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12019Small RNA profiling in Pinus pinaster reveals the transcriptome of developing seeds and highlights differences between zygotic and somatic embryos.Andreia S. Rodrigues; Inês Chaves; Bruno Vasques Costa; Yao-Cheng Lin ; Susana Lopes; Ana Milhinhos; Yves Van de Peer; Célia M. MiguelSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 11327
22019Reference genome and comparative genome analysis for the WHO reference strain for Mycobacterium bovis BCG Danish, the present tuberculosis vaccineKatlyn Borgers; Jheng-Yang Ou; Po-Xing Zheng; Petra Tiels; Annelies Van Hecke; Evelyn Plets; Gitte Michielsen; Nele Festjens; Nico Callewaert; Yao-Cheng Lin BMC GENOMICS 20, 561
32019Draft Genome Assembly of the False Spider Mite Brevipalpus yothersiDenise Navia; Valdenice M. Novelli; Stephane Rombauts; Juliana Freitas-Astúa; Renata Santos de Mendonça; Maria Andreia Nunes; Marcos A. Machado; Yao-Cheng Lin ; Phuong Le; Zaichao Zhang; Miodrag Grbić; Nicky Wybouw; Johannes A. J. Breeuwer; Thomas Van Leeuwen; Yves Van de PeerMicrobiology Resource Announcements 8(6), e01563-18
42017Draft genome of Cercospora zeina, Fusarium pininemorale, Hawksworthiomyces lignivorus, Huntiella decipiens and Ophiostoma ipsWingfield, Brenda D.; Berger, Dave K.; Steenkamp, Emma T.; Lim, Hye-Jin; Duong, Tuan A.; Bluhm, Burton H.; de Beer, Z. Wilhelm; De Vos, Lieschen; Fourie, G.; Naidoo, Kershney; Olivier, Nicky; Lin, Yao-Cheng ; Van de Peer, Yves; Joubert, Fourie; Crampton, Bridget G.; Swart, Velushka; Soal, Nicole; Tatham, Catherine; Van der Nest, Magriet A.; Van der Merwe, Nicolaas A.; Van Wyk, Stephanie; Wilken, P. Markus; Wingfield, Michael J.IMA FUNGUS 8(2), 385-396