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12020Toxicity study of Bidens pilosa in animalsYu-Chuan Liang ; Chuan-Ju Lin; Cheng-Ying Yang; Fu-Shiuan Chou; Yung-Hsiang Chen; Meng-Ting Yang; Wen-Chin Yang ; Cicero Lee-Tian ChangJournal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine 10(2), 150-157
22019Anti-coccidial properties and mechanisms of an edible herb, Bidens pilosa, and its active compounds for coccidiosisYang, W.C. ; Yang, C.Y.; Liang, Y.C. ; Li, W.Q.; Chung, C.Y.; Yang, M.T.; Kuo, T.F.; Lin, C.F.; Liang, C.L.; Chang, C.L.T.Scientific Reports 9, 2896
32019Ginkgolide A Prevents the Amyloid-β-Induced Depolarization of Cortical NeuronsKuo, Li-Chen; Song, Yan-Qing; Yao, Chien-An; Cheng, Irene H.; Chien, Chiang-Ting; Lee, Guan-Chiun; Yang, Wen-Chin ; Lin, YenshouJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 67(1), 81-89
42017Cytotoxic property of Streptocaulon baumii extracts and their isolated compounds against different human cancer cell linesBartolome, A.P.; Villaseñor, I.M.; Lin, Y.L.; Libardo, M.D.J.; Angeles-Boza, A.M.; Yang, W.C. Philippine Science Letters 10(2), 89-97
52017Protein disulfide isomerase a4 acts as a novel regulator of cancer growth through the procaspase pathwayKuo, T-F; Chen, T-Y; Jiang, S-T; Chen, K-W; Chiang, Y-M; Hsu, Y-J; Liu, Y-J; Chen, H-M; Yokoyama, K K; Tsai, K-C; Yeh, H-H; Chen, Y-R ; Yang, M-T; Yang, C-Y; Yang, W-C Oncogene 36(39), 5484-5496