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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)RelationscopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12020The effects of income on happiness in East and South Asia: Societal values matter?Lim, Hock-Eam; Daigee Shaw; Pei-shan Liao ; Hongbo DuanJOURNAL OF HAPPINESS STUDIES 21, 391-415
22019Cross-national Comparison of Equivalence and Measurement Quality of Response Scales in Denmark and TaiwanLiao, Pei-shan ; Willem E. Saris; Diana Zavala-RojasJournal of Official Statistics 35(1), 117-135
32007Social Distance, Respondent Cooperation and Item Nonresponse in Sex SurveySu-hao Tu; Pei-shan Liao Quality & Quantity 41(2), 177-199
42005Perceived quality of life in Taiwan and Hong Kong: An intra-culture comparisonPei-shan Liao ; Yang-Chih Fu; Chin-Chun YiJournal of Happiness Studies 6(1), 43-67