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12021Non-parametric Estimation Of Conditional Tail Expectation for Long-horizon ReturnsHwai-Chung Ho; Hung-Yin Chen; Henghsiu Tsai STATISTICA SINICA 31(1), 547-569
22020Joint analysis of panel count and interval-censored data using distribution-free frailty analysisChi-Chung Wen; Yi-Hau Chen ; Chi-Hong TsengBiometrical Journal 62(5), 1164-1175
32020Assessing wage status transition and stagnation using quantile transition regressionChih-Yuan Hsu; Yi-Hau Chen ; Ruoh-Rong Yu ; Tsung-Wei HungANNALS OF APPLIED STATISTICS 14(1), 160-177
42020Approximate Maximum Likelihood Estimation of A Threshold Diffusion ProcessTing-Hung Yu; Henghsiu Tsai ; Heiko RachingerCOMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS 142, 106823
52020Dimension reduction and visualization of symbolic interval-valued data using sliced inverse regressionWu, H. M.; Kao, C. H.; Chen, C. H. Advances in Data Science: Symbolic, Complex and Network Data, Volume 4 (London, UK : Wiley-ISTE)
62020Filtering-based approaches for functional data classificationCi-Ren Jiang ; Lu-Hung ChenWILEY INTERDISCIPLINARY REVIEWS-COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS 12(4), e1490
72020Short-term resting-state heart rate variabilitySiddharth Nayak; Arthur C. Tsai; Lydia Chen; Jiun-Wei Liou; Michelle Liou A Closer Look at Heart Rate (New York : Nova Science)
82020Chapter 72: Non-Parametric Inference on Risk Measures for Integrated ReturnsHenghsiu Tsai; Hwai-Chung Ho ; Hung-Yin ChenHandbook of Financial Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Technology (Singapore : World Scientific)
92020Tenofovir Versus Entecavir for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prevention in an International Consortium of Chronic Hepatitis BYC Hsu; GLH Wong; CH Chen; CY Peng; ML Yeh; KS Cheung; H Toyoda; CF Huang; H Trinh; Q Xie; M Enomoto; L Liu; S Yasuda; Y Tanaka; R Kozuka; PC Tsai; YT Huang ; C Wong; R Huang; TY Jang; J Hoang; HI Yang ; J Li; DH Lee; H Takahashi; JQ Zhang; E Ogawa; C Zhao; C Liu; N Furusyo; Y Eguchi; C Wong; C Wu; T Kumada; MF Yuen; ML Yu; M NguyenAmerican Journal of Gastroenterology 115(2), 271-280
102020Chapter 72: Non-Parametric Inference on Risk Measures for Integrated ReturnsHenghsiu Tsai ; Hwai-Chung Ho; Hung-Yin ChenHandbook of Financial Econometrics, Mathematics, Statistics, and Machine Learning (World Scientific Publishing Company)
112020Sufficient Dimension Reduction With Simultaneous Estimation Of Effective Dimensions For Time-to-event DataMing-Yueh Huang ; Kwun Chuen Gary ChanSTATISTICA SINICA 30, 1285-1311
122020Non-parametric maximum likelihood estimation for case-cohort and nested case-control designs with competing risks dataJie-Huei Wang; Chun-Hao Pan; Yi-Hau Chen ; I-Shou ChangStatistical Modeling in Biomedical Research, Emerging Topics in Statistics and Biostatistics (Springer)
132019Semiparametric copula-based analysis for treatment effects in the presence of treatment switchingChia-Hui Huang; Yi-Hau Chen ; Jinn-Li Wang; Mey Wang
142019Estimating multiple quantiles via reparametrized gradient algorithmsYen, T.-J. 
152019Genome-wide association study of morbid obesity in Han ChineseChiang, K.-M.; Chang, H.-C.; Yang, H.-C. ; Chen, C.-H.; Chen, H.-H.; Lee, W.-J.; Pan, W.-H.BMC Genetics 20, 97
162019Discrete Circular Distributions with Applications to Shared Orthologs of Paired Circular GenomesTomoaki Imoto; Grace S. Shieh ; Kunio ShimizuCmes-computer Modeling In Engineering & Sciences 123(3), 1131-1149
172019The causal role of elevated uric acid and waist circumference on the risk of metabolic syndrome componentsBiradar, M. I.; Chiang, K. M.; Yang, H.-C. ; Huang, Y. T.; Pan, W.-P.International Journal of Obesity 44, 865-874
182019A continuum of biological adaptations to environmental fluctuationMing Liu; Dustin R. Rubenstein; Wei-Chung Liu ; Sheng-Feng ShenProceedings of Royal Society Series B, Biological Science 286(1912), 20191623
192019Nearly magic rectanglesF. S. Chai ; R. Singh; J. StufkenJournal of Combinatorial Designs 27(9), 562-567
202019High Level of Hepatitis B Core-related Antigen Associated with Increases Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Chronic HBV Infection of Intermediate Viral LoadTC Tseng; CJ Liu; CY Hsu; CM Hong; TH Su; WT Yang; CL Chen; HC Yang; YT Huang ; FTS Kuo; CH Liu; PJ Chen; DS Chen; JH KaoGastroenterology 157(6), 1518-1529.e3
212019Is hyperuricemia, an early-onset metabolic disorder, causally associated with cardiovascular disease events in Han Chinese?Chiang, K.-M.; Tsay, Y.-C.; Ng, T.-C. V.; Yang, H.-C. ; Huang, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-H. ; Pan, W.-H.Journal of Clinical Medicine 8(8), 1202
222019Leveraging Cell-specific Differentially Methylated Regions to Identify Leukocyte Infiltration in Adipose TissueSH Chu; KT Kelsey; D Koestler; EB Loucks; YT Huang GENETIC EPIDEMIOLOGY 43(8), 1018-1029
232019Degradation Models in Reliability AnalysisPeng, C. Y. 
242019Optimal paired choice block designsR. Singh; A. Das; F. S. Chai Statistica Sinica 29(3), 1419-1438
252019Optimal selection of the k-th best candidateYi-Shen Lin; Shoou-Ren Hsiau; Yi-Ching Yao PROBABILITY IN THE ENGINEERING AND INFORMATIONAL SCIENCES 33(3), 327-347
262019Advanced Paternal Age and Early Onset of Schizophrenia in Sporadic Cases: Not Confounded by Parental Polygenic Risk for SchizophreniaSH Wang; PC Hsiao; LL Yeh; CM Liu; CC Liu; TJ Hwang; MH Hsieh; YL Chien; YT Lin; YT Huang ; CY Chen; SD Chandler; SV Faraone; B Neale; SJ Glatt; MT Tsuang; HG Hwu; WJ ChenBiological Psychiatry 86(1), 56-64
272019High TSH Level within Normal Range Is Associated with Obesity, Dyslipidemia, Hypertension, Inflammation, Hypercoagulability, and the Metabolic Syndrome: A Novel Cardiometabolic MarkerYC Chang; SC Hua; CH Chang; WY Kao; HL Lee; LM Chuang; YT Huang ; MS LaiJOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE 8(6), 817
282019On Identification of Agonistic Interaction: Hepatitis B and C Interaction on Hepatocellular CarcinomaSH Lin; YT Huang ; HI YangSTATISTICS IN MEDICINE 38(13), 2467-2476
292019A novel regression analysis method for randomly truncated strong-motion dataShu-Hsien Chao; Yi-Hau Chen EARTHQUAKE SPECTRA 35(2), 977-1001
302019Estimation and prediction of conditional tail expectation for long-horizon returnsHwai-Chung Ho ; Hung-Yin Chen; Henghsiu TsaiStatistica Sinica
312019Detection of Differential Item Functioning via the Credible Intervals and Odds Ratios MethodsYa-Hui Su; Henghsiu Tsai Quantitative Psychology Research (PROMS 265) (Cham : Springer)
322019Integrated omics-based pathway analyses uncover CYP epoxygenase-associated networks as theranostic targets for metastatic triple negative breast cancerApaya, M. K.; Shiau, J.-Y.; Liao, G.-S.; Liang, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-W.; Yang, H.-C. ; Chu, C.-H.; Yu, J.-C.; Shyur, L.-F.Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 38, 187
332019Mediation analysis with causally ordered mediators using Cox proportional hazards modelSH Cho; YT Huang STATISTICS IN MEDICINE 38(9), 1566-1581
342019Variance Component Tests of Multivariate Mediation Effects Under Composite Null HypothesisYT Huang BIOMETRICS 75(4), 1191-1204
352019Genome-wide Analysis of Sparse Mediation Effects under Composite Null HypothesisYT Huang ANNALS OF APPLIED STATISTICS 13(1), 60-84
362019Active learning with simultaneous subject and variable selectionsYuan-chin Ivan Chang ; Ray-Bing ChenNeurocomputing 329, 495-505
372019Early Life Disadvantage and Adult Adiposity: tests of sensitive periods during childhood and behavioral mediation in adulthoodSE Gilman; YT Huang ; MP Jimenez; G Agha; S Chu; CB Eaton; KT Kelsey; SL Buka; EB LoucksINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 48(1), 98-107
382019Increased Plasma Acetylcarnitine in Sepsis Is Associated with Multiple Organ Dysfunction and Mortality: A Multicenter Cohort StudyKP Chung; GY Chen; TY Chuang; YT Huang ; HT Chang; YF Chen; WL Liu; YJ Chen; CL Hsu; MT Huang; CH Kuo; CJ YuCRITICAL CARE MEDICINE 47(2), 210-218
392019A Statistical Procedure for Genome-Wide Detection of QTL Hotspots Using Public Databases with Application to RiceYang, M.-H.; D.-H. Wu; C.-H. Kao G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics 9(2), 439-452
402019因果中介模型黃彥棕 自然科學簡訊 第31卷第1期,頁24-28
412019Mac-2-Binding Protein Glycosylation Isomer as a Hepatocellular Carcinoma Marker in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B or C InfectionT Jun; YC Hsu; S Ogawa; YT Huang ; ML Yeh; CH Tseng; CF Huang; CM Tai; CY Dai; JF Huang; WL Chuang; ML Yu; Y Tanaka; MH NguyenHepatology Communication 3(4), 493-503
422019Vegetable Signatures Derived from Human Urinary Metabolomic Data in Controlled Feeding StudiesLynn, K.-S.; Cheng, M.-L.; Yang, H.-C. ; Liang, Y.-J.; Kang, M.-J.; Chen, F.-L.; Shiao, M.-S.; Pan, W.-H.Journal of Proteome Research 18(1), 159-168
432019Adjuvant Radiotherapy After Keloid Excision: Preliminary Experience in TaiwanWT Hsueh; KS Hung; YC Chen; YT Huang ; CK Hsu; R Ogawa; YY HsuehAnnals of Plastic Surgery 82(1S Suppl 1), S39-S44
442019Causal relationships between adiposity and childhood asthma: bi-directional Mendelian Randomization analysisYC Chen; HY Fan; YT Huang ; SY Huang; TH Liou; Y LeeInternational Journal of Obesity 43(1), 73-81
452019Regularized approach for data missing not at randomChi-Hung Tseng; Yi-Hau Chen STATISTICAL METHODS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH 28(1), 134-150
462019Greedy Active Learning Algorithm for Logistic Regression ModelsHsiang-Ling Hsu; Yuan-chin Ivan Chang ; Ray-Bing ChenCOMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS 129, 119-134
472019Association of Bone Metastasis With Early-Stage Breast Cancer in Women With and Without Precancer Osteoporosis According to Osteoporosis Therapy StatusChen, Hsiu-Man; Chen, Fang-Ping; Yang, Kang-Chung; Yuan, Shin-Sheng JAMA Network Open 2(3), e190429
482019Modelling bistable tumour population dynamics to design effective treatment strategiesAkhmetzhanov AR; Kim JW; Sullivan R; Beckman RA; Tamayo P; Yeang CH Journal of theoretical biology 474, 88-102
492019Tensor decomposition for dimension reductionYu-Hsiang Cheng; Tzeeming Huang; Su-Yun Huang COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS 12(2), e1482
502019GPU Accelerated Liquid Association (GALA)Yuan, Shinsheng ; Wu, Guani; Li, Yu-Cheng; Lu, Yi-Chang; Li, Ker-ChauStatistics and Its Interface 13(1), 119-125
512019Student-t Processes for Degradation AnalysisPeng, C. Y. ; Cheng, Y. S.TECHNOMETRICS 62(2), 223-235
522019Corrected discrete approximations for multiple window scan statistics of one-dimensional Poisson processesY.-S. Lin; X. C.-S. Lin; D. W.-C. Miao; Y.-C. Yao Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability 22, 237-265
532019REST rs3796529 Genotype and Rate of Functional Deterioration in Alzheimer’s DiseaseHuang, P; Chen, CS; Yang, YH; Chou, MC; Chang, YH; Lai, CL; Chen, HY ; Liu, CKAging and disease 10(1), 94-101
542019EGFR-Mutant SCLC Exhibits Heterogeneous Phenotypes and Resistance to Common Antineoplastic DrugsLin, CA; Yu, SL; Chen, HY ; Chen, HW; Lin, SU; Chang, CC; Yu, CJ; Yang, PC; Ho, CCJournal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer 14(3), 513-526
552019The generalized degrees of freedom of multilinear principal component analysisI-Ping Tu; Su-Yun Huang ; Dai-Ni HsiehJOURNAL OF MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS 173, 26-37
562019On asymptotic normality of cross data matrix-based PCA in high dimension low sample sizeShao-Hsuan Wang; Su-Yun Huang ; Ting-Li ChenJOURNAL OF MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS 175, 104556
572019Convex mixtures imputation and applicationsJianhui Ning; Michelle Liou ; Philip E. ChengStatistica Sinica 29, 329-351
582019Listening to real-world sounds: fMRI data for analyzing connectivity networksPo-Chih Kuo; Yi-Li Tseng; Karl Zilles; Summit Suen; Juin-Der Lee; Philip E. Cheng; Michelle Liou Data in Brief 26, 104411
592019MGSEA - a multivariate Gene set enrichment analysisTiong, KL; Yeang, CH BMC bioinformatics 20, 145
602019Tumor mutation burden and recurrent tumors in hereditary lung cancerYi-Chiung Hsu; Ya-Hsuan Chang; Gee-Chen Chang; Bing-Ching Ho; Shin-Sheng Yuan ; Yu-Cheng Li; Jhih-Wun Zeng; Sung-Liang Yu; Ker-Chau Li; Pan-Chyr Yang; Hsuan-Yu Chen Cancer Medicine 8(5), 2179-2187
612019High-Intensity Interval Training is Associated with Improved Long-Term Survival in Heart Failure PatientsHsu, Chih-Chin; Fu, Tieh-Cheng; Yuan, Shin-Sheng ; Wang, Chao-Hung; Liu, Min-Hui; Shyu, Yu-Chiau; Cherng, Wen-Jin; Wang, Jong-ShyanJournal of Clinical Medicine 8(3), 409
622019Brain dynamics and connectivity networks under natural auditory stimulationPo-Chih Kuo; Yi-Li Tseng; Karl Zilles; Summit Suen; Juin-Der Lee; Philip E. Cheng; Michelle Liou Neuroimage 202, 116042
632019Characterization and Optimal Designs for Discrete Choice ExperimentsF. S. Chai ; A. Das; S. MannaStatistics and Applications 17(1), 85-103
642019Solving fused penalty estimation problems via block splitting algorithmsYen, T.-J. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics 29(2), 297-308
652019compound.Cox: Univariate feature selection and compound covariate for predicting survivalEmura, T; Matsui, S; Chen, HY Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 168, 21-37
662019Macroeconomic forecasting using approximate factor models with outliersChou, R. Y.; Yen, T.-J. ; Yen, Y.-M.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING 36(2), 267-291
672019Lingering sound: Event-related phase-amplitude coupling and phase-locking in fronto-temporo-parietal functional networks during memory retrieval of music melodiesYi-Li Tseng; Hong-Hsiang Liu; Michelle Liou ; Arthur C. Tsai; Vincent S. C. Chien; Shuoh-Tyng Shyu; Zhi-Shun YangFrontiers in Human Neuroscience 13, 150
682019Sufficient dimension reduction via random-partitions for the large-p-small-n problemHung Hung; Su-Yun Huang BIOMETRICS 75(1), 245-255
692019Modelling of how lotto players select their number combinations dynamicallyHwai-Chung Ho ; Shih-Chin Lee; Hsiou-wei LinInternational Gambling Studies 19(2), 200-219
702017Semiparametric Analysis of Incomplete Current Status Outcome Data under Transformation ModelsYi-Hau Chen 
712017Estimating Models Embedded in a Gaussian Network via Stochastic Approximation MethodsTso-Jung Yen ; Takeshi Emura
722017Hypothesis Test of Causal Mediation under a Composite Null HypothesisYT Huang 
732017Joint regression analysis of marginal quantile and quantile association: application to longitudinal body mass index in adolescentsChi-Chuan Yang; Yi-Hau Chen Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C 66(5), 1075-1090
742017A topological similarity-based bootstrapping method for inferring food web parametersW-C. Liu ; S-M. Lai; H-W ChenECOLOGICAL RESEARCH 32(6), 797-809
752017iGWAS: a Novel Approach to Discover Genotype-based Gene Signature of Glioma RiskYT Huang 
762017Contact Preference on Social Media: A Novel Approach to Rank Network PositionsHwai-Chung Ho ; Yang-chi Fu ; Ming-yi Chang; Wei-Chung Liu
772017Alterations in cardiovascular function by particulate matter in rats using a crossover designChuang, Hsiao-Chi; Lin, Yin-Jyun; Chou, Charles C.K. ; Hwang, Jing-Shiang ; Chen, Chu-Chih; Yan, Yuan-Horng; Hsieh, Hui-I.; Chuang, Kai-Jen; Cheng, Tsun-JenEnvironmental Pollution 231(Part 1), 812-820
782017Threshold DegradationPeng, C. Y. ; Cheng, Y. S.
792017Mendelian Randomization for Survival Outcomes Using Semiparametric Transformation ModelsYT Huang 
802017Semiparametric regression analysis of recurrent gap times in the presence of competing risksChia-Hui Huang; Yi-Hau Chen 
812017Estimating Links of a Network from Time to Event DataTso-Jung Yen ; Zong-Rong Lee; Yi-Hau Chen; Yu-Min Yen; Jing-Shiang Hwang
822017Approximate Maximum Likelihood Estimation of A Threshold Diffusion ProcessHenghsiu Tsai ; Ting-Hung Yu
832017Mendelian Randomization for Survival Outcomes Using Semiparametric Transformation ModelsYT Huang 
842017Selected topics in statistical computingSuneel Babu Chatla; Chun-Houh Chen ; Galit ShmueliEncyclopedia with Semantic Computing and Robotic Intelligence (Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd)
852017Homozygosity disequilibrium associated with treatment response and its methylation regulationYang, H.-C. ; Chen, C.-W.
862017Solving fused group lasso problems via block splitting algorithmsTso-Jung Yen 
872017Joint regression analysis of marginal quantile and quantile association: application to longitudinal body mass index in adolescentsYi-Hau Chen 
882017Morbid obesity in Taiwan: Prevalence, trends, associated social demographics, and lifestyle factorsChang, H.-C.; Chang, H.-Y.; Yang, H.-C. ; Yeh, C.-J.; Chen, H.-H.; Huang, K.-C.; Pan, W.-H. PLoS One 12(2), e0169577
892017Differentiation of the Infarct Core from Ischemic Penumbra within the First 4.5 Hours, Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging-Derived Metrics: A Rat ModelDuen-Pang Kuo; Chia-Feng Lu; Michelle Liou ; Yung-Chieh Chen; Hsiao-Wen Chung; Cheng-Yu ChenKOREAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY 18(2), 269-278
902017Turning Diversity Toward PrecisionLin, PY; Chen, HY ; Yu, SL; Yang, PCJournal of the National Cancer Institute 109(1), djw238
912017Comorbidity of narcolepsy and depressive disorders: a nationwide population-based study in TaiwanLee, Min-Jing; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Yang, Chun-Ju; Yang, Kang-Chung; Lee, Tung-Liang; Sun, Chi-Chin; Shyu, Yu-Chiau; Wang, Liang-JenSleep Medicine 39, 95-100
922017Cancer cells increase endothelial cell tube formation and survival by activating the PI3K/Akt signalling pathwayCheng, HW; Chen, YF; Wong, JM; Weng, CW; Chen, HY ; Yu, SL; Chen, HW; Yuan, A; Chen, JJJournal of experimental & clinical cancer research 36, 27
932017Serum Glutamine Levels as a Potential Diagnostic Biomarker in Sepsis following Surgery for PeritonitisYang, CJ; Huang, TS; Lee, TL; Yang, KC; Yuan, SS ; Lu, RH; Hsieh, CH; Shyu, YCThe Chinese journal of physiology 60(6), 320-326
942017On hyperbolic transformations to normalityArthur C. Tsai; Michelle Liou ; Maria Simak; Philip E. ChengComputational Statistics and Data Analysis 115, 250-266
952017Differences in the frequency of Alzheimer's disease-associated genomic variations in populations of different racesHuang, P; Hsieh, SW; Chang, YH; Hour, AL; Chen, HY ; Liu, CKGeriatrics & gerontology international 17(11), 2184-2193
962017Meta-analytic framework for liquid associationWang, Lin; Liu, Silvia; Ding, Ying; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Ho, Yen-Yi; Tseng, George CBioinformatics 33(14), 2140-2147
972017Trend, characteristics, and pharmacotherapy of adults diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a nationwide survey in TaiwanCheng, Yu-Shian; Shyu, Yu-Chiau; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Yang, Chun-Ju; Yang, Kang-Chung; Lee, Tung-Liang; Wang, Liang-JenNeuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment 13, 643-651
982017Circulating MicroRNA-125b Predicts the Presence and Progression of Uremic Vascular CalcificationChao, CT; Liu, YP; Su, SF; Yeh, HY; Chen, HY ; Lee, PJ; Chen, WJ; Lee, YM; Huang, JW; Chiang, CK; Hung, KY; Chen, HWArteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 37(7), 1402-1414
992016Joint regression analysis of marginal quantile and quantile association: application to longitudinal body mass index in adolescentsChi-Chuang Yang; Yi-Hau Chen 
1002016Daxx inhibits hypoxia-induced lung cancer cell metastasis by suppressing the HIF-1α/HDAC1/Slug axisChing-Wen Lin; Lu-Kai Wang; Shu-Ping Wang ; Yi-Liang Chang; Yi-Ying Wu; Hsuan-Yu Chen ; Tzu-Hung Hsiao; Wei-Yun Lai; Hsuan-Hsuan Lu; Ya-Hsuan Chang; Shuenn-Chen Yang; Ming-Wei Lin; Chi-Yuan Chen; Tse-Ming Hong; Pan-Chyr YangNature Communications 7, 13867
1012016Association of short-term exposure to fine particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide with acute cardiovascular effectsWu, C.F.; Shen, F.H.; Li, YR; Tsao, TM; Tsai, MJ; Chen, CC; Hwang, J.S. ; Hsu, HJ; Chao, H; Chuang, KJ; Chou, CK ; Wang, YN; Ho, CC; Su, TCSCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 569-570, 300-305
1022016Value at risk for integrated returns and its applications to equity portfoliosHwai-Chung Ho ; Hung-Yin Chen; Henghsiu Tsai Statistica Sinica 26(4), 1631-1648
1032016Purine-Type Compounds Induce Microtubule Fragmentation and Lung Cancer Cell Death through Interaction with KataninKuo, TC; Li, LW; Pan, SH; Fang, JM; Liu, JH; Cheng, TJ ; Wang, CJ; Hung, PF; Chen, HY ; Hong, TM; Hsu, YL; Wong, CH ; Yang, PC Journal of medicinal chemistry 59(18), 8521-8534
1042016ePIANNO: ePIgenomics ANNOtation toolChia-Hsin Liu; Bing-Ching Ho; Chun-Ling Chen; Ya-Hsuan Chang; Yi-Chiung Hsu; Yu-Cheng Li; Shin-Sheng Yuan ; Yi-Huan Huang; Chi-Sheng Chang; Ker-Chau Li ; Hsuan-Yu Chen PLoS ONE 11(2), e0148321
1052016Contact Trees: Network Visualization beyond Nodes and EdgesSallaberry, Arnaud; Yang-chih Fu ; Hwai-Chung Ho ; Kwan-Liu MaPLOS ONE 11(2), e0146368
1062016GADL1 variant and medication adherence in predicting response to lithium maintenance treatment in bipolar I disorderChen, CK; Lee, CS; Chen, HY ; Wu, LS; Chang, JC; Liu, CY; Cheng, AT BJPsych open 2(5), 301-306
1072016Postoperative Showering for Clean and Clean-contaminated Wounds: A Prospective, Randomized Controlled TrialHsieh, PY; Chen, KY; Chen, HY ; Sheng, WH; Chang, CH; Wang, CL; Chiag, PY; Chen, HP; Shiao, CW; Lee, PC; Tai, HC; Chien, HF; Yu, PJ; Lin, BR; Lai, YH; Chen, JS; Lai, HSAnnals of surgery 263(5), 931-936
1082016Risk of Mortality Among Patients Treated With Antipsychotic Medications: A Nationwide Population-Based Study in TaiwanWang, Liang-Jen; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Yang, Kang-Chung; Yang, Chun-Ju; Lee, Tung-Liang; Shyu, Yu-ChiauJournal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 36(1), 9-17
1092016Predilection of contralateral upper lung metastasis in upper lobe lung adenocarcinoma patientsHuang, YH; Hsu, KH; Tseng, JS; Chen, KC; Su, KY; Chen, HY ; Chang, CS; Chen, JJ; Yu, SL; Chen, HW; Yang, TY; Chang, GCJournal of thoracic disease 8(1), 86-92
1102016JAG1 Is Associated with Poor Survival through Inducing Metastasis in Lung Cancer.Chang, WH; Ho, BC; Hsiao, YJ; Chen, JS; Yeh, CH; Chen, HY ; Chang, GC; Su, KY; Yu, SLPloS one 11(3), e0150355
1112016Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, its treatment with medication and the probability of developing a depressive disorder: A nationwide population-based study in TaiwanLee, Min-Jing; Yang, Kang-Chung; Shyu, Yu-Chiau; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Yang, Chun-Ju; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Lee, Tung-Liang; Wang, Liang-JenJournal of Affective Disorders 189, 110-117
1122016Uvularization as a linguistically relevant secondary articulation: Evidence from QiangJonathan P. Evans; Jackson T.-S. Sun; Chenhao Chiu; Michelle Liou JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ASSOCIATION 46(1), 1-31
1132016Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, its pharmacotherapy, and the risk of developing bipolar disorder: A nationwide population-based study in TaiwanWang, Liang-Jen; Shyu, Yu-Chiau; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Yang, Chun-Ju; Yang, Kang-Chung; Lee, Tung-Liang; Lee, Sheng-YuJournal of Psychiatric Research 72, 6-14
1142016SPANXA suppresses EMT by inhibiting c-JUN/SNAI2 signaling in lung adenocarcinomaHsiao, YJ; Su, KY; Hsu, YC; Chang, GC; Chen, JS; Chen, HY ; Hong, QS; Hsu, SC; Kang, PH; Hsu, CY; Ho, BC; Yang, TH; Wang, CY; Jou, YS; Yang, PC; Yu, SLOncotarget 7, 44417-44429
1152016Implementation and Quality Control of Lung Cancer EGFR Genetic Testing by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Taiwan Clinical PracticeSu, KY; Kao, JT; Ho, BC; Chen, HY ; Chang, GC; Ho, CC; Yu, SLScientific reports 6, 30944
1162016Early idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus patients with neuropsychological impairment are associated with increased fractional anisotropy in the anterior thalamic nucleusYung-Chieh Chen; Shih-Wei Chiang; Chia-Hsing Chi; Michelle Liou ; Hung-Wen Kao; Hsiao-Wen Chung; Hsin I Ma; Giia-Sheun Peng; Yu-Te Wu; Cheng-Yu ChenMEDICINE 95(19), e3636
1172016Seasonal Patterns of Medications for Treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Comparison of Methylphenidate and AtomoxetineShyu, Yu-Chiau; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Yang, Chun-Ju; Yang, Kang-Chung; Lee, Tung-Liang; Wang, Liang-JenClinical Therapeutics 38(3), 595-602
1182016Purine-Type Compounds Induce Microtubule Fragmentation and Lung Cancer Cell Death through Interaction with KataninKuo, TC; Li, LW; Pan, SH; Fang, JM; Liu, JH; Cheng, TJ; Wang, CJ; Hung, PF; Chen, HY ; Hong, TM; Hsu, YL; Wong, CH; Yang, PCJournal of medicinal chemistry 59(18), 8521-8534
1192016On the weak convergence and Central Limit Theorem of blurring and nonblurring processes with application to robust location estimationTing-Li Chen ; Hironori Fujisawa; Su-Yun Huang; Chii-Ruey HwangJournal of Multivariate Analysis 143, 165-184
1202016Molecular gene signature and prognosis of non-small cell lung cancerHuang, P; Cheng, CL; Chang, YH; Liu, CH; Hsu, YC; Chen, JS; Chang, GC; Ho, BC; Su, KY; Chen, HY ; Yu, SLOncotarget 7(32), 51898-51907
1212016On the strengths of the self-updating process clustering algorithmShang-Ying Shiu; Ting-Li Chen JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL COMPUTATION AND SIMULATION 86(5), 1010-1031
1222016Initiation and Persistence of Pharmacotherapy for Youths with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in TaiwanWang, Liang-Jen; Yang, Kang-Chung; Lee, Sheng-Yu; Yang, Chun-Ju; Huang, Ting-Shuo; Lee, Tung-Liang; Yuan, Shin-sheng ; Shyu, Yu-ChiauPLOS ONE 11(8), e0161061
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