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12019Deep Learning Approach for Red Blood Cell Segmentation from Full-Field OCT Data of Human SkinBitewulign K. Mekonnen; Dian-Fu Tsai; Tung-Han Hsieh ; Fu-Liang Yang ; Shien-Kuei Liaw; Sheng-Lung Huang
220192015 - 2019 年服務報告謝東翰 2015 - 2019 年服務報告, 51
32019以深度學習網路達成 OCT 表皮組織影像快速細胞核標定蔡典甫; Bitewulign K. Mekonnen; 曾柏凱; 謝東翰 ; 楊富量以深度學習網路達成 OCT 表皮組織影像快速細胞核標定, 11
42019Simultaneous assessment of cell morphology and adhesion using aluminum nanoslit-based plasmonic biosensing chipsHsien-San Hou; Kuang-Li Lee; Chen-Hung Wang; Tung-Han Hsieh ; Juan-Jie Sun; Pei-Kuen Wei ; Ji-Yen ChengScientific Reports 9, 7204
52019Widefield frequency domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FD-FLIM) for accurate measurement of oxygen gradients within microfluidic devicesH.-M. Wu; T.-A. Lee; P.-L. Ko; W.-H. Liao; T.-H. Hsieh ; Y.-C. Tung Analyst 144(11), 3494-3504