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12020The fire ant social supergene is characterized by extensive gene and transposable element copy number variationFontana, S; Chang, NC; Chang, T; Lee, CC; Dang, VD; Wang, J MOLECULAR ECOLOGY 29(1), 105-120
22019Has gene expression neofunctionalization in the fire ant antennae contributed to queen discrimination behavior?Dang, VD; Cohanim, AB; Fontana, S; Privman, E; Wang, J GENOME BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION 9(22), 12754-12766
32019Selection and gene flow shape niche-associated variation in pheromone responseLee, D; Zdraljevic, S; Cook, DE; Frézal, L; Hsu, JC; Sterken, MG; Riksen, JAG; Wang, J ; Kammenga, JE; Braendle, C; Félix, MA; Schroeder, FC; Andersen, ECNATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION 3, 1455-1463