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12020Upstream Open Reading Frame and Phosphate-Regulated Expression of Rice OsNLA1 Controls Phosphate Transport and ReproductionYang, S-Y; Lu, W-C; Ko, S-S ; Sun, C-M; Hung, J-C; Chiou, T-J PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 182, 393-407
22019Phototropins mediate chloroplast movement in Phalaenopsis aphrodite (moth orchid)Lin, YJ; Chen, YC; Tseng, KC; Chang, WC; Ko, SS PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY 60(10), 2243-2254
32019Spike Activator 1 encoded a bHLH, mediates axillary bud development and spike initiation in Phalaenopsis aphroditeLin, Y.J.; Li, M.J.; Hsing, H.C.; Chien, T.K.; Yang, T.T.; Ko, S.S. Int J Mol Sci 20(21), 5406
42019Environmental biosafety assessment on transgenic Oncidium orchid modified by RNA interference of Phytoene Synthase genesKo, Swee-Suak ; Liu, Yao-Chung; Chung, Mei-Chu ; Shih, Ming-Che; Mohammadmehdi, Habibi; Oguchi, Taichi; Watanabe, Kazuo N.; Yeh, Kai-WunPlant Biotechnology 36(3), 181-185
52019Editorial: From Functional Genomics to Biotechnology in Ornamental PlantsKo, S.S. ; Kanno, A.; Sanchez-Perez, R.; Yeh, H.H. ; Hohe, A.; Mondragon-Palomino, M.FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 10, 463