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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chai, Feng-Shun蔡風順 Institute of Statistical Science Experimental Designs; Linear Models
Chang, Chienming張建明 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chang, Hsin-wen張馨文 Institute of Statistical Science Biostatistics; Survival analysis; Clinical trials; Nonparametric statistics
Chang, Ming-Chung張明中 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chang, Yuan-chin Ivan張源俊 Institute of Statistical Science Statistical Learning/Machine Learning; Statistical Methods in Psychological/Educational Testing; Sequential Analysis and Its Applications
Chang, Yue-Cune張玉坤 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chao, Chern-Ching趙晨慶 Institute of Statistical Science Reliability Theory; Mathematical Statistics
Chao, Min-Te趙民德 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chao, Wei-Hsiung趙維雄 Institute of Statistical Science 
(Chen)Wang, Chinying陳瑾瑛 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chen, Chang-Fu陳長福 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chen, Chen-Hsin陳珍信 Institute of Statistical Science Cancer research; Health research data management; Event history analysis with cure or non-susceptibility; Willingness to pay in the dichotomous choice contingent valuation; Clinical trials; Psychiatry research; Disease screening and medical diagnosis; Statistical methods in epidemiology, translation medicine and health care; Cardiometabolic diseases research
Chen, Chun-houh陳君厚 Institute of Statistical Science Microarray Data Analysis & Bioinformatics; Sliced Inversed Regression (SIR) /principal Hessian direction (PHD); Matrix Visualization/Generalized Association Plots (GAP); Psychiatry Research; Multidimensional Scaling (MDS)
Chen, Hsuan-Yu陳璿宇 Institute of Statistical Science Microarrays: SNP, gene expression, microRNA, and copy number variation; Neoantigen detection for immune-oncology and immune-therapy; Clinical and molecular information system: development of clinical and molecular system for sample collection of national-wide program in Taiwan; Clinical trials: gene testing, cancer screening, and new clinical treatments; Protein LC MS/MS: total protein, phosphorylated protein, and membrane protein; Next Generation Sequencer: whole genome, exon-seq, RNA-seq, microRNA-seq, and ChIP-seq
Chen, Ting-Li陳定立 Institute of Statistical Science computational probability and statistics; image processing and analysis; clustering and classification; pattern recognition
Chen, Yi-Hau程毅豪 Institute of Statistical Science Biostatistics; Survival Analysis; Incomplete Data; Genetic Epidemiology
Cheng, Chi-Lun鄭紀倫 Institute of Statistical Science Robust statistics and measurement error (errors-in-variables) models
Cheng, Ching-Shui鄭清水 Institute of Statistical Science 
Cheng, Ching-Shui鄭清水 Institute of Statistical Science 
Cheng, Ling-Ling卓陳玲玲 Institute of Statistical Science 
Cheng, PHILIP E.程爾觀 Institute of Statistical Science Statistics for Brain fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging); Nonparametric Regression; Missing Data Analysis; Educational Statistics; Psychometrics; Categorical Data Analysis
Cheng, Shao-Wei鄭少為 Institute of Statistical Science 
Chiou, Jeng-Min丘政民 Institute of Statistical Science Biostatistics; Longitudinal data modeling; Quasi-likelihood/Generalized linear models; Traffic flow analysis and prediction; Semi-parametric methods; Functional data analysis
Chou, Jine-Phone周金鳳 Institute of Statistical Science 
Fuh, Cheng-Der傅承德 Institute of Statistical Science 
Ho, Hwai-Chung何淮中 Institute of Statistical Science Quantitative finance; stochastic process analysis; social networks
Hsieh, Fushing謝復興 Institute of Statistical Science 
Hsiung, Chao A.熊昭 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Chisheng黃繼陞 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Hsin-Cheng黃信誠 Institute of Statistical Science Wavelet methods; Model selection; Bayesian Inferecnce, Markov Chain Monte Carlo; Spatial Statistics, Space-Time Modeling
Huang, Ming-Yueh黃名鉞 Institute of Statistical Science Semiparametric models and nonparmatric methods; Survival analysis with multiple or high-dimensional covariates; Dimension reduction and variable screening; Regression with functional covariates; ROC analysis; More general models and estimation problems in causal inference
Huang, Su-Yun陳素雲 Institute of Statistical Science wavelet methods; spline smoothing; Nonparametric function estimation; Statistical applications on epidemic studies; Statistical learning theory; Statistical applications on educational and psychological fields; Bayesian computation; Bayesian and empirical Bayesian inference
Huang, Wen-Tao黃文濤 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Yen-Chin黃彥欽 Institute of Statistical Science 
Huang, Yen-Tsung黃彥棕 Institute of Statistical Science Causal inference; Biostatistics; Causal mediation model; Survival analysis; Statistical genetics; Integrative genomics; Epidemiology
Hwang, Hsien-Kuei黃顯貴 Institute of Statistical Science 
Hwang, Jing-Shiang黃景祥 Institute of Statistical Science Environmental health statistics; Quality of life research; Bayesian computation and inference; Social network; Spatial-temporal statistics
Ing, Ching-Kang 銀慶剛 Institute of Statistical Science Asymptotic Theory; Nonstationary Time Series Analysis; Model Selection; High-Dimensional Data Analysis
Jiang, Ci-Ren江其衽 Institute of Statistical Science Functional Data Analysis; Nonparametric Regression; Dimension Reduction; Classification; Longitudinal Data Analysis; Statistics for Neuroimaging
John Aston艾詩敦 Institute of Statistical Science 
Kao, Chen-Hung高振宏 Institute of Statistical Science 
Lee, Ching-Pei李靜沛 Institute of Statistical Science 
Li, Ker-Chau李克昭 Institute of Statistical Science systems biology; Statistical graphics; Large ensembles of time series; Censoring; Medical image analysis; Regression; Bayesian computation; lung cancer studies; Experimental design; Survey sampling; Machine learning; Bioinformatics; High dimensional data analysis
Li, Lung-An李隆安 Institute of Statistical Science Past Global Change; Biostatistics; Environmental Health Statistics; Sampling Methodology in Taiwan
Liang, Wen-Qi梁文騏 Institute of Statistical Science 
Lin, Gwo Dong林國棟 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Survival Analysis; Distribution Theory
Lin, Miao-Hsiang林妙香 Institute of Statistical Science Educational Measurement and Testing; Psychometrics
Liou, Michelle劉長萱 Institute of Statistical Science Measurement Theory; Psychometrics
Liu, Wei-chung劉維中 Institute of Statistical Science systems biology; theoretical ecology; Mathematical biology; quantitative epidemiology; network biology, sociology
Meng, Fan-Chin孟繁經 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Reliability Theory
Pao, Kuan-Min鮑廣明 Institute of Statistical Science 
Peng, Chien-Yu彭健育 Institute of Statistical Science Reliability (degradation modeling and analysis); Design of experiments (indicator functions and computer experiments); Mathematical statistics (theory of degradation models)
Phoa, Frederick Kin Hing潘建興 Institute of Statistical Science 
Shieh, Shwu-Rong Grace謝叔蓉 Institute of Statistical Science Construction of gene networks / pathways; Gene network integration / comparison; Analysis of genomic data; Directional Data
Shien, Jung-Sheng謝中生 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tai, John Jen戴政 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai, Arthur Chih-Hsin蔡志鑫 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai, Chen-An蔡政安 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai, Henghsiu 蔡恆修 Institute of Statistical Science Stochastic Differential Equation Modeling; Stochastic Processes; Multivariate Data Analysis; Time Series Analysis; Psychometrics; Sampling-based Inference; Mathematical Finance
Tsai, Rung-Ching蔡蓉青 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai, Tsung-Hsi蔡宗希 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tsai,   Ming-Tien蔡明田 Institute of Statistical Science Multivariate Statistical Inference; Nonparametrics
Tseng, Yu-Ling曾玉玲 Institute of Statistical Science 
Tu, I-Ping杜憶萍 Institute of Statistical Science Scan Statistics; Dimension Reduction; Sequential Analysis; Statistical Analysis for Biological Image Data
Wang, Hsiuying王秀瑛 Institute of Statistical Science Statistical interval estimation; miRNA; Signal recognition; Bioinformatics
Wang, Yuchung王友鐘 Institute of Statistical Science quality engineering (Taguchi Method); conditionally specified distributions; Categorical data analysis; multivariate dependence
Wang,Weijing王維菁 Institute of Statistical Science 
Wei, Ching-Zong魏慶榮 Institute of Statistical Science 
Yang, Hsin-Chou楊欣洲 Institute of Statistical Science Ecological statistics-Study population abundance by using capture recapture data; Genetic/Genomic statistics-Identify disease susceptibility genes by using genetic marker data
Yang, Jun Ho梁埈豪 Institute of Statistical Science time series analysis; frequency domain analysis; spatial statistics.; applied probability (mainly focus on the eigen-structure of Toeplitz matrices)
Yao, Yi-Ching姚怡慶 Institute of Statistical Science Applied Probability; Sequential Analysis and Optimal Stopping; Change--Point Problems; Group Testing and Multiaccess Channel Communications; Mathematical Finance
Yeang, Chen-Hsiang楊振翔 Institute of Statistical Science cancer genomics; molecular evolution
Yeh, Hsiaw-Chan葉小蓁 Institute of Statistical Science 
Yen, Tso-Jung顏佐榕 Institute of Statistical Science Variable selection in high dimensional models; Statistical analysis of social network data; Statistical computing
Yuan, Shin-Sheng袁新盛 Institute of Statistical Science Next Generation Sequencing: Methods and Applications; Bioinformatics; Epidemiology