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12020Determination of spin-orbit scattering lifetime at the interface of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 from the superconducting upper critical fieldsAkhilesh Kr. Singh; Tsung-Chi Wu; Ming-Yuan Song; Ming-Chin Chen; Chi-Sheng Li; S.-K. Yip; Wei-Li Lee Physical Review Research 2(1), 013311
22019Crystal Growth and Magnetic Properties of Topological Nodal-Line Semimetal GdSbTe with Antiferromagnetic Spin OrderingRaman Sankar ; I. Panneer Muthuselvam; K. Ramesh Babu; G. Senthil Murugan; Karthik Rajagopal; Rakesh Kumar; Tsung-Chi Wu; Cheng-Yen Wen; Wei-Li Lee ; Guang-Yu Guo; Fang-Cheng ChouINORGANIC CHEMISTRY 58(17), 11730-11737
32019Impact of strain-field interference on the coexistence of electron and hole gases in SrTiO3/LaAlO3/SrTiO3C.-P. Su; A. Kr. Singh; T.-C. Wu; M.-C. Chen; Y.-C. Lai; W.L. Lee ; G. Y. Guo; M.-W. ChuPHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS 3(7), 075003