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12019Roles of p53 Family Structure and Function in Non-Canonical Response Element Binding and Activation.Cai, BH; Chao, CF; Huang, HC; Lee, HY; Kannagi, R ; Chen, JYInternational journal of molecular sciences 20(15), 3681
22019Sialyl Glycan Expression on T Cell Subsets in Asthma: a correlation with disease severity and blood parameters.Yeh, YL; Wu, WC; Kannagi, R ; Chiang, BL; Liu, FT; Lee, YLScientific reports 9, 8947
32019Epigenetic silencing of the synthesis of immunosuppressive Siglec ligand glycans by NF-κB/EZH2/YY1 axis in early-stage colon cancersHuang, HC; Chao, CC; Wu, PH; Chung, HY; Lee, HY; Suen, CS; Hwang, MJ ; Cai, BH; Kannagi, R Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1862(2), 173-183
42019Synergistic activation of the NEU4 promoter by p73 and AP2 in colon cancer cells.Cai, BH; Wu, PH; Chou, CK; Huang, HC; Chao, CC; Chung, HY; Lee, HY; Chen, JY; Kannagi, R Scientific reports 9(1), 950