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12020Particulate Air Pollution and Progression to Kidney Failure With Replacement Therapy: An Advanced CKD Registry–Based Cohort Study in TaiwanYu-Ting Lin; Yen-Chun Lo; Hsiu-Yin Chiang; Chau-Ren Jung; Chi-Min Wang; Ta-Chien Chan ; Chin-Chi Kuo; Bing-Fang HwangAMERICAN JOURNAL OF KIDNEY DISEASES 76(5), 645-657.e1
22020Does Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) Affect the Benefits of Habitual Physical Activity on Lung Function in Adults: A Longitudinal Cohort StudyCui Guo; Yacong Bo; Ta-Chien Chan ; Zilong Zhang; Changqing Lin; Tony Tam; Alexis K.H. Lau; Ly-yun Chang; Gerard Hoek; Xiang Qian LaoBMC MEDICINE 18, 134
32020Long-term exposure to ambient fine particles and gastrointestinal cancer mortality in Taiwan: A cohort studyCui Guo; Ta-Chien Chan; Yung-Chu Teng ; Changqing Lin; Yacong Bo; Ly-yun Chang; Alexis K. H. Lau; Tony Tam; Martin C. S. Wong; Xiang Qian LaoENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL 138, 105640
42020Individual- and community-level shifts in mortality patterns during the January 2016 East Asia cold wave associated with a super El Niño event: Empirical evidence in Hong KongHung Chak Ho; Ta-Chien Chan ; Zhiwei Xu; Cunrui Huang; Changchang LiSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 711, 135050
52020Reduced effectiveness of tree planting on micro-climate cooling due to ozone pollution – a modeling studyKa-Ming Wai; Tanya Z. Tan; T.E. Morakinyo; Ta-Chien Chan ; Alan LaiSUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY 52, 101803
62019Long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter PM2.5 and lung function in children, adolescents and young adults: a longitudinal cohort studyCui Guo; Gerard Hoek; Ly-yun Chang; Yacong Bo; Changqing Lin; Bo Huang; Ta-Chien Chan ; Tony Tam; Alexis K. H. Lau; Xiang Qian LaoENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES 127(12), 127008
72019Assessing effects of personal behaviors and environmental exposure on asthma episodes: a diary-based approachTa-Chien Chan ; Tsuey-Hwa Hu; Yen-Hua Chu; Jing-Shiang HwangBMC PULMONARY MEDICINE 19, 231
82019Patient and health care system characteristics are associated with delayed treatment of tuberculosis cases in TaiwanChien-Chou Chen; Po-Huang Chiang; Yen-Hsu Chen; I-Chun Fan; Ta-Chien Chan BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH 19, 846
92019Spatio-temporal analysis on DHF cases and ovitrap surveillance in Kota BandungTa-Chien Chan ; Yu-Ting Lee
102019Precision public health through clinic-based syndromic surveillance in communitiesTa-Chien Chan 
112019Detecting spatio-temporal hotspots of scarlet fever in Taiwan with spatio-temporal Gi* statisticTa-Chien Chan 
122019Research of surveillance vector and GIS at West Java, IndonesiaTa-Chien Chan ; Yu-Ting Lee
132019Association between neighborhood greenspace and fasting plasma glucose from a large cohort study in TaiwanBo-Cheng Lin; Yun-Ting Yen; Xiang Qian Lao; Yen-Hsu Chen; Ta-Chien Chan URBAN FORESTRY & URBAN GREENING 44, 126439
142019Dynamic Changes in Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter and Incidence of Hypertension in AdultsYacong Bo; Cui Guo; Changqing Lin; Ly-yun Chang; Ta-Chien Chan ; Bo Huang; Kam-Pui Lee; Tony Tam; Alexis K.H Lau; Xiang Qian Lao; Eng-kiong YeohHYPERTENSION 74(3), 669–677
152019運用空間資訊與大數據建構門牌抽樣系統鄭力誠; 王詠緹; 劉冠毅; 李玉亭; 詹大千 
162019全國門牌位置資料庫疑義門牌類型之探討李玉亭; 郭巧玲 ; 詹大千 
172019Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter and Liver Enzymes in Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study in TaiwanZilong Zhang; Cui Guo; Ly-yun Chang; Yacong Bo; Changqing Lin; Tony Tam; Gerard Hoek; Martin CS Wong; Ta-Chien Chan ; Alexis KH Lau; Xiang Qian LaoOCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE 76(7), 488-494
182019The association between residential neighbourhood greenspace and incident diabetes in TaiwanTa-Chien Chan 
192019應用線上健康日記追蹤氣喘發作危險因子詹大千 ; 胡翠華; 朱彥華; 黃景祥
202019Association of Long-term Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Incident Dyslipidaemia: A Longitudinal Cohort StudyYacong Bo; Ly-Yun Chang; Cui Guo; Zilong Zhang; Changqing Lin; Yuan Chieh Chuang; Wun Kai Jiang; Tony Tam; Ta-Chien Chan ; Chuan-Yao Lin; Alexis KH Lau; Xiang Qian Lao; Eng-Kiong YeohENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 173, 359-365
212019Long-term exposure to ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and incident type 2 diabetes: A longitudinal cohort studyXiang Qian Lao; Cui Guo; Ly-yun Chang; Yacong Bo; Zilong Zhang; Yuan Chieh Chuang; Wun Kai Jiang; Changqing Lin; Tony Tam; Alexis K.H. Lau; Chuan-Yao Lin; Ta-Chien Chan DIABETOLOGIA 62, 759-769
222019Detecting spatio-temporal hotspots of scarlet fever in Taiwan with spatio-temporal Gi* statisticJia-Hong Tang; Tzu-Jung Tseng; Ta-Chien Chan PLOS ONE 14(4), e0215434
232019Understanding human behavior from aggregated smartphone signals and land use informationTa-Chien Chan ; Tzu-Yu Lin
242019Sleep and the risk of chronic kidney disease: a cohort studyYacong Bo; Eng-kiong Yeoh; Cui Guo; Zilong Zhang; Tony Tam; Ta-Chien Chan ; Ly-yun Chang; Xiang Qian LaoJOURNAL OF CLINICAL SLEEP MEDICINE 15(3), 393-400
252019Association between health behaviors and mood disorders among the elderly: a community-based cohort studyTzu-Jung Tseng; Yi-Syuan Wu; Jia-Hong Tang; Yen-Hui Chiu; Yu-Ting Lee; I-Chun Fan; Ta-Chien Chan BMC GERIATRICS 19, 60
262019Acute sporadic hepatitis E in the Zhejiang coastal area of China: A 14-year hospital-based surveillance studyJun Tan; Yijuan Chen; Lin Wang; Ta-Chien Chan ; Said Amer; Xiaobin Xu; Jian Cai; Wei Li; Xiaoqing Zheng; Mi Zhou; Shuwen Qin; Na Zhao; Ziping Miao; Shelan LiuVIROLOGY JOURNAL 16, 16
272019Precision public health through clinic-based syndromic surveillance in communities- enhanced sentinel surveillance systemTa-Chien Chan ; Yung-Chu Teng; Yen-Hua Chu; Tzu-Yu Lin
282018透過社會網絡、個人健康行為、環境因子探討流感傳染的風險- 台灣參與式的世代研究詹大千 
292018Precision public health by enhanced surveillance and social networks –application for dengue fever and influenza詹大千 
312018Mental Health Surveillance from Elderly Health Examination Database in TaipeiTa-Chien Chan ; Yi-Syuan Wu