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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Chang, Wen張雯 Institute of Molecular Biology Virus Entry and Host Cell Signaling
Chao, Ju-Lan趙如蘭 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Chao, Yu-Chan趙裕展 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Molecular Biology Transcriptional control and baculovirus surface display for biotechnological applications
Chen, Hung-Ta陳宏達 Institute of Molecular Biology Eukaryotic RNA Polymerase III Transcription
Chen, Jun-An陳俊安 Institute of Molecular Biology Non-coding RNA Function during Motor Neuron Development and Degeneration
Chen, Jychian陳枝乾 Institute of Molecular Biology Analysis of Carbohydrate Metabolism Mutants of Arabidopsis
Chen, Liuh-Yow陳律佑 Institute of Molecular Biology Telomere Biology and Telomere Diseases
Chen, Rey-Huei陳蕾惠 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell division cycle, mitosis
Chen, Sheng-hong陳昇宏 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell Dynamics
Cheng, Hwai-Jong程淮榮 Institute of Molecular Biology Axonal Connection; Aging; Hippocampus
Cheng, Pei-Lin鄭珮琳 Institute of Molecular Biology Development and maintenance of Axon/Dendrite identity
Cheng, Soo-Chen鄭淑珍 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing
Cheng, Ya-Jen鄭雅仁 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Chien, Cheng-Ting簡正鼎 Institute of Molecular Biology Construction of Dendrites and Synapses
Chung, Bon-chu鍾邦柱 Institute of Molecular Biology Function and Regulation of Steroid Hormone Synthesis
Ho, Chien何潛 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Hsia, Kuo-Chiang夏國強 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular structural cell biology
Hsiao, Chwan-Deng (David)蕭傳鐙 Institute of Molecular Biology Structural and Functional Study of Biological Macromolecules
Hsueh, Yen-Ping薛雁冰 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular interactions between C.elegans and nematode-trapping fungi
Hsueh, Yi-Ping薛一蘋 Institute of Molecular Biology Neuronal Morphogenesis; Neurodegeneration; Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Huang Chow, Ru-Chih黃周汝吉 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Huang, Der-Hwa黃德華 Institute of Molecular Biology Regulation of Homeotic Genes in Drosophila
Huang, Kuo Hua黃國華 Institute of Molecular Biology Neural processing of social information in virtual reality
Huang, Pien-Chien黃秉乾 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Hwang, Jaulang黃昭蓮 Institute of Molecular Biology Development of Therapeutic Vaccines and Studies of Human DNA Topoisomerase I
King, Chih-Yen金之彥 Institute of Molecular Biology Biology of Prions and Amyloids
Kung, John孔祥智 Institute of Molecular Biology Lymphocyte Development and Function
Kuo, Tsong-Teh郭宗德 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Lai, Michael M.C.賴明詔 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of RNA Viruses
Lai, Ming-Zong賴明宗 Biomedical Translation Research Center  Institute of Molecular Biology Tolerance and Inflammation in Immunity
Lee, Sue-Ping李淑萍 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Lee, Ying-Hue李英惠 Institute of Molecular Biology Stress and Energy Metabolism
Leu, Jun-Yi呂俊毅 Institute of Molecular Biology General principles and molecular mechanisms of endosymbiosis, phenotypic robustness, and speciation
Li, Hsou-min李秀敏 Institute of Molecular Biology Mechanisms of Protein Import into Chloroplasts
Liao, Nan-Shih廖南詩 Institute of Molecular Biology Interleukin (IL)-15 and Lymphocyte Biology
Liaw, Yen-Chywan廖彥銓 Institute of Molecular Biology Crystallographic and Cryo-EM Studies of CHL1, SMN and Thioesterase I
Lin, Chien-Ling林倩伶 Institute of Molecular Biology Genome-Wide Analysis of the mRNA Splicing and Translation
Lin, Hsin-Nan林信男 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Lin, Suewei林書葦 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular and neural mechanisms of motivation and memory
Lin-Chao, Sue林淑端 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell Growth Control
Liu, Fu-Hwa劉福華 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Shen, Che-Kun James沈哲鯤 Institute of Molecular Biology Gene Regulation, Development, and Diseases
Sun, Y. Henry孫以瀚 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Drosophila Visual System Development
Ting, See-Yeun陳詩允 Institute of Molecular Biology Interbacterial interaction within microbial communities
Tsai, Ching-Yen蔡青宴 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Tsay, Yi-Fang蔡宜芳 Institute of Molecular Biology Nitrate Transport and Sensing in Higher Plants
Tung, Shu-Yun董書韻 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Wang, Bi-Cheng汪必成 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Wang, Chung王群 Institute of Molecular Biology Interaction of Hsp70 chaperone and its co-chaperones in S. cerevisiae
Wang, Ting-Fang王廷方 Institute of Molecular Biology Chromosome Structure & Function
Wei, Jen-Hsuan魏妊亘 Institute of Molecular Biology Microtubule and Organelle Biology
Wu, Huey-Nan吳惠南 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanism underlying Dengue Virus Replication
Wu, Yu-Wei吳玉威 Institute of Molecular Biology Neural circuit and glial network mechanisms underlying motor learning
Yang-Yen, Hsin-Fang楊性芳 Institute of Molecular Biology Cell Growth and Metabolic Controls in the Mammalian System
Yao, Meng-Chao 姚孟肇 Institute of Molecular Biology Genome Instability and RNA Interference in Eukaryotes
Yen, Hsueh-Chi Sherry顏雪琪 Institute of Molecular Biology Protein Turnover Regulation and Systems Biology
Yu, Chen-Hsin余承欣 Institute of Molecular Biology 
Yu, Su-May余淑美 Institute of Molecular Biology Molecular Mechanisms of Sugar and Oxygen Deficiency Signaling and Root Development Related to Stress Tolerance in Plants
Yuan, Hanna袁小琀 Institute of Molecular Biology Structural and Functional Studies of RNA/DNA Metabolism