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12020Rapid high resolution 3D imaging of expanded biological specimens with lattice light sheet microscopy.Tsai, YC; Tang, WC; Low, CSL; Liu, YT; Wu, JS; Lee, PY; Chen, LQ; Lin, YL ; Kanchanawong, P; Gao, L; Chen, BCMethods (San Diego, Calif.) 174, 11-19
22019Investigation of the extremely weak interaction between the Japanese Encephalitis virus and CLEC5A using a multivalent-interaction-enhancement sensing electrodeTung, Y.-T.; J.-J. Liang; H.-T. Feng; R.-N. Jhang; S.-L. Hsieh; Y.-L. Lin ; G.-J. WangBiosensors and Bioelectronics: X 2, 100024
32019NS2B/NS3 mutations enhance the infectivity of genotype I Japanese encephalitis virus in amplifying hosts.Fan, YC; Liang, JJ; Chen, JM; Lin, JW; Chen, YY; Su, KH; Lin, CC; Tu, WC; Chiou, MT; Ou, SC; Chang, GJ; Lin, YL ; Chiou, SSPLoS pathogens 15(8), e1007992