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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Integrating Low-cost Air Quality Sensor Networks with Fixed and Satellite Monitoring Systems to Study Ground-level PM2.5 Atmospheric EnvironmentJiayu Li; Huang Zhang; Chun-Ying Chao; Chih-Hsiang Chien; Chang-Yu Wu; Cyuan Heng Luo; Ling-Jyh Chen ; Pratim BiswasAtmospheric Environment, Elsevier 223, 117293
22019Why Is Short-Time PM2.5 Forecast Difficult? The Effects of Sudden EventsNai-Cih Liou; Cyuan-Heng Luo; Sachit Mahajan; Ling-Jyh Chen IEEE Access 8, 12662-12674
32019Performance of Splitting LTE-WLAN AggregationYi-Bing Lin; Hung-Chun Tseng; Li-Chang Wang; Ling-Jyh Chen Mobile Networks and Applications(ACM/Springer) 24, 1587-1595
42019CAR: The Clean Air Routing Algorithm for Path Navigation with Minimal PM2.5 Exposure on the MoveSachit Mahajan; Yu-Siou Tang; Dong-Yi Wu; Tzu-Chieh Tsai; Ling-Jyh Chen IEEE Access 7, 147373-147382
52019NB-IoTtalk: A Service Platform for Fast Development of NB-IoT ApplicationsYi-Bing Lin; Hung-Chun Tseng; Yun-Wei Lin; Ling-Jyh Chen IEEE Internet of Things Journal 6(1), 928-939
62017An Open Framework for Participatory PM2.5 Monitoring in Smart CitiesLing-Jyh Chen ; Yao-Hua Ho; Hu-Cheng Lee; Hsuan-Cho Wu; Hao-Min Liu; Hsin-Hung Hsieh; Yu-Te Huang; Shih-Chun Candice Lung IEEE Access 5, 14441-14454