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12020Volcano-hydrothermal inflation revealed through spatial vairation in stress field in Tatun volcano group, northern TaiwanPu, H.C.; C.H. Lin ; Y.J. Hsu; Y.C. Lai; M.H. Shih; M. Murase; L.C. ChangJournal of volcanology Geothermal Research 390, 160712
22020Active Volcanism Revealed from a Seismicity Conduit in the Long-resting Tatun Volcano Group of Northern TaiwanPu, H.C.; C.H. Lin ; Y.C. Lai; M.H. Shih; Y.H. Li; P.C. Lee; G.T. Hong; Y.W. Chang; C.H. LoSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 10, 6153
32019A Major Hydrothermal Reservoir Underneath the Tatun Volcano Group of Taiwan: Clues from a Dense Linear Geophone ArrayLin, C.H. ; Y.C. Lai; M.H. Shih; C.J. Lin ; J.S. Ku; Y.C. HuangPure and Applied Geophysics 177, 2889-2902
42019Gamma ray and radon anomalies in northern Taiwan as a possible preearthquake indicator around the plate boundaryFu, C.C. ; Lee, L.C.; Yang, T.F.; Lin, C.H. ; Chen, C.H.; Walia, V.; Liu, T.K.; Ouzounov, D.; Giuliani, G.; Lai, T.H.; Wang, P.K.GEOFLUIDS 2019, 4734513
52019Possible earth-tidal modulations of early aftershocks in southern TaiwanTang, C.C.; L.C. Lin; Y. Luo; S. Liu; R. Xu; C.H. Lin BULLETIN OF THE SEISMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA 109(4), 1571-1577
62019Co-seismic geomagnetic fluctuations and atmospheric disturbances during the 2018 M 6.2 Hualien EarthquakeCheng, C.R.; J.Y. Liu; C.H. Chen; T.Y. Wu; H.Y. Yen; S. Wen; B.S. Haung ; C.H. Lin ; C.M. Lin; H.H. HsiehTERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES 30(3), 449-465
72019A Strong Seismic Reflector within the Mantle Wedge above the Ryukyu Subduction of Northern TaiwanLin, Cheng‐Horng ; Shih, Min‐Hung; Lai, Ya‐ChuanSeismological Research Letters 91(1), 310-316