and Culture of Han Chinese; Cultural Anthropology; Hakka Studies
Chun, Allen陳奕麟 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Studies; Historical Transformation; Discourse & Practice; Social Theory
Fung, Heidi馮涵棣 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Psychology; Development Psychology
Guo, Pei-yi郭佩宜 Institute of Ethnology Theories and Methods in Cultural Anthropology; Historical Anthropology; Legal Anthropology; Cultural governance and heritage
Ho, Tsui-Ping何翠萍 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology; Historical Anthropology
Hsu, Cheng-kuang徐正光 Institute of Ethnology 
Hsu, Chia-Ming許嘉明 Institute of Ethnology Folk Beliefs; Han Society in Taiwan
Hsu, Mu-Tsu許木柱 Institute of Ethnology Psychological Anthropology; Medical Anthropology; Demographical Anthropology
Hu, Tai-Li胡台麗 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology; Shamanism; Taiwan Aboriginal Cultures; Rituals and Cultural Performances; Visual Anthropology
Huang, Chih-Huei黃智慧 Institute of Ethnology Okinawa Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Ethnology; Japanese Studies; Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Studies
Huang, Shiun-Wey黃宣衛 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology
Huang, Shu-Li黃淑莉 Institute of Ethnology Millenarianism; Literacy Movement; Bureaucracy; Miao (Hmong) Christianity
Huang, Shu-Min黃樹民 Institute of Ethnology Han Chinese Society in Taiwan; Rural China; Chinese Diasporas in Northern Thailand
Huang, Ying-Kuei黃應貴 Institute of Ethnology Social Anthropology; Economic Development; social organization and social structure; Politics and Culture; Religion and Culture
Huang, Yueh-Po黃約伯 Institute of Ethnology Social Anthropology; Sociology of Education; Anthropology of Education; Disability Studies; New Religious Movement(NRM); Cross-border Migration
Hwang, Tao-Lin黃道琳 Institute of Ethnology 
Iban, Yukan伊凡諾幹 Institute of Ethnology 
Jou, Yuh-Huey周玉慧 Institute of Ethnology Marital Relationships; Life Stress and Social Support; Family Psychology; Social Psychology; Interpersonal Communication and Interaction
Jung, Shaw-Wu容邵武 Institute of Ethnology Political Anthropology; Community Studies; Politics of Culture; Anthropology of Law
Kao, Chen-Yang高晨揚 Institute of Ethnology Religious Studies; Christianity in China; Pentecostal-charismatic Movement
KUAN, Da-wei官大偉 Institute of Ethnology 原住民空間與社區自然資源管理; 民族地理; 原住民族土地政策; 民族政策
Lee, Mei-Chun李梅君 Institute of Ethnology Mis/Disinformation; Science and Technology Studies; Critical Data Studies; Posthuman Politics; Digital Anthropology; Data Activism
Lei, Ting雷霆 Institute of Ethnology 
Li, Chun-Hao李俊豪 Institute of Ethnology urban studies; Population studies (including historical demography)
Li, Yih-Yuan李亦園 Institute of Ethnology Religion Behavior; Cultural Anthropology; Symbolic Anthropology; Overseas Chinese Studies
Lin, Kai-shyh林開世 Institute of Ethnology Formation of National and Ethnic Groups; Historical Anthropology; Cultural Theory; Han Chinese Society
Lin, Mei-Rong林美容 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology; Folk Buddhism; Taiwan Folk Beliefs; China Kinship System; Social Organization of Han People
Lin, Wen-Ling林文玲 Institute of Ethnology New Media and Contemporary Indigenous Studies; Gender Studies; Digital Anthropology; Visual Anthropology
Liu, Fei-Wen劉斐玟 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology; Sentiments; Expression; Voice; Nüshu
Liu, Jih-Wann劉枝萬 Institute of Ethnology Folkloristics; Taoism; Folk Beliefs
Liu, Pi-Chen劉璧榛 Institute of Ethnology Symboilc Anthropology; Ethnicity; Shamanism; Gender Studies; Kinship; Healing Ritual
Liu, Pin-Hsiung劉斌雄 Institute of Ethnology Mathematical Anthropology; Kinship Studies
Liu, Shao-Hua劉紹華 Institute of Ethnology Modernity; Globalization; Anthropology; Gender; Social Disasters & Community Resilience; Health & Medicine
Liu, Wen劉文 Institute of Ethnology critical race theory; transnational migration; critical psychology; affect theory; Queer theory; Asian Americans; transpacific politics
Lu, Hsin-Chun呂心純 Institute of Ethnology Ethnomusicology; Modernity; Globalization; Diaspora Studies; Soundscapes
Lu, Hwei-Syin盧蕙馨 Institute of Ethnology 慈濟研究; 宗教與性別; 宗教人類學; 文化人類學
mayaw fotol周惠民 Institute of Ethnology Multicultural Education; Indigenous Education; Curriculum and Instruction
Pan, Ing-Hai潘英海 Institute of Ethnology 
Peng, Jen-Yu彭仁郁 Institute of Ethnology Psychological Trauma; Clinical Humanities; Psychoanalysis Theories and Practise; Incest Violence
Sheridan, Derek謝力登 Institute of Ethnology Political Anthropology; Ethics; Empire; Semiotics; Trans-nationalism and Migration; Economic Anthropology
Shih, Lei石磊 Institute of Ethnology Social Anthropology(kinship system, Economy system, Social Change)
Silvio, Teri J.司黛蕊 Institute of Ethnology Character Design; Cultural Studies; Animation; Popular Culture & Media; Performance; Gender and Sexuality
Ting, Jen-Chieh丁仁傑 Institute of Ethnology Folk Religion; Sociololgy of Religion; Qualitative Research; Peasant Society
Tsu, Timothy Yun Hui祖運輝  Institute of Ethnology 
Tung, Chun-Fa 童春發 Institute of Ethnology Aboriginal Religion; Language and Culture in Paiwan; Comparative cultural studies; Christian theology; Linguistics
Wang, Shu-Li王舒俐 Institute of Ethnology Critical Heritage Studies; Material Culture Studies; Museum Anthropology; Cultural Memory; Archaeological Ethnography; Cultural Politics/Cultural Policy
Wen, Chung-I文崇一 Institute of Ethnology Social and Cultural Changes; Sociology; Problems of Modernization
Wu, David Yen-Ho吳燕和 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology; Cross-Cultural Research; Overseas Studies; Ethnic Relations Studies
Wu, Ming-Jen吳明仁 Institute of Ethnology Socio-Cultural Anthropology
Yang, Kuo-Shu楊國樞 Institute of Ethnology Social Psychology; Personality Psychology
Yang, Shu-Yuan楊淑媛 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Aanthropology; Kinship and Personhood; Cultural Politics; Colonialism; Christianity
Yeh, Chuen-Rong葉春榮 Institute of Ethnology Silaya Pinpu; Han Chinese Religion; Historical Anthropology
Yeh, Kuang-Hui葉光輝 Institute of Ethnology Moral Development; Indigenous Psychology; Family Psychology; Social Psychology
Yu, An-Bang余安邦 Institute of Ethnology Personality and Social Psychology; Cultural Psychology; Psychology of Religion; Education and Culture
Yu, Guang-Hong余光弘 Institute of Ethnology Cultural Anthropology
Yu, Shuenn-Der余舜德 Institute of Ethnology Anthropology of Sense; Historical Anthropology; Economic Anthropology