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12020Suppression of Drug-Resistant Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer with Inhibitors Targeting Minichromosomal Maintenance ProteinChia-Yi Lin; Hsin-Yi Wu; Yuan-Ling Hsu; Ting-Jen Rachel Cheng; Jyung-Hurng Liu; Rou-Jie Huang; Tzu Hung Hsiao; Chia-Jen Wang; Pei-Fang Hung; Albert Lan; Szu-Hua Pan; Rong-Jie Chein ; Chi-Huey Wong; Pan-Chyr YangJOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY 63(6), 3172-3187
22020Surface modification of TiO2 layer with phosphonic acid monolayer in perovskite solar cells: Effect of chain length and terminal functional groupAbate, S. Y.; Huang, D. C.; Tao, Y. T. ORGANIC ELECTRONICS 78, 105583
32020Polymerization of Columnar Mesogens Tethered with Diacetylenic Side ChainsKuo, Y. L.; Tseng, C. Y.; Tseng, C. W.; Chu, K. T.; Liu, Y. C.; Chiang, M. H.; Saeki, A.; Tao, Y. T. ; Chen, H. H.ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2(2), 248-255
42020Mechanotactic Activation of TGF‐β by PEDOT Artificial Microenvironments Triggers Epithelial to Mesenchymal TransitionDhawan, Udesh; Wang, Wei-Li; Gautam, Bhaskarchand; Janardhanan, Jayakrishnan Aerathupalathu; Hsiao, Po-Chiang; Tu, Hsiung-Lin; Yu, Hsiao-Hua Advanced Biosystems 4(2), 1900165
52020n-Type Thin Film Transistors Based on Diketopyrrolopyrrole Derivatives: Role of Siloxane Side Chains and Electron-withdrawing SubstituentsPrakoso, S. P.; Kumar, S.; Wu, S. L.; Ciou, G. T.; Ke, Y. J.; Venkateswarlu, S.; Tao, Y. T. ; Wang, C. L.ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 12(1), 1169-1178
62019NMR assignments of protrusion domain of capsid protein from Dragon grouper nervous necrosis virusPetra Štěrbová; Danni Wu; Yuan-Chao Lou; Chun-Hsiung Wang; Wei-Hau Chang; Der-Lii M. Tzou Biomolecular NMR Assignments 14, 63-66
72019Rapid desolvation-triggered domino lattice rearrangement in a metal–organic frameworkSheng-Han Lo; Liang Feng; Kui Tan; Zhehao Huang; Shuai Yuan; Kun-Yu Wang; Bing-Han Li; Wan-Ling Liu; Gregory S. Day; Songsheng Tao; Chun-Chuen Yang; Tzuoo-Tsair Luo; Chia-Her Lin; Sue-Lein Wang; Simon J. L. Billinge; Kuang-Lieh Lu ; Yves J. Chabal; Xiaodong Zou; Hong-Cai ZhouNature Chemistry 12, 90-97
820191H/13C chemical shifts and cation binding dataset of the corticosteroid Prednisolone titrated with metal cationsKathleen Joyce D. Carillo; Danni Wu; Su-Ching Lin; Shen-Long Tsai; Jiun-Jie Shie; Der-Lii M. Tzou Data in Brief 27, 104620
920194(1H)-quinolone derivatives overcome acquired resistance to anti-microtubule agents by targeting the colchicine site of β-tubulinMing-Shiu Lin; Tse-Ming Hong; Ting-Hung Chou; Shuenn-Chen Yang; Wei-Chia Chung; Chia-Wei Weng; Mei-Ling Tsai; Ting-Jen Rachel Cheng; Jeremy J. W. Chen; Te-Chang Lee; Chi-Huey Wong; Rong-Jie Chein ; Pan-Chyr YangEuropean Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 181, 111584
102019Anode interlayer in organic photovoltaics: Narrow bandgap small molecular materials as exciton-blocking layerJan Golder; Chiao-Wen Lin; Chin-Ti Chen JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY 66(11), 1550-1560
112019Hierarchical urchin-like CoSe2/CoSeO3 electro-catalysts for dye-sensitized solar cells: up to 19% PCE under dim light illuminationYi-June Huang; Han-Ting Chen; Shiuan-Bai Ann; Chun-Ting Li; Jiann T. Lin ; Chuan-Pei Lee; Kuo-Chuan HoJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 7(45), 26089-26097
122019ZnI2/Zn(OTf)2-TsOH: A Versatile Combined-Acid System for Catalytic Intramolecular Hydrofunctionalization and Polyene CyclizationTing-Hung Chou; Bo-Hung Yu; Rong-Jie Chein Chemical Communications 55(90), 13522
132019The oversolubility of methane gas in nano-confined water in nanoporous silica materialsChih-Cheng Liu; Hao-Ju Chou; Chan-Yi Lin; Damodar Janmanchi; Po-Wen Chung ; Chung-Yuan Mou; Steve S.-F. Yu; Sunney I. ChanMicroporous and Mesoporous Materials 293, 109793
142019Zn(II) and Co(II) derivatives anchored with scorpionate precursor: Antiproliferative evaluation in human cancer cell linesKuheli Das; Amitabha Datta; Antonio Frontera; Yuh-Sheng Wen; Catarina Roma-Rodrigues; Luis R. Raposo; Alexandra R. Fernandes; Chen-Hsiung Hung Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 202, 110881
152019Rapid template free synthesis of nanostructured conducting polymer film by tuning morphology using hyperbranched polymer additiveChun-Fu Lu; Song-Fu Liao; Ke-Hsin Wang; Chin-Ti Chen ; Chi-Yang Chao; Wei-Fang SuNANOSCALE 11(43), 20977-20986
162019Magnesium and calcium reveal different chelating effects in a steroid compound: A model study of prednisolone using NMR spectroscopyKathleen D. Carillo; Danni Wu; Su-Ching Lin; Shen-Long Tsai; Jiun-Jie Shie; Der-Lii M. Tzou Steroids 150, 108429
172019Understanding catalytic hydrogenolysis of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to 2,5-dimethylfuran (DMF) using carbon supported Ru catalystsTai-Wei Tzeng; Chan-Yi Lin; Chih-Wen Pao; Jeng-Lung Chen; Rob Jeremiah G. Nuguid; Po-Wen Chung Fuel Processing Technology 199, 106225
182019Tetraphenylethylene Tethered Phenothiazine-Based Double-Anchored Sensitizers for High Performance Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsChun-Ting Li; Yi-Ling Kuo; CH. Pavan Kumar; Pei-Ting Huang; Jiann T. Lin Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7(40), 23225-23233
192019Understanding the production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) from chitosan using solid acidsTai-Wei Tzeng; Bhaumik Prasenjit; Po-Wen Chung Molecular Catalysis 479, 110627
202019Establishment of Guidelines for the Control of Glycosylation Reactions and Intermediates by Quantitative Assessment of ReactivityChun‐Wei Chang; Chia‐Hui Wu; Mei‐Huei Lin; Pin‐Hsuan Liao; Chun‐Chi Chang; Hsiao‐Han Chuang; Su‐Ching Lin; Sarah Lam; Ved Prakash Verma; Chao‐Ping Hsu ; Cheng‐Chung Wang ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 58(47), 16775-16779
212019Aligning Poly[1,6-Di-(N-Carbazolyl)-2,4-Hexadiyne] crystalline fibers as conducting channels for transistor applicationsLin, F. J.; Tao, Y. T. JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY 66(9), 1226-1234
222019Detecting Minute Chemical Vapors via Chemical Interactions between Analyte and Fluorinated Thiophene–Isoindigo Conjugated Polymer TransistorChun-Fu Lu; Song-Fu Liao; Iu-Fan Chen; Chin-Ti Chen ; Chi-Yang Chao; Wei-Fang SuACS Applied Electronic Materials 1(9), 1873-1880
232019Synthesis, photoluminescence, and electroluminescence characterization of double tetraphenylethene-tethered BODIPY luminogensChiun-Jen Yang; Jian Haur Lee; Chin-Ti Chen JOURNAL OF THE CHINESE CHEMICAL SOCIETY 66(9), 1198-1209
242019Donor–Acceptor–Donor Type Cyclopenta[2,1-b;3,4-b′]dithiophene Derivatives as a New Class of Hole Transporting Materials for Highly Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar CellsLin, Y. S.; Abate, S. Y.; Chung, H. C.; Tao, Y. T. ; Chow, T. J.; Sun, S. S. ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS 2(10), 7070-7082
252019Machine Learning for Predicting Electron Transfer CouplingChun-I Wang; Mac Kevin E Braza; Gil C Claudio; Ricky B Nellas; Chao-Ping Hsu The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 123(36), 7792-7802
262019Direct Oligosaccharide Profiling using Thin-Layer Chromatography Coupled with Ionic Liquid-Stabilized Nanomatrix-Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass SpectrometryE. G. Mernie; L. D. Tolesa; M. J. Lee; M. C. Tseng ; Y. J. ChenANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 91, 11544-11552
272019Synthesis, Luminescence, and Structure of a Polymorphic Polyfluorinated Diiodoplatinum(II) Diimine ComplexNathaniel M. Barker; Yu-Xuan Li; Mandy M. Lee; Chia-Rui Shen; Jeanette A. Krause; Shih-Sheng Sun ; Norman Lu; William B. Connick; David R. McMillinINORGANIC CHEMISTRY 58(16), 10716-10724
282019Nickel Carbodicarbene Catalyzes Kumada Cross-Coupling of Aryl Ethers with Grignard Reagents through C-O Bond ActivationRam Ambre; Hsuan Yang; Wen-Ching Chen; Glenn Yap; Titel Jurca; Tiow-Gan Ong EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2019(30), 3511-3517
292019Benzophenanthrothiophenes: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and PropertiesVenkateswarlu, S.; Prakoso, S. P.; Kumar, S.; Kuo, M. Y.; Tao, Y. T. Journal of Organic 84(17), 10990-10998
302019Activation-Controlled Structure Deformation of Pillared-Bilayer Metal–Organic Framework Membranes for Gas SeparationsMing-Yang Kan; Ju Ho Shin; Chi-Ta Yang; Chung-Kai Chang; Li-Wei Lee; Bo-Hao Chen; Kuang-Lieh Lu ; Jong Suk Lee; Li-Chiang Lin; Dun-Yen KangChemistry of Materials 31(18), 7666-7677
312019High face-on ratio isoindigo copolymers with extended nano-fibrillar networks in fullerene-based thick (>300 nm) photovoltaics achieving a high efficiency of 10.7%Song-Fu Liao; Chun-Fu Lu; Adane Desta Fenta; Chin-Ti Chen ; Chi-Yang Chao; Wei-Fang SuJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A 7(37), 21309-21320
322019Synthesis and Physical Study of Perylene and Anthracene Polynitrile as Electron AcceptorsTing-Yu Li; Yi-Chun Lin; Yu-Huei Song; Hsiu-Feng Lu; Ito Chao ; Chih-Hsiu LinOrganic Letters 21(14), 5397-5401
332019Structural diversity in polymeric and discrete complexes constructed by divalent transition metals and unsymmetrical quasi semirigid pyridinecarboxylate isomersWu, J.-Y.; Yuan, P.-T.; Hsiao, C.-C.; Chang, H.-K.; Liu, Y.-C.; Hsu, L.-J.; Chiang, M.-H. JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY 277, 701-712
342019Mono- and hexa-palladium doped silver nanoclusters stabilized by dithiolatesBarik, S. K.; Chiu, T.-H.; Liu, Y.-C.; Chiang, M.-H. ; Gam, F.; Chantrenne, I.; Kahlal, S.; Saillard, J.-Y.; Liu, C. W.Nanoscale 11, 14581-14586
352019Covalent chemistry on nanostructured substrates enables noninvasive quantification of gene rearrangements in circulating tumor cellsJiantong Dong; Yu Jen Jan; Ju Cheng; Ryan Y. Zhang; Meng Meng; Matthew Smalley; Pin-Jung Chen; Xinghong Tang; Patrick Tseng; Lirong Bao; Tzu-Yang Huang; Dongjing Zhou; Yupin Liu; Xiaoshu Chai; Haibo Zhang; Anqi Zhou; Vatche G. Agopian; Edwin M. Posadas; Jing-Jong Shyue; Steven J. Jonas; Paul S. Weiss; Mengyuan Li; Guangjuan Zheng; Hsiao-hua Yu ; Meiping Zhao; Hsian-Rong Tseng; Yazhen ZhuSCIENCE ADVANCES 5(7), eaav9186
362019Study on the structure, stability and tautomerisms of meta-benziporphodimethene and N-Confused isomers containing γ–lactam ringAnil Kumar; Chen-Hsiung Hung ; Shikha Rana; Milind M. DeshmukhJournal of Molecular Structure 1187, 138-150
372019Bishomolithocholic acid: A Unique Template for Human Sialyltransferase Inhibitor, Optimized to Suppress Cancer MetastasisZih-Fan Hsu; Chia-Ling Chen; Tzu-Ting Chang; Wen-Shan Li 
382019KSCN-induced Interfacial Dipole in Black TiO2 for Enhanced Photocatalytic CO2 ReductionFu, Fang-Yu; Shown, Indrajit; Li, Chia-Shuo; Raghunath, Putikam; Lin, Tsai-Yu; Billo, Tadesse; Wu, Heng-Liang; Wu, Chih-I; Chung, Po-Wen ; Lin, Ming-Chang; Chen, Li-Chyong; Chen, Kuei-Hsien ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(28), 25186-25194
392019Unsupported and silica-supported perovskite-type lanthanum manganite and lanthanum ferrite in the conversion of ethanolTing-Fang Yu; Che-Wei Chang; Po-Wen Chung ; Yu-Chuan LinFuel Processing Technology 194, 106117
402019NO-to-[N2O2]2–-to-N2O Conversion Triggered by {Fe(NO)2}10-{Fe(NO)2}9 Dinuclear Dinitrosyl Iron ComplexWu, W.-Y.; Hsu, C.-N.; Hsieh, C.-H.; Chiou, T.-W.; Tsai, M.-L.; Chiang, M.-H. ; Liaw, W.-F.INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 58(15), 9586-9591
412019Spectroelectrochemical studies of the redox active tris[4-(triazol-1-yl)phenyl]amine linker and redox state manipulation of Mn(ii)/Cu(ii) coordination frameworksChin-May Ngue; Yen-Hsiang Liu; Yuh-Sheng Wen; Man-Kit Leung; Ching-Wen Chiu; Kuang-Lieh Lu Dalton Transactions 48(27), 10122-10128
422019Vaccinia viral A26 protein is a fusion suppressor of mature virus and triggers membrane fusion through conformational change at low pHHung-Wei Chang; Cheng-Han Yang; Yu-Chun Luo; Bo-Gang Su; Huei-Yin Cheng; Shu-Yun Tung; Kathleen Joyce D. Carillo; Yi-Ting Liao; Der-Lii M. Tzou ; Hao-Ching Wang; Wen ChangPLOS Pathogens 15(6), e1007826
432019Self‐assembly: An intriguing relationship between structures of metal complexes and shapes of ancient Chinese charactersPounraj Thanasekaran; Tzuoo‐Tsair Luo; Ya‐Chuan Kao; Chih‐Chien Lin; Chen‐I Yang; Kuang‐Lieh Lu Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 66(9), 1027-1030
442019Polysubstituted Hexa-cata-Hexabenzocoronenes: Syntheses, Characterization and Their Potential as Semiconducting Materials in Transistor ApplicationKumar, S.; Pola, S.; Huang, C. W.; Islam, Md. M.; Venkateswarlu, S.; Tao, Y. T. JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY 84(13), 8562-8570
452019Cost-effective dopant-free star-shaped oligo-aryl amines for high performance perovskite solar cellsJun-Ying Feng; Kuan-Wen Lai; Yuan-Shin Shiue; Ashutosh Singh; CH. Pavan Kumar; Chun-Ting Li; Wen-Ti Wu; Jiann T. Lin ; Chih-Wei Chu ; Chien-Cheng Chang; Chao-chin SuJournal of Materials Chemistry A 7(23), 14209-14221
462019Diindeno‐fused Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene and Dibenzo[c,l]chrysene: Syntheses, Structural Analyses, and PropertiesBoominathan, S. S. K.; Chang, K.-H.; Liu, Y.-C.; Wang, C.-S.; Wu, C.-F.; Chiang, M.-H. ; Chou, P.-T.; Wu, Y.-T.CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 25(30), 7280-7284
472019Polar Molecule Confinement Effects on Dielectric Modulations of Sr-Based Metal–Organic FrameworksMuhammad Usman; Pei-Hsuan Feng; Kuan-Ru Chiou; Jenq-Wei Chen; Li-Wei Lee; Yen-Hsiang Liu; Kuang-Lieh Lu ACS Applied Electronic Materials 1(6), 836-844
482019A temperature-based comparison of compounds found in Bao Chong tea, green tea, and black teaAndrey Lin; Der-Lii M. Tzou ; Dino PonnnampalamJournal of Emerging Investigators 2, 1-7
4920192,5‐Thienylene‐Strapped Bicyclic and Tricyclic Expanded PorphyrinsBulti A. Kerayu; Wei‐Min Ching; Jay‐ar dela Cruz; Chen‐Hsiung Hung ChemPlusChem 84(7), 810-815
502019Host-guest interaction studies of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in alkoxy bridged binuclear rhenium (I) complexesVeerasamy Sathish; Mani Murali Krishnan; Murugesan Velayudham; Pounraj Thanasekaran; Kuang-Lieh Lu ; Seenivasan RajagopalSpectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 222, 117160
512019Dicyclopenta[ghi,pqr]perylene as a Structural Motif for Bowl-Shaped Hydrocarbons: Synthetic and Conformational StudiesJhih-Liang Huang; BillaBhargava Rao; Manyam Praveen Kumar; Hsiu-Feng Lu; Ito Chao ; Chih-Hsiu LinOrganic Letters 21(8), 2504-2508
522019Organic Electrochemical Transistors/SERS-Active Hybrid Biosensors Featuring Gold Nanoparticles Immobilized on Thiol-Functionalized PEDOT FilmsJia-An Chou; Chieh-Lin Chung; Po-Cheng Ho; Chun-Hao Luo; Yu-Han Tsai; Chung-Kuan Wu; Chiung-Wen Kuo; Yu-Sheng Hsiao; Hsiao-hua Yu ; Peilin Chen frontiers in Chemistry 7, 281
532019Membrane adsorber containing a new Sm(iii)–organic framework for dye removalLi-Wei Lee; Szu-Ying Pao; Abhishek Pathak; Dun-Yen Kang; Kuang-Lieh Lu Environmental Science: Nano 6(4), 1067-1076
542019Synthesis of Bimetallic Copper-Rich Nanoclusters Encapsulating a Linear Palladium Dihydride UnitChakrahari, K. K.; Silalahi, R. P. B.; Wang, X.; Kahlal, S.; Liu, Y.-C.; Chiang, M.-H. ; Saillard, J.-Y.; Liu, C. W.ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 58(15), 4943-4947
552019New 2,3-diphenylquinoxaline containing organic D-A-π-A dyes with nickel oxide photocathode prepared by surfactant-mediated synthesis for high performance p-type dye-sensitized solar cellsHulugirgesh Degefu Weldekirstos; Ming-Chung Kuo; Sie-Rong Li; Wei-Lin Su; Mekonnen Abebayehu Desta; Wen-Ti Wu; Chun-Hong Kuo; Shih-Sheng Sun Dyes and Pigments 163, 761-774
562019Ni and Pd N-confused porphyrin complexes as catalysts for the synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and CO2Jay-ar B. dela Cruz; Mirko Ruamps; Susan Arco; Chen-Hsiung Hung Dalton Transactions 48(22), 7527-7531
572019Integration of a (–Cu–S–)n plane in a metal–organic framework affords high electrical conductivityPathak, Abhishek; Shen, Jing-Wen; Usman, Muhammad; Wei, Ling-Fang; Mendiratta, Shruti; Chang, Yu-Shin; Sainbileg, Batjargal; Ngue, Chin-May; Chen, Ruei-San; Hayashi, Michitoshi; Luo, Tzuoo-Tsair; Chen, Fu-Rong; Chen, Kuei-Hsien ; Tseng, Tien-Wen; Chen, Li-Chyong; Lu, Kuang-Lieh Nature Communications 10:1721
582019A Mn(IV)–peroxo complex in the reactions with proton donorsLee, C.-M.; Sankaralingam, M.; Chuo, C.-H.; Tseng, T.-H.; Chen, P. P.-Y.; Chiang, M.-H. ; Li, X. X.; Lee, Y. M.; Nam, W.DALTON TRANSACTIONS 48, 5203-5213
592019Au-BINOL Hybrid Nanocatalysts: Insights into the Structure-Based Enhancement of Catalytic and Photocatalytic PerformancePatlolla, Shashank Reddy; Kao, Chen-Rui; Chen, Guan-Wei; Huang, Yu-Cheng; Chuang, Yu-Chun; Sneed, Brian T.; Chou, Wu-Ching; Ong, Tiow-Gan ; Dong, Chung-Li; Kuo, Chun-Hong Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58(14), 5479-5489
602019First Principle Prediction of Intramolecular Singlet Fission and Triplet Triplet Annihilation RatesHung-Hsuan Lin; Karl Y Kue; Gil C Claudio; Chao-Ping Hsu JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION 15(4), 2246-2253
612019Liposomal irinotecan for treatment of colorectal cancer in a preclinical model.Huang, J. R.; Lee, M. H.; Li, W. S. ; Wu, H. C. Cancers (Basel) 11(3), 281
622019Carrier Transport and Recombination Mechanism in Blue Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diode with Hosts Consisting of Cabazole- and Triazole-MoietyTian-You Cheng; Jiun-Haw Lee; Chia-Hsun Chen; Po-Hsun Chen; Po-Sheng Wang; Chuan-En Lin; Bo-Yen Lin; Yi-Hsin Lan; Yu-Hsuan Hsieh; Jau-Jiun Huang; Hsiu-Feng Lu; Ito Chao ; Man-kit Leung; Tien-Lung Chiu; Chi-Feng LinSCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9, 3654-3665
632019Molecularly Aligned Hexa-peri‐hexabenzocoronene Films by Brush-coating and Their Application in Thin Film TransistorsLin, F. J.; Chen, H. H.; Tao, Y. T. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(11), 10801-10809
642019Solid‐state nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of neurosteroid compounds and magnesium interactionsDanni Wu; Kathleen Joyce D. Carillo; Shen‐Long Tsai; Jiun‐Jie Shie; Der‐Lii M. Tzou Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society 66(10), 1318-1326
652019Rational Design of Cyclopenta[2,1‐b;3,4‐b′]dithiophene‐bridged Hole Transporting Materials for Highly Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar CellsYan-Duo Lin; Kun-Mu Lee; Bo-Yu Ke; Kai-Shiang Chen; Hao-Chien Cheng; Wei-Juih Lin; Sheng Hsiung Chang; Chun-Guey Wu; Ming-Chung Kuo; Hsin-Cheng Chung; Chien-Chun Chou; Heng-Yu Chen; Kang-Ling Liau; Tahsin J. Chow; Shih-Sheng Sun Energy Technology 7(2), 307-316
662019A Mononuclear Iron(II) Bis(guanidinate) Complex: Synthesis, Structure, and ReactivityWong, G. F.; Yeung, L. F.; Tsoi, H. Y.; Chan, H.-S.; Chiang, M.-H. ; Lee, H. K.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY 2019(1), 98-109
672019Zr-MOF/Polyaniline Composite Films with Exceptional Seebeck Coefficient for Thermoelectric Material ApplicationsChih-Chien Lin; Yi-Chia Huang; Muhammad Usman; Wen-Hsuan Chao; Wei-Keng Lin; Tzuoo-Tsair Luo; Wha-Tzong Whang; Chun-Hua Chen; Kuang-Lieh Lu ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(3), 3400-3406
682019Rare Metal-Ion Metathesis of a Tetrahedral Zn(II) Core of a Noncentrosymmetric (3,4)-Connected 3D MOFLi-Wei Lee; Ya-Chuan Kao; Mei-Ying Chung; Bor-Chen Chang; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Shie-Ming Peng; Chih-Min Wang; Yen-Hsiang Liu; Sheng-Long Lee; Kuang-Lieh Lu Dalton Transactions 48(6), 1950-1954
692019Single-Molecule-Based Electroluminescent Device as Future White Light SourceMuhammad Usman; Krishna Prasad Bera; Golam Haider; Batjargal Sainbileg; Michitoshi Hayashi; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Shie-Ming Peng; Yang-Fang Chen; Kuang-Lieh Lu ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(4), 4084-4092
702019Lipid-Wrapped Upconversion Nanoconstruct/Photosensitizer Complex for Near-Infrared Light-Mediated Photodynamic TherapyPounraj Thanasekaran; Chih-Hang Chu; Sheng-Bo Wang; Kuan-Yu Chen; Hua-De Gao; Mandy M. Lee; Shih-Sheng Sun ; Jui-Ping Li; Jiun-Yu Chen; Jen-Kun Chen; Yu-Hsu Chang; Hsien-Ming Lee ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11(1), 84-95
712019Dioxygen Activation by a Dinuclear Thiolate-ligated Fe(II) ComplexC. C. Hsieh; Y. C. Liu; M. C. Tseng ; M. H. Chiang ; Y. C. HorngDALTON TRANSACTIONS 48(2), 379-386
722019Near-infrared fluorescent probes based on TBET and FRET rhodamine acceptors with different pKa values for sensitive ratiometric visualization of pH changes in live cellsWang, Jianbo; Xia, Shuai; Bi, Jianheng; Zhang, Yibin; Fang, Mingxi; Luck, Rudy L.; Zeng, Yanbo; Chen, Tzu-Ho; Lee, Hsien-Ming ; Liu, HaiyingJournal of Materials Chemistry B 7(2), 198-209
732019Transition metal complexes based aptamers as optical diagnostic tools for disease proteins and biomoleculesBabu, Eththilu; Bhuvaneswari, Jayaraman; Muthu, Mareeswaran, Palpandiyan; Thanasekaran, Pounraj; Lee, Hsien-Ming ; Rajagopal, SeenivasanCoordination Chemistry Reviews 380, 519-549
742019Molecular Design of Near-Infrared Fluorescent Pdots for Tumor Targeting: Aggregation-Induced Emission versus Anti-Aggregation-Caused QuenchingWei-Kai Tsai; Chun-I. Wang; Chia-Hsien Liao; Chun-Nien Yao; Tsai-Jhen Kuo; Ming-Ho Liu; Chao-Ping Hsu ; Shu-Yi Lin; Chang-Yi Wu; Joseph R. Pyle; Jixin Chen; Yang-Hsiang ChanChemical Science 10(1), 198-207
752019Structure Dependent Guest Recognition with Flexible Ferrocene-Based Aromatic Oligoamide β‐Sheet MimicsLiu, Yazhou; Wang, Hu; Chan, Chien-Kai; Mu, Xiao; Robeyns, Koen; Wang, Cheng-Chung ; Singleton, Michael L.Chemistry-A European Journal 26(1), 181-185
762019Polymerization of Columnar Mesogens Tethered with Diacetylenic Side ChainsKuo, Yu-Lun; Tseng, Chung-Yu; Tseng, Chiao-Wei; Chu, Kai-Ti; Liu, Yu-Chiao; Chiang, Ming-Hsi; Saeki, Akinori; Tao, Yu-Tai ; ,Chen, Hsiu-HuiACS Applied Polymer Materials 2(2), 248-255
772018The 3 D Structure of Twisted Benzo[ghi]perylene-Triimide Dimer as a Non-Fullerene Acceptor for Inverted Perovskite Solar CellsPriyadharsini Karuppuswamy; Hung-Cheng Chen; Pen-Cheng Wang; Chao-Ping Hsu ; Ken-Tsung Wong; Chih Wei Chu ChemSusChem 11(2), 415-423
782017Organic Photosensitizers Incorporating Rigid Benzo[1,2-b:6,5-b′]dithiophene Segment for High-Performance Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsChun-Ting Li; Feng-Ling Wu; Bing-Hsuan Lee; Ming-Chang P. Yeh; Jiann T. Lin ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 9(50), 43739-43746
792017iTop-Q: an Intelligent Tool for Top-down Proteomics Quantitation Using DYAMOND AlgorithmHui-Yin Chang; Ching-Tai Chen; Chu-Ling Ko; Yi-Ju Chen; Yu-Ju Chen ; Wen-Lian Hsu; Chiun-Gung Juo; Ting-Yi SungAnalytical Chemistry 89(24), 13128-13136
802017Anion-Directed Metallocages: A Study on the Tendency of Anion TemplationJing-Yun Wu; Ming-Shiou Zhong; Ming-Hsi Chiang CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 23(63), 15957-15965
812017Structural Characterization of Glycoconjugates by Using Functional Carbon Materials with Hydrolysis Reaction in MALDI-MSM. C. Tseng ; L. C. Lee; J. H. Wang; Y. J. Chen; C. P. W. Chung
822017Generation of a Mn(IV)–Peroxo or Mn(III)–Oxo–Mn(III) Species upon Oxygenation of Mono- and Binuclear Thiolate-Ligated Mn(II) ComplexesChien-Ming Lee; Wun-Yan Wu; Ming-Hsi Chiang ; D. Scott Bohle; Gene-Hsiang LeeINORGANIC CHEMISTRY 56(17), 10559-10569
832017Imprinted NanoVelcro Microchips for Isolation and Characterization of Circulating Fetal Trophoblasts: Toward Noninvasive Prenatal DiagnosticsShuang Hou; Jie-Fu Chen; Min Song; Yazhen Zhu; Yu Jen Jan; Szu Hao Chen; Tzu-Hua Weng; Dean-An Ling; Shang-Fu Chen; Tracy Ro; An-Jou Liang; Tom Lee; Helen Jin; Man Li; Lian Liu; Yu-Sheng Hsiao; Peilin Chen; Hsiao-Hua Yu ; Ming-Song Tsai; Margareta D. Pisarska; Angela Chen; Li-Ching Chen; Hsian-Rong TsengACS NANO 11(8), 8167-8177
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