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12020On the Design of Profitable Index Based on the Mechanism of Random TradingsJia-Hao Syu; Mu-En Wu; Shin-Huah Lee; Jan-Ming Ho 
22019A Fund Selection Robo-Advisor with Deep Learning Driven Market PredictionChen-Sheng Gu; Hong-Po Hsieh; Chung-Shu Wu; Ray-I Chang; Jan-Ming Ho 
32019Optimal File Dissemination Scheduling Under a General Binary Tree of Trust RelationshipYun-Pin Tien; Wei-Chen Lin; Jan-Ming Ho ; Wing-Kai Hon
42019SQUAT: a Sequencing Quality Assessment Tool for data quality assessments of genome assembliesLi-An Yang; Yu-Jung Chang; Shu-Hwa Chen; Chung-Yen Lin ; Jan-Ming Ho BMC Genomics 19, 238