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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Equivariant Kodaira embedding of CR manifolds with circle actionChin-Yu Hsiao ; Xiaoshan Li; George MarinescuMichigan Mathematical Journal 70(1), 55-113
22020Torus equivariant Szegő kernel asymptotics on strongly pseudoconvex CR manifoldsHendrik Herrmann; Chin-Yu Hsiao ; Xiaoshan LiarXiv:1808.01927
32020Szegő kernels and equivariant embedding theorems for CR manifoldsHendrik Herrmann; Chin-Yu Hsiao ; Xiaoshan LiarXiv:1710.04910
42020G-equivariant embedding theorems for CR manifolds of high codimensionKevin Fritsch; Hendrik Herrmann; Chin-Yu Hsiao arXiv:1810.09629
52019Equidistribution theorems on strongly pseudoconvex domainsHsiao, Chin-Yu ; Shao, GuokuanTransactions of the American Mathematical Society 37(2), 1113-1137
62019Solution of the tangential Kohn Laplacian on a class of non-compact CR manifoldsHsiao, Chin-Yu ; Yung, Po-LamCalculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 58, 71
72019Heat Kernel Asymptotics, Local Index Theorem and Trace Integrals for Cauchy-Riemann Manifolds with S1 Action (Memoires de la Societe Mathematique de France 162)Cheng, Jih-Hsin ; Hsiao, Chin-Yu ; Tsai, I-HsunFrance
82017Szegő kernel expansion and equivariant embedding of CR manifolds with circle actionHerrmann, Hendrik; Hsiao, Chin-Yu ; Li, XiaoshanAnnals of Global Analysis and Geometry 52, 313-340
92017Szegő kernel asymptotics and Kodaira embedding theorems of Levi-flat CR manifoldsHsiao, Chin-Yu ; Marinescu, GeorgeMathematical Research Letters 24(5), 1385-1451