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12020Neutrino signal from proto-neutron star evolution: Effects of opacities from charged-current–neutrino interactions and inverse neutron decayTobias Fischer; Gang Guo; Alan A. Dzhioev; Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo; Meng-Ru Wu ; Andreas Lohs; Yong-Zhong QianPhysical Review C 101(2), 025804
22020Neutrino Production Associated with Late Bumps in Gamma-Ray Bursts and Potential Contribution to Diffuse Flux at IceCubeGang Guo; Yong-Zhong Qian; Meng-Ru Wu The Astrophysical Journal 890(1), 83
32019Active–Sterile Neutrino Oscillations in Neutrino-driven Winds: Implications for NucleosynthesisZewei Xiong; Meng-Ru Wu ; Yong-Zhong QianThe Astrophysical Journal 880(2), 81
42019Finding the Remnants of the Milky Way's Last Neutron Star MergersMeng-Ru Wu ; Projjwal Banerjee; Brian D. Metzger; Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo; Tsuguo Aramaki; Eric Burns; Charles J. Hailey; Jennifer Barnes; Georgia KaragiorgiThe Astrophysical Journal 880(1), 23
52019Multimessenger asteroseismology of core-collapse supernovaeJohn Ryan Westernacher-Schneider; Evan O’Connor; Erin O’Sullivan; Irene Tamborra; Meng-Ru Wu ; Sean M. Couch; Felix MalmenbeckPhysical Review D 100(12), 123009
62019New constraint from supernova explosions on light particles beyond the Standard ModelAllan Sung; Huitzu Tu; Meng-Ru Wu Physical Review D 99(12), 121305(R)
72019Tau lepton asymmetry by sterile neutrino emission—moving beyond one-zone supernova modelsAnna M. Suliga; Irene Tamborra; Meng-Ru Wu Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 12(2019)019
82019Fingerprints of Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis in the Late-Time Lightcurves of KilonovaeMeng-Ru Wu ; J. Barnes; G. Martínez-Pinedo; B. D. MetzgerPhysical Review Letters 122(6), 062701
92017Determination of the neutron-capture rate of 17C for r-process nucleosynthesisM.-R. Wu ; R3B CollaborationPhysical Review C 95(1), 014613
102017Fast neutrino conversions: Ubiquitous in compact binary merger remnantsMeng-Ru Wu ; Irene TamborraPhysical Review D 95(10), 103007
112017Detectability of compact binary merger macronovaeS. Rosswog; U. Feindt; O. Korobkin; M.-R. Wu ; J. Sollerman; A. Goobar; G. Martinez-PinedoClassical and Quantum Gravity 34(10), 104001
122017Neutrino flavor evolution in binary neutron star merger remnantsMaik Frensel; Meng-Ru Wu ; Cristina Volpe; Albino PeregoPhysical Review D 95(2), 023011
132016RADIOACTIVITY AND THERMALIZATION IN THE EJECTA OF COMPACT OBJECT MERGERS AND THEIR IMPACT ON KILONOVA LIGHT CURVESJennifer Barnes; Daniel Kasen; Meng-Ru Wu ; Gabriel Martínez-PinedoThe Astrophysical Journal 829(2), 110
142016Production of the entire range of r-process nuclides by black hole accretion disc outflows from neutron star mergersMeng-Ru Wu ; Rodrigo Fernández; Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo; Brian D. MetzgerMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 463(3), 2323-2334
152015Linking neutrino oscillations to the nucleosynthesis of elementsWu, Meng-Ru ; Martínez-Pinedo, Gabriel; Qian, Yong-Zhong
162015Effects of neutrino oscillations on nucleosynthesis and neutrino signals for an 18M⊙ supernova modelMeng-Ru Wu ; Yong-Zhong Qian; Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo; Tobias Fischer; Lutz HutherPhysical Review D 91(6), 065016
172015Nuclear robustness of the r process in neutron-star mergersJoel de Jesús Mendoza-Temis; Meng-Ru Wu ; Karlheinz Langanke; Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo; Andreas Bauswein; Hans-Thomas JankaPhysical Review C 92(5), 055805
182015Physics of neutrino flavor transformation through matter–neutrino resonancesMeng-Ru Wu ; Huaiyu Duan; Yong-Zhong QianPhysics Letters B 752, 89-94
192014Impact of active-sterile neutrino mixing on supernova explosion and nucleosynthesisMeng-Ru Wu ; Tobias Fischer; Lutz Huther; Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo; Yong-Zhong QianPhysical Review D 89(6), 061303
202012Neutrino luminosity and matter-induced modification of collective neutrino flavor oscillations in supernovaeJohn F. Cherry; Meng-Ru Wu ; J. Carlson; Huaiyu Duan; George M. Fuller; Yong-Zhong QianPhysical Review D 85(12), 125010
212011Density fluctuation effects on collective neutrino oscillations in O-Ne-Mg core-collapse supernovaeJohn F. Cherry; Meng-Ru Wu ; J. Carlson; Huaiyu Duan; George M. Fuller; Yong-Zhong QianPhysical Review D 84(10), 105034
222011Resonances driven by a neutrino gyroscope and collective neutrino oscillations in supernovaeMeng-Ru Wu ; Yong-Zhong QianPhysical Review D 84(4), 045009