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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020The three agent demoting prefixes (ki-, m-u-, kur-) in Katripul Puyuma: Their origins and possible developmentStacy Fang-ching Teng Concentric 46(1), 21-65
22019Voice, transitivity and coding of arguments in Puyuma 2-place predicatesStacy Fang-ching Teng Workshop on Prominence in Austronesian Languages (Canberra : Australian National University)
32019Correlations between verb classes and agent demotion mechanisms in Puyuma and PaiwanStacy Fang-ching Teng ; Wei-chen HuangWorkshop on Verb Classes in Formosan Languages and Beyond: Cross-linguistic, Comparative and Diachronic Perspectives (Academia Sinica : Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica)
42019Origin and development of the active/passive morphology in Rukai and alignment patternsElizabeth Zeitoun; Stacy Fang-ching Teng The 29th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS-29) (Tokyo, Japan : Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
52017Denominal verb constructions in Puyuma, Rukai, Paiwan and BununStacy Fang-ching Teng ; Elizabeth Zeitoun; Anna Chang; Lilian Liying Li
62017Allomorphy and homophony in Formosan languages: A study of Ca- reduplication and implication for reconstructionStacy F. Teng ; Elizabeth Zeitoun
72017Mood prominent or aspect prominent? A comparative study of the TAM systems across the Puyuma dialectsStacy Fang-ching Teng