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12020High-precision iron isotope analysis of whole blood, erythrocytes, and serum in adultsLiang, Y.-H.; Huang, K.-Y.; Lee, D.-C.; Pang, K.-N. ; Chen, S.-H.JOURNAL OF TRACE ELEMENTS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY 58, 126421
22020Diachronous initiation of post-collisional magmatism in the Arabia-Eurasia collision zoneLin, Yu-Chin; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Bingöl, A. Feyzi; Yang, Liekun; Okrostsvaridze, Avtandil; Pang, Kwan-Nang ; Lee, Hao-Yang ; Lin, Te-HsienLithos 356-357, 105394
32019Magnesium isotopic systematics of the Makran arc magmas, Iran: Implications for crust-mantle Mg isotopic balancePang, K.-N. ; Teng, F.-Z.; Sun, Y.; Chung, S.-L.; Zarrinkoub, M.H.GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA 278, 110-121
42019Implications of Hf Isotopes for the Evolution of the Mantle Source of Magmas Associated with the Giant El Teniente Cu-Mo Megabreccia Deposit, Central ChileStern, C.R.; Pang, K.-N. ; Lee, H.-Y. ; Skewes, M.A.; Arevalo, A.MINERALS 9(9), 550
52019High-temperature chromium isotope fractionation and its implications: Constraints from the Kızıldağ ophiolite, SE TurkeyChen, C.; Su, B.-X.; Xiao, Y.; Sakyi, P.A.; He, X.-Q.; Pang, K.-N. ; Uysal, I.; Avcı, E.; Qin, L.-P.LITHOS 342-343, 361-369
62019Tracing subducted oceanic crust in the mantle by using potassium isotopesSun, Y.; Teng, F.-Z.; Hu, Y.; Chen, X.-Y.; Pang, K.-N. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA 278, 353-360
72019Intermediate chromitite in Kızıldağ ophiolite (SE Turkey) formed during subduction initiation in Neo-TethysChen, C.; Su, B.-X.; Xiao, Y.; Pang, K.-N. ; Robinson, P.T.; Uysal, I.; Lin, W.; Qin, K.-Z.; Avci, E.; Kapsiotis, A.ORE GEOLOGY REVIEWS 104, 88-100
82019Petrology, geothermobarometry, and P-T path of spinel-bearing symplectite migmatites from the Simin area, Hamedan, Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone, IranBaharifar, A.; Whitney, D.L.; Pang, K.-N. ; Chung, S.-L. ; 600; Iizuka, Y. TURKISH JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES 28(2), 275-298