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12019Antibody blockade of Dectin-2 suppresses house dust mite-induced Th2 cytokine production in dendritic cell- and monocyte-depleted peripheral blood mononuclear cell co-cultures from asthma patients.Chen, MH; Huang, MT; Yu, WK; Lee, SS; Wang, JH; Cheng, TR ; Bowman, MR; Hsieh, SL JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL SCIENCE 26, 97
22019CLEC2 and CLEC5A: Pathogenic Host Factors in Acute Viral Infections.Sung, PS; Hsieh, SL FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 10, 2867
32019Extracellular vesicles from CLEC2-activated platelets enhance dengue virus-induced lethality via CLEC5A/TLR2Sung, PS; Huang, TF; Hsieh, SL NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 10, 2402
42017CLEC9A modulates macrophage-mediated neutrophil recruitment in response to heat-killed Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Ra.Cheng, AC; Yang, KY; Chen, NJ; Hsu, TL ; Jou, R; Hsieh, SL ; Tseng, PHPLoS One 12(10), e0186780
52017Contusion spinal cord injury rat modelChiu, CW; Cheng, H; Hsieh, SL Bio-protocol 7(12), e2337
62017Amelioration of amyloid-β-induced deficits by DcR3 in an Alzheimer’s disease modelLiu, YL; Chen, WT; Lin, YY; Lu, PH; Hsieh, SL ; Cheng, IHMOLECULAR NEURODEGENERATION 12, 30
72011Inhibitory Effects of Ethyl Acetate Extract of Andrographis paniculata on NF-κB Trans-Activation Activity and LPS-Induced Acute Inflammation in MiceChao, WW; Kuo, YH; Hsieh, SL ; Lin, BFEVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2011, 254531