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12019Evidence for exchange Dirac gap in magnetotransport of topological insulator–magnetic insulator heterostructuresS. R. Yang; Y. T. Fanchiang; C. C. Chen; C. C. Tseng; Y. C. Liu; M. X. Guo; M. Hong; S. F. Lee ; J. KwoPHYSICAL REVIEW B 100(4), 045138
22019Field-free spin-orbit torque switching through domain wall motionMurray, Neil; Liao, Wei-Bang; Wang, Ting-Chien; Chang, Liang-Juan; Tsai, Li-Zai; Tsai, Tsung-Yu; Lee, Shang-Fan ; Pai, Chi-FengPhysical Review B 100(10), 104441
32017Direct observation of hopping induced spin polarization current in oxygen deficient Co-doped ZnO by Andreev reflection techniqueKung-Shang Yang; Tzu-Yu Huang; G. D. Dwivedi; Lu-Kuei Lin; Shang-Fan Lee ; Shih-Jye Sun; Hsiung ChouAPPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE 409, 194-199