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12019NMR assignments of protrusion domain of capsid protein from Dragon grouper nervous necrosis virusPetra Štěrbová; Danni Wu; Yuan-Chao Lou; Chun-Hsiung Wang; Wei-Hau Chang; Der-Lii M. Tzou Biomolecular NMR Assignments 14, 63-66
220191H/13C chemical shifts and cation binding dataset of the corticosteroid Prednisolone titrated with metal cationsKathleen Joyce D. Carillo; Danni Wu; Su-Ching Lin; Shen-Long Tsai; Jiun-Jie Shie; Der-Lii M. Tzou Data in Brief 27, 104620
32019Magnesium and calcium reveal different chelating effects in a steroid compound: A model study of prednisolone using NMR spectroscopyKathleen D. Carillo; Danni Wu; Su-Ching Lin; Shen-Long Tsai; Jiun-Jie Shie; Der-Lii M. Tzou Steroids 150, 108429
42019Vaccinia viral A26 protein is a fusion suppressor of mature virus and triggers membrane fusion through conformational change at low pHHung-Wei Chang; Cheng-Han Yang; Yu-Chun Luo; Bo-Gang Su; Huei-Yin Cheng; Shu-Yun Tung; Kathleen Joyce D. Carillo; Yi-Ting Liao; Der-Lii M. Tzou ; Hao-Ching Wang; Wen ChangPLOS Pathogens 15(6), e1007826
52019A temperature-based comparison of compounds found in Bao Chong tea, green tea, and black teaAndrey Lin; Der-Lii M. Tzou ; Dino PonnnampalamJournal of Emerging Investigators 2, 1-7
62019Solid‐state nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of neurosteroid compounds and magnesium interactionsDanni Wu; Kathleen Joyce D. Carillo; Shen‐Long Tsai; Jiun‐Jie Shie; Der‐Lii M. Tzou Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 66(10), 1318-1326