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12020Unsupervised Representation Disentanglement using Cross Domain Features and Adversarial Learning in Variational Autoencoder based Voice ConversionHuang, Wen-Chin; Luo, Hao; Hwang, Hsin-Te; Lo, Chen-Chou; Peng, Yu-Huai; Tsao, Yu ; Wang, Hsin-Min IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence 4(4), 468-479
22020Subspace-based Representation and Learning for Phonotactic Spoken Language RecognitionLee, Hung-Shin; Tsao, Yu ; Jeng, Shyh-Kang; Wang, Hsin-Min IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 28, 3065-3079
32020Multichannel Speech Enhancement by Raw Waveform-mapping using Fully Convolutional NetworksChang-Le Liu; Sze-Wei Fu; You-Jin Li; Jen-Wei Huang; Hsin-Min Wang ; Yu Tsao IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 28, 1888-1900
42019Source separation in ecoacoustics: A roadmap towards versatile soundscape information retrievalLin, Tzu‐Hao; Tsao, Yu Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 6(3), 236-247
52017A Post-filtering Approach Based on Locally Linear Embedding Difference Compensation for Speech EnhancementYi-Chiao Wu; Hsin-Te Hwang; Syu-Siang Wang; Chin-Cheng Hsu; Yu Tsao ; Hsin-Min Wang 
62017Discriminative Autoencoders for Acoustic ModelingMing-Han Yang; Hung-Shin Lee; Yu-Ding Lu; Kuan-Yu Chen; Yu Tsao ; Berlin Chen; Hsin-Min Wang 
72017Voice Conversion from Unaligned Corpora Using Variational Autoencoding Wasserstein Generative Adversarial NetworksChin-Cheng Hsu; Hsin-Te Hwang; Yi-Chiao Wu; Yu Tsao ; Hsin-Min Wang 
82017Wavelet Speech Enhancement Based on Robust Principal Component AnalysisChia-Lung Wu; Hsiang-Ping Hsu; Syu-Siang Wang; Jeih-Weih Hung; Ying-Hui Lai; Hsin-Min Wang ; Yu Tsao 
92017Adaptive Dynamic Range Compression for Improving Envelope-Based Speech Perception: Implications for Cochlear ImplantsYing-Hui Lai; Fei Chen; Yu Tsao Emerging Technology and Architecture for Big-data Analytics (Switzerland : Springer)
102017Discriminative Autoencoders for Speaker VerificationHung-Shin Lee; Yu-Ding Lu; Chin-Cheng Hsu; Yu Tsao ; Hsin-Min Wang ; Shyh-Kang Jeng
112017A Locally Linear Embbeding Based Postfiltering Approach for Speech EnhancementYi-Chiao Wu; Hsin-Te Hwang; Syu-Siang Wang; Chin-Cheng Hsu; Ying-Hui Lai; Yu Tsao ; Hsin-Min Wang 
122016Voice Conversion from Non-parallel Corpora Using Variational Auto-encoderChin-Cheng Hsu; Hsin-Te Hwang; Yi-Chiao Wu; Yu Tsao ; Hsin-Min Wang 
132016Audio-Visual Speech Enhancement using Deep Neural NetworksJen-Cheng Hou; Syu-Siang Wang; Ying-Hui Lai; Jen-Chun Lin; Yu Tsao ; Hsiu-Wen Chang; Hsin-Min Wang 
142016A linear regression model with dynamic pulse transit time features for noninvasive blood pressure predictionHsieh, Yi-Yen; Wu, Ching-Da; Lu, Shey-Shi; Tsao, Yu 
152016Incorporating local environment information with ensemble neural networks to robust automatic speech recognitionHsu, Chia-Yung; Zezario, Ryandhimas E.; Wang, Jia-Ching; Ho, Chin-Wen; Lu, Xugang; Tsao, Yu 
162016Improving the performance of speech perception in noisy environment based on an FAME strategyLai, Ying-Hui; Wang, Syu-Siang; Su, Yu-Ting; Han-Che, Cheng; Fu, Fan Kang; Tsao, Yu 
172016Locally Linear Embedding for Exemplar-Based Spectral ConversionYi-Chiao Wu; Hsin-Te Hwang; Chin-Cheng Hsu; Yu Tsao ; Hsin-Min Wang 
182016Minimization of Regression and Ranking Losses with Shallow Neural Networks on Automatic Sincerity EvaluationHung-Shin Lee; Yu Tsao ; Chi-Chun Lee; Hsin-Min Wang ; Wei-Cheng Lin; Wei-Chen Chen; Shan-Wen Hsiao; Shyh-Kang Jeng
192016Pair-Wise Distance Metric Learning of Neural Network Model for Spoken Language IdentificationLu, Xugang; Shen, Peng; Tsao, Yu ; Kawai, Hisashi
202016SNR-Aware Convolutional Neural Network Modeling for Speech EnhancementFu, Szu-Wei; Tsao, Yu ; Lu, Xugang
212016Nonnegative matrix factorization-based frequency lowering technology for Mandarin-speaking hearing aid usersLiu, Yen-Teh; Tsao, Yu ; Chang, Ronald Y.