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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12019A new species of Synagoga (Crustacea, Thecostraca, Ascothoracida) parasitic in an antipatharian from Green Island, Taiwan, with notes on its morphologyKolbasov, G. A.; Petrunina, A. S.; Ho, M.-J. ; Chan, B. K. K. ZooKeys 876, 55-85
22019TaiwanDenis, V; Soto, D; De Palmas, S; Lin, YTV; Benayahu, Y; Huang, YM; Liu, SL; Chen, JW; Chen, Q; Sturaro, N; Ho, MJ ; Su, Y; Dai, CF; Chen, CAMesophotic coral ecosystems (Springer International Publishing)
32017A new association between goblet worms (Entoprocta) and xeniid corals (Cnidaria)Vianney Denis; Yu Ting Vicky Lin; Ming Jay Ho MARINE BIODIVERSITY 49, 487-493
42014Coral recruitment of a subtropical coral community at Yenliao Bay, northern TaiwanMing-Jay Ho ; Chang-Feng DaiZoological Studies 53, 5