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12020Study of Fault Traces in Taiwan Using Soil-Gas Geochemistry: An OverviewVivek Walia; Arvind Kumar; Ching-Chou Fu ; Wei-Li Hong; Tsanyao Frank YangRadon: Detection, Exposure and Control (NOVA SCIENCE PUBLISHERS)
22019Gamma ray and radon anomalies in northern Taiwan as a possible preearthquake indicator around the plate boundaryFu, C.C. ; Lee, L.C.; Yang, T.F.; Lin, C.H. ; Chen, C.H.; Walia, V.; Liu, T.K.; Ouzounov, D.; Giuliani, G.; Lai, T.H.; Wang, P.K.GEOFLUIDS 2019, 4734513
32017Assesment of the response of the meteorological/hydrological parameters on the soil gas radon emission at Hsinchu, northern Taiwan: A prerequisite to identify earthquake precursorsArora, Baldev R.; Kumar, Arvind; Walia, Vivek; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Fu, Ching-Chou ; Liu, Tsung-Kwei; Wen, Kuo-Liang; Chen, Cheng-HongJournal of Asian Earth Sciences 149, 49-63
42017Exploring the relationship between soil degassing and seismic activity by continuous radon monitoring in the Longitudinal Valley of eastern TaiwanFu, C.C. ; Yang, T.F.; Tsai, M.C.; Lee, L.C.; Liu, T.K.; Walia, V.; Chen, C.H.; Chang, W.Y.; Kumar, A.; Lai, T.H.Chemical Geology 469, 163-175
52017Geochemical characteristics of soil radon and carbon dioxide within the Dead Sea Fault and Karasu Fault in the Amik Basin (Hatay), TurkeyYuce, G.; Fu, C.C. ; D'Alessandro, W.; Gulbay, A.H.; Lai, C.W.; Bellomo, S.; Yang, T.F.; Italiano, F.; Walia, V.Chemical Geology 469, 129-146
62017Preseismic anomalies in soil-gas radon associated with 2016 M 6.6 Meinong earthquake, Southern TaiwanFu, Ching-Chou ; Walia, Vivek; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Lee, Lou-Chuang; Liu, Tsung-Kwei; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Kumar, Arvind; Lin, Shih-Jung; Lai, Tzu-Hua; Wen, Kuo-LiangTerrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 28(5), 787-798
72017Spatial and temporal anomalies of soil gas in northern Taiwan and its tectonic and seismic implicationsFu, Ching-Chou ; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Lee, Lou-Chuang; Wu, Yih-Min; Liu, Tsung-Kwei; Walia, Vivek; Kumar, Arvind; Lai, Tzu-HuaJournal of Asian Earth Sciences 149, 64-77
82016SOIL 222Rn CONCENTRATION, CO2 AND CH4 FLUX MEASUREMENTS AROUND THE JWALAMUKHI AREA OF NORTH-WEST HIMALAYAS, INDIAKumar, Arvind; Walia, Vivek; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Fu, Ching-Chou ; Singh, Surinder; Bajwa, Bikramjit Singh; Arora, VishalRadiation Protection Dosimetry 171(2), 262-266
92015Identifications and removal of diurnal and semidiurnal variations in radon time series data of Hsinhua monitoring station in SW Taiwan using singular spectrum analysisKumar, Arvind; Walia, Vivek; Arora, Baldev Raj; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Lin, Shih-Jung; Fu, Ching-Chou ; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Wen, Kuo-LiangNatural Hazards 79, 317-330
102014Origin and interactions of fluids circulating over the Amik Basin (Hatay, Turkey) and relationships with the hydrologic, geologic and tectonic settingsYuce, G.; Italiano, F.; D'Alessandro, W.; Yalcin, T.H.; Yasin, D.U.; Gulbay, A.H.; Ozyurt, N.N.; Rojay, B.; Karabacak, V.; Bellomo, S.; Brusca, L.; Yang, T.; Fu, C.C. ; Lai, C.W.; Ozacar, A.; Walia, V.Chemical Geology 388, 23-39