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12019Zirconium in rutile thermometry of the Himalayan ultrahigh-pressure eclogites and their retrogressed counterparts, Kaghan Valley, PakistanRehman, Hafiz Ur; Iizuka, Yoshiyuki ; Lee, Hao-Yang ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; 600; Duan, Zhanzhan; Wei, Chunjing; Khan, Tahseenullah; Zafar, Tehseen; Yamamoto, HiroshiLithos 344-345, 86-99
22019Age and isotope geochemistry of magmatic rocks of the Lohit Plutonic Complex, eastern Himalaya: implications for the evolution of Transhimalayan arc magmatismBikramaditya, R.K.; Chung, S.-L.; Singh, A.K.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Lin, T.-H.; Iizuka, Y. Journal of the Geological Society 177(2), 379
32019Neoproterozoic granitoid magmatism and granulite metamorphism in the Chu-Kendyktas terrane (Southern Kazakhsten, Central Asian Orogenic Belt): Zircon dating, Nd isotopy and tectono-magmatic evolutionTretyakov, A.A.; Pilitsyna, A.V.; Degtyarev, K.E.; Salnikova, E.B.; Kovach, V.P.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Batanova, V.G.; Wang, K.-L. ; Kanygina, N.A.; Kovalchuk, E.V.Precambrian Research 332, 105397
42019Implications of Hf Isotopes for the Evolution of the Mantle Source of Magmas Associated with the Giant El Teniente Cu-Mo Megabreccia Deposit, Central ChileStern, C.R.; Pang, K.-N. ; Lee, H.-Y. ; Skewes, M.A.; Arevalo, A.MINERALS 9(9), 550
52019Finding micro-continent in Georgian Caucasus and its implication for crustal evolutionLee, H.-Y. ; Chang, Y-H; Chiu, H-Y; Chung, S-L
62019A 6000-km-long Neo-Tethyan arc system with coherent magmatic flare-ups and lulls in South AsiaZhang, Xiaoran; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lai, Yu-Ming; Ghani, Azman A.; Murtadha, Sayed; Lee, Hao-Yang ; Hsu, Chun-ChiehGeology 47(6), 573-576
72019LA-ICP-MS zircon U-Pb age and Hf isotope data from the granitic rocks in the Iwakuni area, Southwest Japan: re-evaluation of emplacement order and the source magmaMateen, Tayyaba; Okamoto, Kazuaki; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Wang, Kuo-Lung ; Lee, Hao-Yang ; Abe, Shuhei; Mita, Yuji; Rehman, Hafiz U.; Terabayashi, Masaru; Yamamoto, HiroshiGeosciences Journal 23, 917-931
82019Zircon U-Pb geochronology, Hf isotopic compositions, and petrogenetic study of Abor volcanic rocks of Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis, Northeast India: Implications for eruption during breakup of Eastern GondwanaSingh, A.K.; Chung, S.-L.; Bikramaditya, R.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Khogenkumar, S.GEOLOGICAL JOURNAL 55(2), 1227-1244
92019Detrital zircon record from major rivers of Luzon Island: implications for Cenozoic continental growth in SE AsiaTsai, Chia-Hsin; Shyu, J. Bruce H.; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Ramos, Noelynna T.; Lee, Hao-Yang Journal of the Geological Society 176(4), 727-735
102019Permian felsic magmatism in the Neoproterozoic Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex of the Malani Igneous Suite: Evidence from zircon U-Pb ageRehman, H.U.; Khan, T.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Chung, S.-L. ; Murata, M.; Jan, M.Q.Island Arc 28(6), e12323
112019Early Palaeozoic metamorphism of Precambrian crust in the Zheltau terrane (Southern Kazakhstan; Central Asian Orogenic belt): P-T paths, protoliths, zircon dating and tectonic implicationsPilitsyna, A.V.; Tretyakov, A.A.; Degtyarev, K.E.; Salnikov, E.B.; Kotov, A.B.; Kovach, V.P.; Wang, K.-L. ; Batanova, V.G.; Plotkina, Yu.V.; Tolmacheva, E.V.; Ermolaev, B.V.; Lee, H.-Y. LITHOS 324-325, 115-140
122017Late Paleozoic granitoids from central Qiangtang, northern Tibetan plateau: A record of Paleo-Tethys Ocean subductionZhai, Qing-guo; Wang, Jun; Hu, Pei-yuan; Lee, Hao-Yang ; Tang, Yue; Wang, Hai-tao; Tang, Suo-han; Chung, Sun-lin Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 167, 139-151
132017Mesozoic-Cenozoic mafic magmatism in Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, Zagros Orogen (Western Iran): geochemical and isotopic inferences from Middle Jurassic and Late Eocene gabbrosDeevsalar, R.; Shinjo, R.; Ghaderi, M.; Murata, M.; Hoskin, P.; Oshiro, S.; Wang, K.-L.; Lee, H. Y. ; Neill, I.LITHOS 284-285, 588-607
142017Granulites and Palaeoproterozoic lower crust of the Baidarik Block, Central Asian Orogenic Belt of NW MongoliaKröner, A.; Kovach, V.; Kozakov, I.; Aranovich, L.; Xie, H.; Kirnozova, T.; Fuzgan, M.; Serebryakov, N.; Wang, K.-L.; Lee, H.-Y. JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 145(Part B), 393-407
152017Late Early Cretaceous magmatic rocks (118-113 Ma) in the middle segment of the Bangong-Nujiang suture zone, Tibetan Plateau: Evidence of lithospheric delaminationHu, P.-Y.; Zhai, Q.-G.; Jahn, B.-M.; Wang, J.; Li, C.; Chung, S.-L.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Tang, S.-H.GONDWANA RESEARCH 44, 116-138
162017Zircon Hf isotopic constraints on magmatic and tectonic evolution in Iran: Implications for crustal growth in the Tethyan orogenic beltChiu, H.-Y.; Chung, S.-L.; Zarrinkoub, M.H.; Melkonyan, R.; Pang, K.-N.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Wang, K.-L.; Mohammadi, S.S.; Khatib, M.M.JOURNAL OF ASIAN EARTH SCIENCES 145(Part B), 652-669
172017Significance of Zr-in-rutile thermometry for deducing the decompression P-T path of a garnet-clinopyroxene granulite in the Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian MassifUsuki, T.; Iizuka, Y.; Hirajima, T.; Svojtka, M.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Jahn, B.-M.JOURNAL OF PETROLOGY 58(6), 1173-1198
182017Temporal and structural evolution of the Early Palæogene rocks of the Seychelles microcontinentShellnutt, J. G.; Yeh, M.-W.; Suga, K.; Lee, T.-Y.; Lee, H.-Y. ; Lin, T.-H.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7, 179
192016Detrital zircon constraints and implications for the magmatic evolution and Cimmerian orogeny in Georgian CaucasusLee, H. Y. ; Chung, S. L.; Chang, Y. H.; Chiu, H. Y.; Javakhishvili, Z.
202016Magmatic and crustal evolution in Georgian Caucasus: evidence from detrital zirconsLee, H.-Y. ; Chung S.-L.; Chang Y.-H.; Okrostsvaridze, A.; Javakhishvili, Z.
212015Detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic constraints on the magmatic and crustal evolution in GeorgiaLee, H-Y ; Chung, S-L; Chang, Y-H; Okrostsvaridze, A; Javakhishvili, Z