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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Does Cross-Strait Tourism Induce Peace? Evidence from Survey Data on Chinese Tourists and Non-TouristsPan, Hsin-Hsin; Wen-Chin Wu ; Yu-Tzung ChangInternational Relations of the Asia-Pacific 20(1), 149-181
22019Income Inequality, Distributive Unfairness, and Support for Democracy: Evidence from East Asia and Latin AmericaWu, Wen-Chin ; Yu-Tzung ChangDemocratization 26(8), 1475-1492
32019Personalization of Power and Social Welfare Spending under DictatorshipsWen-Chin Wu ; Ding-Yi Lai; Jen-Der Lue
42019How do Bilateral Investment Treaties Reduce the Risk of Coups d’état in Dictatorships: A Mediation AnalysisWu, Wen-Chin ; Fangjin Ye
52019林繼文的兩岸關係研究吳文欽 ; 冷則剛 政治學的理性與感性——林繼文精選集 (台北市 : 中央研究院政治學研究所)
62019政治學的理性與感性——林繼文精選集冷則剛 ; 吳文欽 ; 吳玉山 ; 吳親恩 台北
72019Coups and Democratization: A Mediation Analysis吳文欽 ; 黃彥棕
82019Social Mobility and Preference to Redistribution: Evidence from East AsiaLai, Ding-Yi; Jen-Der Lue; Wen-Chin Wu 
92019Power-Sharing and Media Freedom under DictatorshipsSheen, Greg Chih-Hsin; Hans H. Tung; Wen-Chin Wu 
102019Does Democracy Enhance Intergenerational Justice? –Evidence from the European UnionWu, Wen-Chin ; Chun-Chien Yang
112019The Effect of Authoritarian Regime Types on the Progress of Transitional Justice in TaiwanChang Liao, Nien-chung; Wen-Chin Wu 
132017How China Takes a Lead in Promoting Free Trade: Evidence from the RCEP Negotiations吳文欽 
142017Uncle Sam in the Eyes of the Chinese Citizens – Evidence from the Asian Barometer Survey in China潘欣欣; 傅澤民; 吳文欽 
152017Uncle Sam in the Eyes of the Chinese CitizensPan, Hsin-Hsin; Ronan Tse-min Fu; Wen-Chin Wu ; Min-Hua Huang
162017Preferential Trade Agreements, Democracy, and the Risk of Coups d’etatWu, Wen-Chin 
172017Preferential Trade Agreements, Democracy, and the Risk of Coups d’étatWu, Wen-Chin 
182017Distributive Fairness and Regime Support: Evidence from East Asia and Latin AmericaWu, Wen-Chin 
192017Education, News Media and Information: Critical Democrats?Wu, Wen-Chin ; Yun-han Chu
202016Quality of Governance and Democratic LegitimacyPan, Hsin-Hsin; Wen-Chin Wu