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12019Role of SPL1 and SPL12 in seedling growth and pollen development under heat stressDharmesh Jain; Der-Fen Suen 
22019Insufficient Iron in Floral Bud Impairs Pollen Development by Disrupting Tapetum Function.Tzu-Hsiang Huang; Der-Fen Suen 
320193D imaging of tapetal mitochondria suggests the importance of mitochondrial fission in pollen growthChen, Pei-Ying; Wu, Chia-Chen; Lin, Chung-Chih; Jane, Wann-Neng; Suen, Der-Fen Plant Physiology 180, 813-826
420193D imaging of tapetal mitochondria suggests the importance of proper mitochondrial fission in pollen developmentPei-Ying Chen; Chia-Chen Wu; Chung-Chih Lin; Wann-Neng Jane; Der-Fen Suen 
52019The Arabidopsis mitochondrial function of tapetum is critical for pollen development in response to iron deficiencyTzu-Hsiang Huang; Der-Fen Suen 
62017Cytosolic Phosphoglucose Isomerase is Essential for Embryogenesis and Microsporogenesis in ArabidopsisHung-Chi Liu; Chia-Chen Wu; Wei-Ling Lue; Jychian Chen; Der-Fen Suen