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12019High-Resolution Crystal Structure of Arabidopsis FLOWERING LOCUS T Illuminates Its Phospholipid-Binding Site in Flowering.Nakamura, Y ; Lin, YC; Watanabe, S; Liu, YC; Katsuyama, K; Kanehara, K ; Inaba, KiScience 21, 577-586
22019Non-specific phospholipases C, NPC2 and NPC6, are required for root growth in Arabidopsis.Ngo, AH; Kanehara, K ; Nakamura, Y The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology 100(4), 825-835
32019Arabidopsis CHOLINE/ETHANOLAMINE KINASE 1 (CEK1) is a primary choline kinase localized at the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and involved in ER stress tolerance.Lin, YC; Kanehara, K ; Nakamura, Y The New Phytologist 223(4), 1904-1917
42019Membrane lipid polyunsaturation mediated by FATTY ACID DESATURASE 2 (FAD2) is involved in endoplasmic reticulum stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana.Nguyen, VC; Nakamura, Y ; Kanehara, K The Plant Journal 99(3), 478-493
52019A methyltransferase trio essential for phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis and growth.Liu, YC; Lin, YC; Kanehara, K ; Nakamura, Y Plant physiology 179(2), 433-445