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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12019TRPM8 genetic variant is associated with chronic migraine and allodynia.Ling, YH; Chen, SP; Fann, CS ; Wang, SJ; Wang, YFThe Journal of Headache and Pain 20(1), 115
22019Determining population stratification and subgroup effects in association studies of rare genetic variants for nicotine dependence.Hsieh, AR; Chen, LS; Li, YJ; Fann, CSJ Psychiatric Genetics 29(4), 111-119
32019Heterozygosity mapping for human dominant trait variants.Imai-Okazaki, A; Li, Y; Horpaopan, S; Riazalhosseini, Y; Garshasbi, M; Mosse, YP; Zhang, D; Schrauwen, I; Sharma, A; Fann, CSJ ; Leal, SM; Lathrop, M; Ott, JHuman Mutation 40(7), 996-1004
42019Weight loss and metabolic improvements in obese patients undergoing gastric banding and gastric banded plication: A comparisonWeu Wang; Fann, Cathy SJ ; Shwu-Huey Yang; Hsin-Hung Chen; Chih-Yen ChenNutrition 57, 290-299
52015Association of circadian genes with diurnal blood pressure changes and non-dipper essential hypertension: a genetic association with young-onset hypertensionLeu, HB; Chung, CM; Lin, SJ; Chiang, KM; Yang, HC ; Ho, HY; Ting, CT; Lin, TH; Sheu, SH; Tsai, WC; Chen, JH; Yin, WH; Chiu, TY; Chen, CI; Fann, CS ; Chen, YT ; Pan, WH ; Chen, JWHypertension research 38(2), 155-162