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12020Development of therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of diseasesLu, R. M.; Hwang, Y. C.; Liu, I. J.; Lee, C. C.; Tsai, H. Z.; Li, H. Z.; Wu, H. C. Journal of Biomedical Science 27, 1
22019PTPN3 suppresses lung cancer cell invasiveness by counteracting Src-mediated DAAM1 activation and actin polymerizationLi, MY; Peng, WH; Wu, CH ; Chang, YM; Lin, YL; Chang, GD; Wu, HC; Chen, GC ONCOGENE 38(44), 7002-7016
32019Dengue and Zika virus domain III-flagellin fusion and glycan- masking E antigen for prime-boost immunization.Lin, H. H.; Yang, S. P.; Tsai, M. J.; Lin, G. C.; Wu, H. C. ; Wu, S. C.Theranostics 9(16), 4811-4826
42019The extracellular domain of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) enhances multipotency of mesenchymal stem cells through EGFR-LIN28-LET7 signalingKuan, I. I.; Chen, C. H.; Lu, J. ; Wu, H. C. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 294(19), 7769-7786
52019Liposomal irinotecan for treatment of colorectal cancer in a preclinical model.Huang, J. R.; Lee, M. H.; Li, W. S. ; Wu, H. C. Cancers (Basel) 11(3), 281
62019Spectroscopic micro imaging ellipsometry for studying effects of drug treatment in colon cancer cells.Chen, Y. D.; Wu, C. H.; Hsu, H. Y.; Khaleel, M. I.; Chang, Y. C.; Wu, H. C. International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications (IJPERA) 4(1), 9-22
72017Panobinostat sensitizes KRAS-mutant non-small-cell lung cancer to gefitinib by targeting TAZ.Lee, W. Y.; Chen, P. C.; Wu, W. S.; Wu, H. C. ; Lan, C. H.; Huang, Y. H.; Cheng, C. H.; Chen, K. C.; Lin, C. W.International Journal of Cancer 141(9), 1921-1931