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12019Zero Cu valence and superconductivity in high-quality CuxBi2Se3 crystalShih-Hsun Yu; Tsu Lien Hung; Min-Nan Ou ; Mitch M. C. Chou; Yang-Yuan Chen PHYSICAL REVIEW B 100(17), 174502
22013Hole doping effect on superconductivity in Ce(Co1−xRux)In5Ou, M. N. ; Gofryk, K.; Baumbach, R. E.; Stoyko, S. S.; Thompson, J. D.; Lawrence, J. M.; Bauer, E. D.; Ronning, F.; Mar, A.; Chen, Y. Y.Physical Review B 88(19), 195134
32012Cross-plane Seebeck coefficient and thermal conductivity of CuFeSe2 thin filmLee, P. C.; Ou, M. N.; Luo, J. Y.; Wu, M. K. ; Chen, Y. Y.AIP Conference Proceedings 1449(1), 405
42012Electronic Tuning and Uniform Superconductivity inCeCoIn5Gofryk, K.; Ronning, F.; Zhu, J.-X.; Ou, M. N. ; Tobash, P. H.; Stoyko, S. S.; Lu, X.; Mar, A.; Park, T.; Bauer, E., D.; Thompson, J., D.; Fisk, Z.Physical Review Letters 109(18), 186402
52011Fabrication, Characterization and Thermal Properties of NanowiresYang-Yuan Chen; Cheng-Lung Chen; Ping-Chung Lee; Min-Nan Ou Nanowires-Fundamental Research (Rijeka, Croatia : InTech)
62011Superconductivity in Sr(Pd1−xNix)2Ge2Yang, C D; Hsu, H C; Tseng, W Y; Chen, H C; Ku, H C; Ou, M N ; Chen, Y Y; Hsu, Y YJournal of Physics: Conference Series 273, 012089
72005Increase in Zero-Field Conductivity and Low-Field Magnetoresistance by Proton Irradiated Defects in La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 FilmsChou, Hsiung; Tsai, Min-Hsiung; Ou, Min-Nan ; Wu, Mei-Fang; Hong, Meng-Tsong; Sun, Shih-Jye; Yu, Yueh-ChungJapanese Journal of Applied Physics 44(4R), 1740