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12020Encapsulated n-butylidenephthalide efficiently crosses the blood–brain barrier and suppresses growth of glioblastomaLin, YL ; Huang, XF; Chang, KF; Liao, KW; Tsai, NMINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOMEDICINE 15, 749-760
22019Liposomal RCH-1 ameliorate the RCH-1 caused tissue damages and therapeutic efficacy in a colorectal cancer mouse modelLin, YL ; Chang, J
32019Rapid and Safe Isolation of Human Peripheral Blood B and T Lymphocytes through Spiral Microfluidic ChannelsChiu, PL; Chang, CH; Lin, YL ; Tsou, PH; Li, BRScientific Reports 9(1), 8145
42019Lipo-PEG-PEI complex as an intracellular transporter for protein therapeuticsLin, YL ; Chen, CH; Liu, YK; Huang, TH; Tsai, NM; Tzou, SC; Liao, KWInternational Journal of Nanomedicine Volume 14, 1119-1130
52019Specific drug delivery efficiently induced human breast tumor regression using a lipoplex by non-covalent association with anti-tumor antibodies.Lin, YL ; Tsai, NM; Chen, CH; Liu, YK; Lee, CJ; Chan, YL; Wang, YS; Chang, YC; Lin, CH; Huang, TH; Wang, CC; Chi, KH; Liao, KWJournal of nanobiotechnology 17(1), 25