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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020Penetrating the Grassroots: First-Secretaries-in-Residence and Rural Politics in Contemporary ChinaLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai ; Zheng-Wei LinProblems of Post-Communism 67(2), 169-179
22020Mobilizing Cadre Incentives in Policy Implementation: Poverty Alleviation in a Chinese CountyTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoChina Information 34(1), 45-67
32020A Mechanism of Coded Communication: Xinwen Lianbo and CCP PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoModern China
42019Intermediate Agents in the Resistance Process: Petition Brokers and Social Governance in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu Liao; Chen, Chien-MinChina: An International Journal 17(4), 155- 167
52019The Impending Rise of the “Tsinghua Clique”: Cultivation, Transfer, and Relationships in Chinese Elite PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu LiaoJournal of Contemporary China 28(120), 948-964
62019Xi Jinping’s Personality and Political Manipulation: The Dual Elite Recruitment Logic in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Chien-wen Kou; Jiun-yao Shih
82019Social Constructionism and the Significance of Political Rumors in Contemporary China: Weapons of the WeakTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Zheng-Wei LinAsian Survey 59(5), 870-888
92019Integrated Fragmentation and the Role of Leading Small Groups in Chinese PoliticsTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Wang ZhouThe China Journal 82, 1-22
112019The Efficient Promotion of Policy Implementation: Institutionalized Mobilization and a Case of Poverty Alleviation in China’s H CountyTsai, Wen-Hsuan 
122019A Mechanism of Coded Communication: Xinwen Lianbo and CCP Politics蔡文軒 
142019Intermediate Agents in the Resistance Process: Petition Brokers and Social Governance in Contemporary ChinaTsai, Wen-Hsuan ; Xingmiu Liao
152019Managing Irregular Petitions in China: Two Types of Social Control Strategy within the Authoritarian RegimeLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai Journal of East Asian Studies 19(1), 1-18
162019Clientelistic State Corporatism: The United Front Model of “Pairing-up” in the Xi Jinping EraLiao, Xingmiu; Wen-Hsuan Tsai China Review 19(1), 31-56
182017Controlled Fragmented Authoritarianism: Operations of the Chinese Communist Party’s “Deliberation and Coordination Agencies” and Xi Jinping’s Centralization Mechanism”Tsai, Wen-Hsuan 
192017「清華幫」興盛的制度解釋:栽培/輸送體系與關係維繫蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
202017侍從型國家統合主義:習近平時期「結對子」的統戰模式蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
212017Enabling China’s Voice to Be Heard by the World: Ideas and Operations of the Chinese Communist Party’s External Propaganda SystemTsai, Wen-Hsuan Problems of Post-Communism 64(3-4), 203-213
222017Medical Politics of the Chinese Communist Party: The Operation of Biopower and the Healthcare System for Senior Cadres蔡文軒 
232016中國改革過程的風險調控:領導調研與政策擴散蔡文軒 ; 廖幸謬
242016派系視角下的中共將領流動:以習近平時期為例蔡文軒 ; 王國臣2016中共解放軍研究學術論文集 (台北 : 國防大學政治作戰學院)
262016Delicacies for a Privileged Class in a Risk Society: The Chinese Communist Party’s Special Supplies Food SystemTsai, Wen-Hsuan Issues & Studies 52(2), 1650005(29 pp)