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English NameChinese NameDepartmentResearch Field
Ang, Kaim翁佳音 Institute of Taiwan History History of the 17th century Taiwan (Dutch & Spanish occupation and the Zheng/Ming period)
Chan, Su-chuan詹素娟 Institute of Taiwan History regional studies; Ethno-history of Taiwan plains aborigines
Chang, Lung-chih張隆志 Institute of Taiwan History Social & cultural history of Taiwan; ethnic relations; comparative colonialism; Taiwanese historiography
Chen, Pei-feng陳培豐 Institute of Taiwan History History of Taiwanese Language and culture; national language and assmilatio policy in Japanese colonial Taiwan
Chen, Tsung-jen陳宗仁 Institute of Taiwan History Taiwan Social Economic History; 16th & 17th Taiwan History; Taiwan Ocean History
Chen, Wei-Chi陳偉智 Institute of Taiwan History 臺灣近代史; 殖民地人類學史; 族群關係史; 歷史與社會理論; 社會文化史
Cheng, Wei-chung鄭維中 Institute of Taiwan History 東亞海洋史; 早期臺灣史; 近代早期世界史
Chuang, Sheng-chuan莊勝全 Institute of Taiwan History 日治時期臺灣報刊媒體史; 清領及日治時期臺灣社會文化史; 臺灣近代政治史
Chung, Shu-ming鍾淑敏 Institute of Taiwan History History of Japanese colonial Taiwan
Hsieh, Kuo-hsing謝國興 Institute of Taiwan History Modern History of China; Taiwan Socioeconomic History
Hsu, Hsueh-chi許雪姬 Institute of Taiwan History oral history; institution history; family history; Taiwan history(Qing, Japanese, and post-war periods)
Huang, Fu-san黃富三 Institute of Taiwan History family history; Taiwan history(Qing Dynasty, early post-war era); business history
Hung, Li-wan洪麗完 Institute of Taiwan History Regional studies; social & cultural history of Taiwan; Ethno-history of Taiwan plains aborigine
JIN, Jungwon陳姃湲 Institute of Taiwan History 
Ku, Ya-wen顧雅文 Institute of Taiwan History water history and water cultural; historical GIS; history of disease; Environmental history
Li, Pei-chen李佩蓁 Institute of Taiwan History 海洋史; 清代臺灣史; 臺灣社會經濟史
Lin, Cheng-hui林正慧 Institute of Taiwan History the History of Taiwan-Hakka; 228 Incident and White Terror in postwar Taiwan; the Formation of Hakka
Lin, Wen-kai林文凱 Institute of Taiwan History Taiwan Economic History; Historical Sociology; Taiwan Legal History; Taiwan Ethnic History
Lin, Yu-ju林玉茹 Institute of Taiwan History Commercial history; regional studies; social and economic history
Liu, Shi-yung劉士永 Institute of Taiwan History economic history of post-war Taiwan; History of medicine
Liu, Ts'ui-jung劉翠溶 Institute of Taiwan History Economic history; history of population; environmental history
Shih, Teng-fu施添福 Institute of Taiwan History Historical geography; regional studies; Ethnic relations
Sung, Jin-shiu Jessie宋錦秀 Institute of Taiwan History 民間儀式與文化; 文化人類學; 性別、醫學與宗教論述; 臺灣婦女史
Ts'ai, Hui-yu Caroline蔡慧玉 Institute of Taiwan History oral history; wartime mobilization; History of Japanese colonial Taiwan; local administration
Tseng, Pin-Tsang曾品滄 Institute of Taiwan History 
Tseng, Wen-Liang曾文亮 Institute of Taiwan History 
Wang, Li-chiao王麗蕉 Institute of Taiwan History Archives study; Digital archives
Wu, Rwei-ren吳叡人 Institute of Taiwan History Comparative politics; political history and history of political thoughts(modern Taiwan and Japan); Asian nationalism