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12020Galectin-3 promotes Aβ oligomerization and Aβ toxicity in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s diseaseTao, C.C.; Cheng, K.M.; Ma, Y.L.; Hsu, W.L.; Chen, Y.C.; Fuh, J.L.; Lee, W.J.; Chao, C.C.; Lee, E.H.Y. Cell Death and Differentiation 27, 192-209
22019PIAS1 Ser-503 phosphorylation-mediated Elk-1 SUMOylation promotes neuronal survival in APP/PS1 miceLiu, S.Y.; Ma, Y.L.; Hsu, W.L.; Chiou, H.Y.; Lee, E.H.Y. British Journal of Pharmacology 176(11), 1793-1810
32017Smad4 SUMOylation is essential for memory formation through upregulation of the skeletal myopathy gene TPM2Hsu, W.L.; Ma, Y.L.; Liu, Y.C.; Lee, E.H.Y. BMC Biology 15(1), 112
42017Galectin-3 negatively regulates hippocampus-dependent memory formation through inhibition of integrin signaling and galectin-3 phosphorylationChen, Y.C.; Ma, Y.L.; Lin, C.H.; Cheng, S.J.; Hsu, W.L.; Lee, E.H.Y. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 10, 217