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12019miR824/AGAMOUS-LIKE16 module integrates recurring environmental heat stress changes to fine-tune poststress developmentSzaker, HM; Darkó, É; Medzhiradszky, AR; Janda, T; Liu, HC; Charng, YY ; Csorba, TFRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE 10, 1454
22017Heat shock protein HSP101 affects the release of ribosomal protein mRNAs for recovery after heat shockMerret, R; Carpenier, MC; Favory, JJ; Picart, C; Descombin, J; Bousquet-Antonelli, C; Tillard, P; Lejay, L; Deragon, JM; Charng, YY PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 174(2), 1216-1225