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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang, Chia-Hsiang張嘉祥 Institute of Information Science 
Chang, Fu張復 Institute of Information Science Cognitive Science; Pattern Recognition; Document Analysis and Recognition; Image Processing; Bioinformatics; Machine Learning
Chang, Yuan-Hao張原豪 Institute of Information Science Non-volatile Memory; Real-time Systems; Memory/Storage Systems; Computer Systems; Embedded Systems; Operating Systems
Chen, Chu-song陳祝嵩 Institute of Information Science Multimedia; Pattern Recognition; Image Processing; Computer Vision; Deep Learning
Chen, Keh-Jiann陳克健 Institute of Information Science Chinese Language Processing; Lexical Semantics; Lexical Knowledge Representation
Chen, Ling-Jyh陳伶志 Institute of Information Science Big Data Analytics; Networked Sensing Systems; Internet of Things
Chen, Meng Chang陳孟彰 Institute of Information Science Network and Computer System Security; Text Mining and Knowledge Discovery; Wireless Networks; Computer Assisted Language Learning
Chen, Sheng-Wei陳昇瑋 Institute of Information Science 
  Chen, Wen-Tsuen陳文村 Institute of Information Science Intelligent Sensing and Applications Mobile Computing High-speed Communications Networks Parallel Algorithms and Systems Software Engineering
Chen, Yu-Fang陳郁方 Institute of Information Science Software Verification; Model Checking; Formal Methods; Algorithmic Learning; Automata Theory
Cheng, Kuo-Young鄭國揚 Institute of Information Science 
Chien, Lee-Feng簡立峰 Institute of Information Science 
Ching, Yu-Tai荊宇泰 Institute of Information Science 
Chuang, Tyng-Ruey莊庭瑞 Institute of Information Science Programming Languages and Systems; Functional Programming; Open Geospatial Information Processing; Social Implications of Information Technologies; XML and Web Technologies
Chung, Kai-Min鐘楷閔 Institute of Information Science Complexity theory; Cryptography; Quantum theory
Ho, Jan-Ming何建明 Institute of Information Science Multimedia Network Protocol and Applications; Text Retrieval and Mining on Social Media and Deep Content Web Site; Design of Algorithms and Applications of Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies in Bioinformatics and Financial Computing; Combinatorial Optimization and Algorithm Design
Hong, Ding-Yong洪鼎詠 Institute of Information Science Dynamic Binary Translation; Optimizing Compiler; Parallel Architecture and Parallel Computing; Virtualization
Hor, Maw-Kae何瑁鎧 Institute of Information Science 
Hsieh, Ching-Chun謝清俊 Institute of Information Science 
Hsu, Tsan-sheng徐讚昇 Institute of Information Science Design, Analysis, Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Computer Algorithms; Graph Theory and Its Applications; Data-Intensive Computing; Data Privacy; Theory of Computer Games
Hsu, Wen-Lian許聞廉 Institute of Information Science Search methods in artificial intelligence; Intelligent agent systems; Analysis of algorithms, graph theory; Computational linguistics; Natural language understanding; Bioinformatics, computational biology
Hsueh, Chih-Wen薛智文 Institute of Information Science 
Huang, Chun-Hsiung黃俊雄 Institute of Information Science 
Huang, Hen-Hsen黃瀚萱 Institute of Information Science Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing; Information Retrieval
Huang, Shih-Kun黃世昆 Institute of Information Science 
Hung, Yi-Ping洪一平 Institute of Information Science 
Hung, Yong-Chang洪永常 Institute of Information Science 
Hwang, Wen-Liang黃文良 Institute of Information Science Numerical Optimization; Wavelet and Time Frequency Analysis; Signal, Image and Video Processing
Ke, Zhi-Sheng柯志昇 Institute of Information Science 
Ko, Hsiang-Shang柯向上 Institute of Information Science Functional Programming / Type Theory; Bidirectional Programming; Algebra of Programming / Program Calculation; Dependently Typed Programming; Datatype-Generic Programming
Ko, Ming-Tat高明達 Institute of Information Science Algorithms; Graph Algorithms; Computational Geometry; Bioinformatics
Ku, Lun-Wei古倫維 Institute of Information Science Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL); Information Extraction and Retrieval; Topic Detection and Tracking; Computational Linguistics; Chinese Language Processing; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language Processing; Sentiment (Opinion and Emotion) Analysis
Kuo, Yue-Sun郭譽申 Institute of Information Science 
Lee, Chao-Hsien李照賢 Institute of Information Science 
Lee, Der- Tsai李德財 Institute of Information Science Web based Computing; Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Algorithm Visualization; Software Security; Computational Geometry; Bioinformatics; Digital Libraries
Lee, Lin-Shan李琳山 Institute of Information Science 
Lee, PeiZong李丕榮 Institute of Information Science Parallel Algorithm Design; Compilers for Scientific Applications; Scientific Computations; Digital Signal Processing
Liang, De-Ron梁德容 Institute of Information Science 
Liao, Mark廖弘源 Institute of Information Science 3D Mesh Decomposition and Recognition; Content-based Multimedia Retrieval; Multimedia Signal Processing; Multimedia Protection; Video-based Human Behaviour Analysis
Liau, Churn-Jung廖純中 Institute of Information Science Applied Logic; Reasoning about Uncertainty; Logic in Artificial Intelligence
Lin, Chung-Yen林仲彥 Institute of Information Science Precision medicine; Proteomics; Network Biology; high throughput biology; Systems Biology
Lin, Jen-Chun林仁俊 Institute of Information Science Multimedia Content Understanding; Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning; Affective Computing
Lin, Tsungching林宗慶 Institute of Information Science Information Security; Systems Analysis and Design
Liu, Chao-Ning劉兆寧 Institute of Information Science image processing; data visualization and virtual reality; pattern recognition
Liu, Jane張韻詩 Institute of Information Science 
Liu, Jing-Sin劉進興 Institute of Information Science Intelligent Control; Nonlinear Control; Robotics
Liu, Tyng-Luh劉庭祿 Institute of Information Science Artificial Intelligence; Medical Imaging; Computer Vision; Machine Learning
Lu, Chi-Jen呂及人 Institute of Information Science Game Theory; Algorithms; Machine Learning; Computational Complexity
Lu, Chun-Shien呂俊賢 Institute of Information Science Compressive Sensing & Inverse Problems; Security and Privacy in Multimedia and Machine Learning; Image/Signal Processing; Machine Learning
Lu, Hsueh-I呂學一 Institute of Information Science 
Ma, Tze-Heng馬自恆 Institute of Information Science 
Ma, Wei-Yun馬偉雲 Institute of Information Science Natural Language Understanding; Natural Language Processing; Question Answering; Machine Learning; Deep Learning; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Mu, Shin-Cheng穆信成 Institute of Information Science Type Theory and Logic; Functional Programming; Program Derivation; Programming Language; Program Inversion
Shih, Arthur Chun-Chieh施純傑 Institute of Information Science Molecular Evolution; microRNA Regulation; Short Read Sequence Assembly; Next-Generation Sequencing
Sim, Kwang-Mong沈觀茂 Institute of Information Science 
Su, Keh-Yih蘇克毅 Institute of Information Science Machine Reading (Intelligent Q&A); Deep Learning for NLP; Multi-Document Analysis/Processing; Natural Language Understanding; Artificial Intelligence; Statistical Language Modeling; Cross-Document Knowledge Discovery; Automatic Knowledge Acquisition; Machine Learning; Text Understanding and Inference
Su, Li蘇黎 Institute of Information Science sound and music computing; biomedical signal processing; Music information retrieval
Sung, Ting-Yi宋定懿 Institute of Information Science Membrane proteomics; Membrane protein structure prediction; Bioinformatics for mass spectrometry-based proteomics; interaction network for distributed and parallel systems; mathematical programming; graph algorithms
Tsai, Huai-Kuang蔡懷寬 Institute of Information Science Metagenomics; Evolutionary algorithm; Regulatory mechanism; Computational Biology; Bioinformatics
Tsai, Kuo-Hui蔡國煇 Institute of Information Science 
Tsai, Meng-Tsung蔡孟宗 Institute of Information Science Lower Bound Techniques; Graph Theory; Streaming Algorithms
Wang, Bow-Yaw王柏堯 Institute of Information Science Model Checking; Formal Method
Wang, Chien-Min王建民 Institute of Information Science Cloud Computing; Dynamic Binary Translation; Distributed File Systems; Virtualization Technology; Parallel and Distributed Computing
Wang, Chiou-Feng王秋鳳 Institute of Information Science 
Wang, Da-Wei王大為 Institute of Information Science Medical Informatics; Graph Theory and Algorithm; Privacy Enhancing Technology
Wang, Farn王凡 Institute of Information Science 
Wang, Hsin-Min王新民 Institute of Information Science Pattern Recognition; Multimedia Information Retrieval; Natural Language Processing; Spoken Language Processing; Machine Learning
Wu, Chun-Hsin吳俊興 Institute of Information Science 
Wu, Jan-Jan吳真貞 Institute of Information Science Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing; NoSQL Cloud Databases and Data Processing; Energy-efficient Virtualization on Heterogeneous and Asymmetric Multi-cores; Resource Management and Scheduling in Parallel and Distributed Systems; Dynamic Binary Translation and Virtualization on Multi-cores
Yang, Bo-Yin楊柏因 Institute of Information Science Applied Cryptography; Combinatorics and Analysis of Algorithms
Yang, De-Nian楊得年 Institute of Information Science Data Mining and Machine Learning; Multimedia and Social Networks; Network Analysis and Distributed Optimization/Learning
Yeh, Mi-Yen葉彌妍 Institute of Information Science Social Network Analysis; Databases; Time Series Analysis; AI Applications; Data Mining; Machine Learning
Yew, Pen-Chung游本中 Institute of Information Science Compiler; Parallel Machine Organization; Computer Architecture; Dynamic Binary Manipulation; Performance Evaluation and Simulation