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12017The regulation of NLRP3 inflammasome expression during the development of cardiac contractile dysfunction in chronic kidney disease.Chin, L-H; Hsu, Y-J; Hsu, S-C; Chen, Y-H ; Chang, Y-L; Huang, S-M; Tsai, C-S; Lin, C-YOncotarget 8(69), 113303-113317
22017Cardioprotection induced in a mouse model of neuropathic pain via anterior nucleus of paraventricular thalamus.Cheng, Y-F; Chang, Y-T; Chen, W-H; Shih, H-C; Chen, Y-H ; Shyu, B-C; Chen, C-CNature Communications 8(1), 826
32017HSPB7 prevents cardiac conduction system defect through maintaining intercalated disc integrity.Liao, W-C; Juo, L-Y; Shih, Y-L; Chen, Y-H ; Yan, Y-TPLOS GENETICS 13(8), e1006984